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Don’t Feed the Bully – Great Summer Reading

By Brad Tassell,  Illustrated by Logan Sibrel
128 pages, softcover, $10
Lessat Publishing Company
POB 1437
Bowling Green, KY 42101
ISBN-10: 0-89708-235-4

By Michael Leppert

This is an engaging book, perfect for children from 10 to 14, that deals with bullying in a humorous but thoughtful manner. Hannibal Greatneck III is a detective in the 6th grade at a new school. He is immediately confronted by a cage in the middle of his new classroom where the school bully sits – or is he? Hannibal finds mystery upon mystery as he traces the origin of the cage, its occupant and the instigator behind it all – maybe the real bully?

This is the sort of book your child will be completely absorbed in immediately. It reads easily and keeps you chuckling at the author’s humorous descriptions. (He is a comedian as well as an author and his comparisons are very witty.) Besides, this, the twists and turns of the story line will intrigue and keep the interest of your young reader for hours.

Don’t be surprised to find your son or daughter beginning to act like an amateur gumshoe and asking you to rent some Sam Spade movies after reading “Bully”. The idea of a youthful detective is very infectious and solving mysteries captures almost everyone’s imagination. This delightful book is just perfect for an early summer afternoon read. I think your child will love it.

Don’t Feed the Bully is not preachy, but it can teach the underlying lesson about jumping to conclusions and making snap judgments. It includes a section about how to deal with bullying, which can be applied by homeschooling children, even though they are typically free of school-place bullying. MjL

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