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Rod & Staff Publishers, inc Reading that combines Bible Nurture with Academic Quality....Grades 1-4 Readers consist primarily of Bible stories. Grade 5-9 Readers contain short stories, informative essays, poems, and Bible selections Write, call or fax for a free catalog......featuring our entire line of Bible-based textbooks, storybooks, color books, periodicals and other products.....Rod & Staff Publishers, inc., Box 3, Crockett, KY, 41413-003 606.522.4348 Fax 800.643.1244 or 606.522.4896

Bible Memory Challenge produces topical, pocket-sized, Bible memory flashcard sets in the King James Version. These beautiful KJV scriptures are printed on durable card stock, laminated to last for years and bound with a sturdy ring. Topical sets include:
The Christian Family Series

  • A Loving Husband 56 Bible flashcards for Husbands
  • A Wife of Honor 56 Bible flashcards for Wives
  • A Wise Son 48 Bible flashcards for Boys
  • Precious Daughters 48 Bible flashcards for Girls
Other Bible flashcard sets that many of our home schooling customers have enjoyed include:
  • The Bible Alphabet - from the New England Primer
  • The KJV Ten Commandments with companion audio cassette
  • The Beatitudes
  • The Christian TV Guide - great for helping your family tame (or toss) your TV or Internet connection
  • Bible Memory Challenge #1 (26 verse intro to Bible memorization)
  • Train Up A Child - contains every child training scripture in Michael And Debi Pearl’s book
  • Many more titles available!
Our website describes each laminated Bible flashcard set in detail. It’s also easy to navigate and allows you to order online, or to print an order form and mail in check or money order. You may also e-mail us at and request a free Bible Memory Challenge catalog.

Doorposts Character Matters!! Godly characters is the most important goal in any child's education. doorposts is dedicated to helping you reach that goal.....For Instruction in Righteousness - A unique handbook that puts hundreds of Bible verses (and their applications) at your fingertips. Encourage children to set aside sinful habits and pursue a life of obedience to God $28
Polished Cornerstone - Plants Grown Up ...... 500-page books, Polished Cornerstones for girls and Plants Grown Up for boys, each contain over 1000 practical Bibl-centered projects to help children prepare for their God-given roles in the family, church and community $43 each.....Mention this ad and receive FREE SHIPPING!! Satisfaction guaranteed!!! As for free sample pages and catalog!!!
Doorposts, 5905 SW Lookinglass Drive, Gaston, OR 97119 or call 503.357.4749

Study cards for Bible Studies. Vis-Ed offers easy to use card sets featuring Bible verses selected from the King James or New International Versions. Both sets are authored by Dr. Robert Gromacki, Th.D from Cedarville College. Both sets are wonderful for learning and the memorization of verses. Book, chapter, verse source and characterizing topics are cited. Topics include Approval, Atonement, Calling, Creation and much more. Vis-Ed also offers vocabulary card sets in Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew. For additional information visit our web site: Email: or call 1.800.243.7070

New Sampler & New Video! Audio Memory's award-winning song kits let children enjoy learning. Each kit includes professional quality tape or CD, book & exercises guaranteed to make homeschooling fun!! Now you can "try out" the complete Audio Memory line-up!! Our Sampler CD has 12 complete songs from all 9 kits. Only $5, refundable on your next order. And for a limited time shipping on the Sampler is FREE! Also introducing our new States & Capitals Songs Video.
Same great songs now with singalong map visuals, on $13.95!
These Award Winning Kits are also available (add $3 for CD version)
History Songs (book & Cassette - $12.95)
Grammar Songs (book, cassette, Teacher's Guide - $19.95)
Geography Songs (book, cassette, world map - $19.95)
States & Capitals Songs (U.S. wall map, cassette - $9.95)
Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction Songs ($9.95)
Bible Songs and Division Songs ($9.95 each)
Credit card orders, call 800.365.Sing Or send check or money order plus $5 shipping: Audio Memory, 501 Cliff Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92663 CA residents ad 7.5% tax Hear song samples at

Center for Christian Biblical Education Discovering the BIBLE series...4 half-hour programs...color 32 page guide....leaders guide...student worksheets...BONUS papyrus from the Nile River. An excellent intro to the Bible for those with little background or refresher for Bible-study "veterans"....Highly recommended for Jr. & Sr. High V-4157. $59.99 Link price $44.99 To order by credit card or electronic check go Or send a check or mone order to Center for Christian Biblical Education, P.O. Box 565, Quakertown, PA 18951-0565 Request a free catalog or visit our website for more video programs-animated, teen issues, Bible drama, etc. Receive $5.00 rebate for order....Offer good thru 10.30.02 Menition "link 2002"

Interdisciplinary. Comprehensive. Character-building. Literature-based 
unit studies open the door to an in-depth study of a literary work as 
well as the world of that book and its people. Such seemingly diverse 
subjects as history, health, character, Scripture, science, writing, 
grammar, occupational education, and the fine arts are woven together 
into a cultural context. Centered on a classic piece of literature like 
Anne of Green Gables, The Little House on the Prairie Series, or the 
Chronicles of Narnia, they build on the ability of literature to help 
us identify with people. They guide students to see the world through 
the eyes of the characters—the times, the events, the daily life of the 
period. They experience the self-sufficiency of a farm in the late 
1900’s, the challenges of pioneer life, how factories changed family 
life, and rationing during WWII. Many hands-on activities such as meal 
preparation, drawing, making prints, visiting the elderly, archery, and 
fencing allow students to touch the era of study. Character is built 
through Scripture study and memorization; debating of the current moral 
issues; and application of Biblical principles to the analysis of the 
actions and values of the characters. As a variety of activities and 
thought-provoking questions spark curiosity, students grow not only in 
knowledge, but also develop skills of scholarship and independent 
study. For the teacher, too, this cross-curriculum format with 
detailed planning guides and resource information makes instruction 
easier and more manageable. 
Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum, the home of the unique and highly 
effective literature-based unit study, has been serving parents and 
teachers by providing sound academic materials for training in 
scholarship and godliness for ten years. To find out more about these 
studies as well as a variety of other helpful books and reference 
resources, contact Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum. Request a free 
brochure with catalog by email at and see us 
on the web at

Patch the Pirate....story and song adventures.....Limerick the Leprechaun....Theme: The Good Shepard....Patch the Pirate Adventure recordings are a delightful way to teach Christian character to your children. In our newest adventure, Limerick, the shady leprechaun is emerald with envy. Not content with being small potatoes, he wants to make Ian O'Connor's sheep farm the Pearl of Killarney, his pot of gold. If Limerick can persuade Ian's faithful sheepdog Blarney to join him, his plot to steal Polly Esther, Woolworth and the other sheep will be all sewn up!! The will of the hansheep makes things look pretty dark ahead, but when Captain Patch and his crew arrive, a rainbow is sure to appear. The truths of the Good Shepard prove to be the undoing of this unlucky leprechaun......
Call 800334.1071 or 864.242.6722 or write: Majesty Music, Inc., P.O. Box 6524, Greenville, SC 29606 or visit our website at email: 


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