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  • Indiana University High School Independent Study – homeschool high school since 1925. Courses… Diploma… Dual Credit. The IU high school Independent Study Program is an accredited, nationally recognized program offering high school courses, a diploma, and dual-credit courses to students worldwide through distance education. Noted for high quality instruction, award-winning courses, and flexibility, the Indiana University high school program is accredited by the North Central Association. Get the full scoop on our Web site:

    Program highlights:

    • Earn an Indiana University High School diploma, or supplement your current program with individual courses.
    • Enroll at any time; study at your own pace.
    • Earn high school and college credit with dual-credit courses.
    • Courses cover a wide range of subject areas including but not limited to Art, Business Technology Education, English, Health, Marketing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Languages.
    • Choose from online and correspondence courses.
    • Instructors are licensed by the state of Indiana and interact with students personally.
    • Advisors are certified by the Indiana Department of Education
    • Courses are nationally recognized for their excellence
    Students who have completed their high school diploma may be interested in registering for one of the 195+ undergraduate distance education courses offered by the Indiana University Independent Study Program; or they may want to earn an Indiana University Associate of Arts in General Studies or Bachelor of General Studies—entirely at a distance.

    Join us! Call, toll-free, 24/7: 800-334-1011 On the Web:

The University of Tennessee Outreach & Continuing Education ( offers two categories of off-campus courses – the Distance Learning division for graduate students, in semester-long segments and for in which enrollment in the university is required and the Independent Study division, which is for undergraduates, high school courses, and career enrichment certificates, which has continuous enrollment (with up to nine months to complete) and for which enrollment in the university is not required. The Independent Study courses are delivered online or through correspondence. In the High School section, one can study Cartoons & Illustrations (2 semesters, correspondence, $150 each sem); Latin, French or Spanish 1 & 2; Civics or History. In the College section, a wide array of classes are offered including Anthropology, Agricultural Economics, Astronomy, Images of Jesus (in Religious Studies) and Sociology.

Of special interest to homeschooling families is The Smoky Mountain Field School, part of the university’s Outreach section, exploring the flora and fauna of the Smoky Mountains, in Eastern Tennessee at If you are a fan of field trips and live anywhere near this great natural resource, you will want to investigate the enticing schedule offered from March to November.

The University of Missouri-Columbia High School, — With more than 17,000 enrollments across the globe in 2005 alone, the University of Missouri-Columbia High School is one of the most trusted education solutions worldwide. MU High School offers a convenient, credible option for homeschool students; students at traditional schools, who are seeking college preparation; gifted students looking for new challenges and students who simply need to catch up on a few credits. The school’s diverse and comprehensive curriculum includes more than 150 courses. Students also can take all the courses necessary to complete a diploma online. MU High School, part of the University of Missouri Center for Distance and Independent Study, is accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. Independent learners of all ages, seeking an alternative to traditional school attendance, benefit from MU High School’s distance education courses. Core courses also are available for grades 3-8. Undergraduate- and graduate-level university courses are offered in more than 40 subjects, as well as a bachelor’s completion program with a variety of component areas from which to choose.

The Texas Tech Outreach Program ( has courses for K-12, high school, college, and beyond college in both the credit and non-credit categories! For example, K-12 students can take K-12 or dual-credit courses, apply for Credit by Examinations (CBEs), enroll in TTUISD (the K-12 diploma program), or participate in academic enrichment programs on campus. The courses and CBEs are written to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), while the elementary, middle, and high schools are accredited by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). Students can enroll in courses at any time, and have up to six months to complete coursework. The Texas Tech distance learning courses are offered in a variety of formats, including online, print-based, video, and audio. Eligible high school students can earn college credit through dual-credit courses, and TTUISD students who complete the required coursework can earn a Texas high school diploma regardless of where they live. The university also works with schools, school districts, and other academic organizations to supplement curriculum and offer additional educational opportunities. Through IDEAL, Texas Tech University’s Institute for the Development and Enrichment of Advanced Learners, they make available non-credit, on-campus academic enrichment opportunities for school-age students. Since many of these programs have a residence hall option, they are an excellent choice for students not living in the Lubbock area to participate in hands-on academic enrichment programs on the Texas Tech campus.

University of Texas at Austin Continuing Education – 888-232-4723; - A large amount of the excellent online material available at this site seems best suited to residents of Texas, since it features an online program developed by a group of educators and technicians at UT Austin called ASKME (Acquiring and Self-regulating Knowledge in a Multimedia Environment). This is based upon the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills guidelines. ASKME was developed to help students prepare for the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). It includes various math Beyond this section, the UT Austin website offers both K-16 programs and college courses in a flexible atmosphere designed to appeal to homeschoolers. UT Austin also offers a high-school diploma program, Credit By Exam (CBE), and Dual Credits programs. The Online College courses comprise the standard core classes along with a few others that are designed to provide interest and add to one’s store of knowledge. There is also a variety of testing available, but it centers around the Austin campus, which leaves it out of reach for non-Texas residents. Of course, since Texas has very large number of homeschooling families, the UT Austin website offers a great deal for them and the site definitely has much to offer for the family that wishes to investigate for specific courses.

Brigham Young University Independent Study - - BYU IS was founded in 1921, making it one of the oldest distance-learning programs extant. It currently offers more than 600 hard-copy courses and 400 online courses, ranging from 7th grade to college and also a group of Personal Enrichment courses, such as Parenting, Gardening, and Peoples & Cultures of the Holy Land. The University courses include a set of Engineering classes, General Microbiology, a Survey of Spanish Lit and Playwriting. BYU follows a rigorous process of developing and perfecting its Independent Study courses and places a strong emphasis on academic excellence.

Simon's Rock College of Bard offers students a chance to be taken seriously as thinkers at age sixteen or seventeen. It offers you a chance to pursue the things that you're excited about and to discover entirely new enthusiasms and talents - now, rather than a few years from now.
Simon's Rock is a highly selective, coeducational, four-year college of the liberal arts and sciences. It is specifically designed to offer bright, highly motivated students the opportunity to begin college after the tenth or eleventh grade.
First-year students typically share these characteristics:

  • An average age of sixteen
  • Superior communication skills
  • An independent spirit
  • Talent and achievement in one or more academic or artistic areas
  • A desire to be taken seriously as a thinker and a person
  • A willingness to take more responsibility, both socially and academically
  • A strong academic record
    Simons Rock College:
    Simons Rock College, 84 Alford Road, Great Barrington, MA 01230
    Call...413.528.0771 Fax....413.528.7375

    Shimer College welcomes applications from homeschoolers. The mission of Shimer College is education -- education for active citizenship in the world. Education is more than the acquisition of factual knowledge or the mastery of vocational skills. It is the process leading away from passivity, beyond unquestioning acceptance of authority or its automatic distrust, and towards informed, responsible action. Visit us at: For more information, call: 800-215-7173, e-mail:, or write: Box 500, Waukegan, IL 60079.

    University of Colorado at Boulder - Independent Learning Program (High School & College)

    Div of Continuing Education & Professional Studies, 178 UCB 1505 University Ave, Boulder, CO 80309-0178 - Denver: 303-492-5148 Toll-free outside Denver: 800-331-2801 

    The Economist came out with a ranking of top universities in the world and the Univ. of Colorado at Boulder was ranked #11 of all public universities in the world! Their online offerings are the same high quality, with the same credits, as those offered at the campus. This top-notch university offers an excellent value for the online student, by charging the instate tuition or even less in some instances. Some universities and colleges charge the out-of-state rate, which does not seem logical for online courses. The U of C, Boulder has been offering correspondence courses since 1912, and the transition to the online mode was a natural for them. Besides the traditional correspondence courses, the school now offers two online forms -- a semester based and self-based. In the self-based form, the student has one year from the start date to complete a certain course. A one-year extension can be granted for extra fees and a passing grade must be achieved within the one-year limit.

    The University also offers a very popular high school/college concurrent enrollment program, wherein a student with proper permission, can receive completion credit for both levels -- high school and college. Interested parents should contact Ms. Catherine Tisdale, the Advisor for Continuing Ed, at 303-735-5456 to gain information regarding any testing requirements, etc. Recently, the school has been increasing its focus on homeschoolers because they tend to be well-motivated and so many are college-bound. A university does not achieve the impressive ranking mentioned above without being aware of what makes for an excellent academic candidate and how to attract him/her to the school. The University currently has 4,000 online students enrolled in both undergrad and graduate divisions. For details, please visit the website shown above.

    Kansas State University - KSU ranks first nationally among all public universities and colleges in total numbers of Rhodes, Marshall, Truman, Goldwater, and Udall scholars over the past twenty years. Since 1986, its students have won more than $2 million in those five competitions and have earned it a place among the nation’s elite universities - especially those in the Ivy League!

    KSU offers flexible distance education courses and degree programs in the comfort of your home. Please visit or call 800-622-2KSU for more information.


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