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The Way Home 1.28.11

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This week our two feature articles provide insight regarding two very popular areas of discussion: High School and Socialization. First off, we present an article from the past, by Erin Chianese, whose daughters are now college graduates. Erin’s article about her daughter’s desire to attend high school offers guidance to other parents who may face a similar situation. The second article, by then-high school junior, Logan Giannini, provides a child’s view of the socialization issue. Please enjoy these contributions by homeschooling people and thank you for reading our publication.

Michael Leppert

A Great New Homeschooling Resource!


eHarvey Distance Learning College Prep High School

Since 1916, the Harvey School in Westchester, New York has served as a bricks-and-mortar English-style, fully accredited (by NYSAIS), college preparatory school for students of varying abilities and learning styles who wish to have the best possible education.

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A Homeschooler Enters High School
Erin Chianese

My daughter just completed her first year in high school. It was also her first year in school, ever. She was asking for a few years to “try” school. I did not take her request seriously until she turned 14. I felt that homeschooling had given us a more natural and idyllic family life together. I looked forward to my girls’ teenage years. Watching them grow older was such a joy. Being very sociable, my oldest daughter enjoyed all types of folks. She could go into a room of strangers comfortably and have a good time just like she did when she was five. Our homeschooling approach was eclectic, studying some subjects while also taking time to visit a tangent. My daughter always found something interesting in everything we came across. So, it was with shock and sadness that we considered her request to go to school.

My daughter had some valid questions she wanted answered for herself. After age 13, almost all of the homeshoolers in our support group stop coming to park days. Instead …
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Legacy Learning – Learn & Master Series
Guitar, Piano, Drums, Ballroom Dance, Painting

Because homeschoolers are very aware of the value of the arts in their children’s educations, they do not skimp on teaching them. Whether it be music or art appreciation/history, actually learning an instrument or learning to draw or dance, self-teaching families are enthusiastic about great art learning programs. Legacy Learning’s Learn & Master Series of DVDs and books are the perfect answer for your family’s art instruction needs.
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Home Socialization
by Logan M. Giannini

I am currently a junior in high school, and as one who has been home-schooled my entire life the question I hear the most often is, “So, do you have a hard time socializing with other kids?” Almost every time a non-home schooler finds out that I am home schooled this question comes up sooner or later, and I know my mother hears it quite often as well. Although I’ve always answered with a simple, “No, not really,” I confess I was never truly sure of that until recently. It’s been about five years since we were active members of a home school group, and I rarely see students my own age (which is quite all right with me) so I wasn’t really sure how I would get along if cast among a gathering of other people my own age. But in this, my sixteenth summer, the answer came loud and clear.

My first real foray out into the “Real World’ came in June when I signed up at a local high school for a Driver’s Education class. For a period of two weeks…
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The Algebra Survival Guide
An Exciting New Option for Algebra
By Josh Rappaport, Singing Turtle Publishers

Algebra .
. Does the mere word send shivers down your spine?
. Are you glad to have forgotten those Xs and Ys?
. Might you possibly be thinking: “Why do I have to teach this now?!”

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