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Bonnie Terry Learning 530.888.7160 Do your homeschool children need help with writing? Mine did. Now writing is easy for them. My children used to stare at blank sheets of paper, not knowing how to start. Then I developed fill-in-the-blank writing forms and a writer's easy reference guide that they could keep in their binders with all the information they would need to pass the state writing profiency test. I've now made Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills and the Writer's Easy Reference Guide, the two tools I developed for my own children, available to other teachers, parents and students!
Use Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills for:

  1. Note taking
  2. Paragraph writing
  3. Essay writing
  4. Research paper organizers
  5. Test taking tips & more
Use the Writer's Easy Reference Guide for:
  1. Paragraph writing tips
  2. Writing the four basic essays
  3. Steps of the writing process
  4. Grammatical & literary terms
  5. Writing a bibliography
"My daughter began to understand the contents, organize the information and study effectively which gave her back her self esteem. Thank you" The Writer's Easy Reference Guide makes essay writing and projects so-o-o much easier for my son and his grades improved dramatically! Teacher created - Easy to use - Comprehensive - Standards-Based Call for Free Sampler and Catalog.......

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