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This is READing Now!!  A natural, unique, child-friendly learning procedure that effectively starts young children ages 4-6+ reading at once-without struggling or failure....
READing NOW! takes only 1-15 minutes/day, 3-6 times/week doing five, easy, engaging reading exercises together with your chosen storybook, song or poem.
One line per session, initially, modeled by you, will start your child immediately and easily, enjoying varied, silent and oral reading practice....using your books or your local library's.   That's it!!  That's READing NOW!
READing NOW! is in natural harmony with how children easily learn and retain reading skills...employs two ancient learning concepts: learning by doing and practice from modeling.....bypasses the unnatural, unreading obstacles of "traditional 'teaching' methods"....NEVER fails children......readily develops, expands and improves memory-retention of reading achievements, sight word vocabulary and personal guaranteed, failure-safe and fun to do.
READing NOW! starts your child at once, practicing silent and oral readings of your initially modeled text....offers sufficient, varied readings and engaging questions to keep attention easily adjusted to your child's personal learning needs and learning pace....provides immediate feedback of when learning is mastered, before moving to the next page....mastery is evident usually during two 10 minute researched-based multisensory, parents' endorsed and 20 years effective....That's It!! That's READing NOW!
To Order:  This is READing NOW! send check or money order, READing Associates, P.O. Box 3775, Kingston, NY  12402-3775 $24.95  (Risk free* S&H, tax included)
"In my nine years as a home educator, I have never come across a piece of writing on the subject of children learning to read that empowered me as much as This Is READing NOW!  This book has given me a few simple techniques that are comfortable and natural to apply!!  Now, simply using 'Echo Reading,' reading in Unison," "What's Missing? 'WH' questions and 'Solo Reading' has transformed our learning experiences!  Stumbling blocks have been removed and our brief reading sessions together are much more effective and enjoyable.  My children are learning to read by reading and we are all having a lot of fun!!
READing NOW! time together is very exciting for all of us"  C.R. (Homeschooling parent, Woodstock, NY)
*READing Associates guarantees that when READing NOW! is correctly and patiently employed as instructed in SECTION FOUR, the anticipated outcomes will develop as described within your child's personal learning pace.  If not, your full purchase price will be refunded.  Simply return the book within 90 days to the address shown above.

The University of Alabama Center for Communication and Educational Technology (CCET) is pleased to now offer to homeschoolers our award-winning science and Japanese language programs. For more than a decade, hundreds of thousands of students in both public and private schools throughout the U.S. and Canada have benefited from our hands-on, complete curricula. To purchase the programs described below, or to learn more, call 1-800-477-8151. Check out our website at

Research has shown that students using Integrated Science outperform their peers on tests of attitude and achievement in science. This innovative program provides multiple resources for grades 5-9 students and teachers. A combination of videotapes, hands-on activities, and student books teach major science concepts in a way that appeals to all learning styles. Most exciting of all, Integrated Science can offer its programs tailor-made for students. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience this user-friendly science program that has been loved by students, teachers, and parents for more than ten years.

Japanese Close-Up 1, 2, and 3 (taught with videotapes), and Nihongo Web (taught online) are popular courses offering toll-free tutoring. Each course is appropriate for middle school through adult learners, and college credit is available. Test grading is provided by CCET for each student enrolled. Learning a foreign language has never been easier or more fun!

Are you looking for ways to add excitement to your current yearly curriculum? Does your child have a particular interest that you want to use to stoke their interest in learning? At Explore! we are developers of high-quality, exciting themed units that make learning come alive!

Our Explore!Packs are packed with exciting books, learning materials, games, and educational toys. All brought together with a handy Guide Book that provides dozens of carefully planned lessons and activities!

How do you know it’s a quality product? With materials from such sources as National Geographic, PBS, GeoSafari, Scholastic, and more, all carefully selected to fit together; and a Guide Book written by homeschool parents (one with a background in curriculum development), you get a quality product that will bring topics such as Animals, Lewis & Clark, and trains, trucks, ships, and planes alive!

To find out more…see us on the web at or write to us at! We can hardly wait to hear from you!

Great Resources for KIDS of ALL Ages!! Available at your local bookstore....BEST SELLERS *The 100 Most Important Event In Christian History * The Light and Glory * From Seat to Shinning Sea * Sounding Forth the Trumpet * The Light and the Glory for Children, * The Light and the Glory Activity Book * The Light and the Glory Audio, From Sea to Shinning Sea for Children's Activity Book, * From Seat to Shinning Sea, audio, * Sounding Fourth the Trumpet for Children, * Sounding for the Trumpet Children's Activity Book, Sounding Fourth the Trumpet, audio
Grade School..... Fun and memorable short stories help kids 6-8 explore moral issues such as compassion, honesty, forgiveness, courage and more!!!
Junior High......... Inspire Strong character in kids with this collection of favorite animal stories, from The Yearling, Black Beauty, Island of the Blue Dolphin and more.... High School....The Yates brothers deliver the inside scoop on what to expect at college and how to keep growing in faith...*Incredible Four-Year Adventure, * Character Counts and *1001 Surprising Things You Should Know about Christianity,* 1001 Surprising Things You Should Know about the Bible and * 1001 Surprising Things Your Should Know about God....These three fun and handy compilations are fill with fascinating facts about Christian history, interesting pieces of information relating to the Bible and intriguing facts about the names of God, God's prophets and church, the Trinity and much more!!

Introduce your children to Rocket Readers and watch their reading skills take off! The truth is many children today need a little help learning to read. That's why we developed Rocket Readers: Bible-based, supplemental readers that help children learn the essential skills of beginning reading. Rocket Reading offers Proven literacy Concepts that teach Biblical Lessons - Plus, their fun!! It's no wonder that Rocket Readers is the reading programs that Christian parents prefer. We use Bible stories exclusively to teach reading skills! The illustrations are first rate and are guaranteed to delight kids and their parents. The Faith Parenting Guide found inside the back cover is the parents tool to help your child make life-impacting connections to God's Word. And, it's as affordable as it is easy to teach-activities in the front of each book prepare you to help your child read! Everything you need is in the book!! Rocket Readers Five Reading Levels.....from pre- level 1 for new readers.... to level 4 for your child who reads fluently at normal verbal speed....Ask about a Free Rocket Readers book at your local Christian bookstore!!!

Audio Bookshelf....unabridged cassettes and cd's!! Celebrating 10 years of Award-winning Audiobooks!! Call today for FREE CATALOG!! call 800.234.1712 or visit our website: *The Great Fire * Sacajawea *A Yellow Raft in Blue Water *Seedfolks *The Mouse and His Child * Blizzard....

Rod & Staff Publishers, inc Reading that combines Bible Nurture with Academic Quality....Grades 1-4 Readers consist primarily of Bible stories. Grade 5-9 Readers contain short stories, informative essays, poems, and Bible selections Write, call or fax for a free catalog......featuring our entire line of Bible-based textbooks, storybooks, color books, periodicals and other products.....Rod & Staff Publishers, inc., Box 3, Crockett, KY, 41413-003 606.522.4348 Fax 800.643.1244 or 606.522.4896

Gordon School of Art....P.O. Box 28208, Green Bay, WI 58324....Redefine Fine Art with The New Masters Program....The new Masters Program is a complete fine arts curriculum organized into 10 levels of progressively more advance instruction in all the major two-dimensional art media and categories - pencil, pastel and charcoal drawing pen and in drawing, color theory, painting (tempera, oils and watercolor) and design. Click on the topics below to read about the New Masters' approach to skill-development, program philosophy, practice policies, curricular structure and standards of performance. John M. Gordon, the founder and director of Gordon School of Art and creator of the critically acclaimed New Masters Art Program, a system of paining and drawing derived from traditional representational techniques and 25 years of personal research at the easel and in the classroom. Call 800.210.1220 or 920.437.2190

Classical Home Education offers many diverse resources for your home school needs. Check out our money saving packages and Singapore math and science products. Our unique products include our exclusive Classical Education Timeline - an indispensable tool for history study. Classical Home Education is a nonsectarian company offering a wide range of resources for all backgrounds and faiths. Order online at or call 352-498-1978. Kathleen Desmarais, Director of Sales, Classical Home Education

Learning Resources introduces Phonics Activity Sets......Learning to read is a snap with this innovative hands-on approach to reinforcing phonics skills through fun activities and games. Each set targets specific skills and includes: Reading Rods....20 double-sided Activity Cards....Activity Try...Dry-erase pen & eraser....Dry-erase board...Durable easy-to-clean soft vinyl binder.....Also available: Letters & Sounds, Word Building and Spelling Activity Sets.....Call 888.342.5381 ext: 5314

It's Time to have a conversation with your college-bound senior!! The subject? Technology....Why? It's like the birds and the bees they only think they know all about it....Where to Start? Wish I'd Known that Tips for Taking Technology to College is a 40-page book packed with Q and A commentary on everything from figuring out what hardware and software to take to campus to Troubleshooting 101. It even includes hints on getting better grades and is filled with sage advice from students already at college.....Interested? Read more about the books an its glowing reviews at
Order today! Email us at or call 713.467.8686 and request your copy now...each booklet is only $10.95 plus $1.50 for shipping and handling...Texas residents please add an additional 90 cents for state tax..... CSP books also publishes a number of lather booklets on hot technology topics...For a catalog please call or visit our web site!!
CSP Books, 720 Kuhlman Road, Houston TX 77024

The Nation's #1 Selling Education Line..... Use what the schools use!!! Why Educators Choice? The reason is simple....each suite contains high quality, easy to use software and each title was produced or written by a professional educator!!!
excelerator * Middle School *Math * Language *Phonics & Reading *Numbers & Letters *Math & Science and many more!!! Visit our website Winner of over 30 Major Industry Awards!!! Parents Choice Gold Award...Parents' Choice Foundation....Seal of Approval - National Parenting Center....Top Pick - GET BIG School Discounts! For your homeschool student.......*Take advantage of full-version Software at Huge educational discounts like these popular titles and more! *Adobe, *Macromedia * Riverdeep *Sonic Foundry *Knowledge Adventure *Corel *Microsoft *Macromedia *Tom Snyder.......We've partnered with hundreds of brand-name software manufacturers to bring you special academic prices. After offering, simply fax, email or mail us documentation of your homeschool status. This can be any document from your local school district or state. once we receive your documentation, we'll ship your order by UPS. It's that easy! Call 800.827.3440 Ease the worry and lighten the workload for homeschooling parents with
The History: The lack of up-to-date, well-written instructional materials available to homeschooling parents desiring a high-quality, traditional curriculum led to the inception of,inc. The Solution: Curriculum packages for grades K-8....Cost-effective, user friendly and timely...Creative, high-quality, academically complete lesson plan and homework packages.... Individual Course Tutorials customize curriculum according to ability-level for all grades, K-12 For Customer Service call 800.301.5432 ex code 00 weekdays - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (central)

Kolbe Academy - Ignation in Method.....Classical in Content....Loyal to the Magisterium.... A Catholic home school program for grades K-12 Helping families near and far since 1980....Fully accredited by the National Association of Private, Catholic and Independent Schools... Textbooks, syllabi, weekly course plans, quarterly tests, proctoring, transcripts, diplomas and more!!! Mention you saw us in The Link and Save 10% on registration fee...Call or email for our catalog.....767.255.6199 or or

At Last! A Reading Method for EVERY Child!
338 Pages Fully Illustrated by Mary Pecci, Reading Specialist "Who's Who of American Women" Teach reading with Phonics the easy way!! Resolve any reading problem!! With FREE Professional Message Board Guidance (the best deal on the web!) PLUS: A TREASURE of reinforcement activities collected over the years from master teachers! email: Call 415.391.8579 Chosen as the Main Selection of Macmillan Book Clubs: Early Learning Book Club, Library of Special Ed Book Club, Teacher Book Club

Young People's Guide to Goal Setting
Maximize potential - teach your kids HOW to succeed before you expect success
Parents & Teachers - This is a MUST HAVE workbook for your students
Endorsed by Senator Robert Antonioni, D.MA - Chair of Education, Arts & Humanities Teaches goal setting, time management and self motivation. Can use one-on one or as curriculum 30-page fun and interactive workbook on goal setting, designed for grades 5 & above
Purchase online at FREE SHIPPING Growthco

Internet Academy - Serving Homeschool Families Since 1996 - Fully Accredited. Over 100 courses for student in grades K-12 with experienced teachers.... Call 253.945.2230 Fax: 253.945.2233 Internet Academy, 32020 1st Ave S, Suite 109, Federal Way, WA 99003

Talicor.... 30 Years of Providing Excellent Educational Products!!
CHARGE IT! Teaches Responsible Use of Credit!! Charge now, pay later! In this challenging and practical game, students test their ability to buy on credit, build up a cash reserve and still manage from payday to payday. A great way to capture the interest of students while teaching them essential real-life money skills. This game prepares students for the cash or charge? - question.
Mathsmart... A fun and easy way to learn basic math skills. The game plays like dominos and teaches like a tutor. There are nearly one hundred durable cards in each game. Each card has a math problem on one half and a boldly circled answer to a different math problem on the other half. Players match the correct answer with the matching problem while forming domino-type patterns with the cards. MathSmart is a simple and fun way to capture children's interest while playfully challenging them to master basic math skills. Ages 5 and up. 2 or more players. For a FREE Catalog call 800.433-Game Talicor 8845 Steven Chase Court, Las Vegas, Nevada 89149 email:

Carschooling.....  Turn Travel Time into Learning Time!!!
Your children's educational future are two of your primary concerns. Combine that with the loads of time spent in the car with them and your family is perfect for Carschooling. This clever brain-building book transforms your family's same old road trips into journeys down the information superhighway. Kids 4 to 17 will love the countless road-worth games, such as: Dashboard Decimal Drills, Glove Compartment Geography, Rest Stop Olympics, Eighteen-Wheeler Chemistry and many more!!! Available wherever books are sold...

H.E.L.P.s (Home Education Lesson Plans) The H.E.L.P. curriculums were designed to fulfill a need for students (6th grade and up) to quickly and easily self-educate themselves in so-called "difficult" subjects and become familiar and comfortable with their associated vocabulary.

Many times, new college students will find themselves overwhelmed by the mere vocabulary of the course they are taking and the H.E.L.P.s are designed to give them an edge. The H.E.L.P.s are presented in a form that is logical, easy, and fun; filled with various learning tools that "help" cement the lesson in the students’ minds. These learning tools include: word searches, matching, fill-in-the-blanks, unscrambling, crossword puzzles, and diagrams (if needed). Each H.E.L.P. also contains a glossary of the vocabulary taught in it, an answer key, as well as suggestions of some excellent websites, books, or games that would further augment the student’s learning.

H.E.L.P. for Greek Words in the English Language (75 pages) H.E.L.P. for Basic Anatomy & Physiology I (Eye, Ear, Heart, Brain) (60 pages) H.E.L.P. for Basic Cell Biology (75 pages) H.E.L.P. for Basic Cell Biology - Laboratory (not available until March 2003) Contact H.E.L.P.s for Self-Education by emailing us at, or writing us at 960 Perth Road, Troutman, NC 28166, and we will send you a order form, or visit us online at

Barchowsky Fluent Handwriting provides everything you need to learn and teach easy, legible, rhythmic handwriting.

Children learn to write one way only. The simple letterforms that beginners learn are the same as those that will join up for true cursive writing. There is no hassle to learn two ways to write, no transition from print to conventional cursive.

Please visit to learn about this unique program and its author, a handwriting specialist who developed the program within elementary classrooms.
  • It’s economical. You have no consumable workbooks. Everything you need for every student is on a CD. You select and print only the exemplars you want or need. With the cutting-edge fonts described at you can create custom exemplars. In this way handwriting instruction can be integrated into all academic studies or interests, from spelling to math to foreign languages.
  • John Butler says of my program, "There is NO OTHER computer-based handwriting education system that is as automated and easy to use as yours…it’s easily…the best way available for doing custom handwriting exemplars."
  • Charlotte Gregory, a first grade teacher says, "…an instructor’s dream when it comes to teaching penmanship…very fluent, beautiful, and highly legible."

Auralog is recognized as the world leader in multimedia solutions for learning and teaching foreign languages. Created in 1987, the company benefits from a perfect command of new technologies, and a solid experience acquired in both educational and professional domains. Auralog was the first company in the world to apply speech recognition to foreign language learning. Today, Auralog continues its innovation by proposing new personalized and interactive "e-learning" solutions combined with unique pedagogical supports. Its software have been adopted by millions of users, and are distributed in 67 countries. Auralog has been rewarded on numerous occasions for the remarkable quality of its TeLL me More collection, which has notably received the IST Prize 2001 and the ECCSELL d'Or.
The principal factor of success of TeLL me More is its remarkable command of speech recognition technology allowing the learner to have a fluid and interactive dialogue with his/her computer. Thanks to speech recognition, cultural videos, a very complete glossary, and exercises, the software covers all essential areas of language learning: oral and written expression, comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary, and of course grammar.
TeLL me More exists for learning English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.
Contact Information:
Julien Picard
Auralog-Innovation for language teaching and learning
2720 S Hardy Drive, Suite 3
Tempe, AZ 85282 USA
Phone: 888 388 3535 ext 10 (toll free)
Fax : 480 829 9649

About Time Available On-Line, All the time, Always at Discount Prices.....At About Time Books we carry the complete catalogs!!! 10% off Bob Jones University Press, 10 % off Saxon, Up to 25% off Alpha Omega
We also carry Stewardship, History Alive & Common Sense Press......Check us out on-line! Free Shipping on orders over $100 About Time Books, 2245 Q St. Rio Linda, CA 95673

Teaching Math to Your Kids Got You Stumped? Visit Akeks and Watch Them Succeed!!!
Ever wonder how to help your children with math, even when you're unsure how much you remember? Welcome to ALEKS, a personal affordable and always available on-line math tutor. With offerings in more than 10 elementary through college-level subject areas-and growing-Aleks meets student where they are, fills in the gaps, reinforces instruction and helps them learn more.....Available Only on the World Wide Web....Accessible from virtually any computer.... Come Visit Us for 48 Hours Free at: Aleks - A better State of Knowledge....

Bonnie Terry Learning 530.888.7160 Do your homeschool children need help with writing? Mine did. Now writing is easy for them. My children used to stare at blank sheets of paper, not knowing how to start. Then I developed fill-in-the-blank writing forms and a writer's easy reference guide that they could keep in their binders with all the information they would need to pass the state writing profiency test. I've now made Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills and the Writer's Easy Reference Guide, the two tools I developed for my own children, available to other teachers, parents and students!
Use Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills for:

  1. Note taking
  2. Paragraph writing
  3. Essay writing
  4. Research paper organizers
  5. Test taking tips & more
Use the Writer's Easy Reference Guide for:
  1. Paragraph writing tips
  2. Writing the four basic essays
  3. Steps of the writing process
  4. Grammatical & literary terms
  5. Writing a bibliography
"My daughter began to understand the contents, organize the information and study effectively which gave her back her self esteem. Thank you" The Writer's Easy Reference Guide makes essay writing and projects so-o-o much easier for my son and his grades improved dramatically! Teacher created - Easy to use - Comprehensive - Standards-Based Call for Free Sampler and Catalog.......

See us at or call us at 888.974.8322...... "Just five minutes convinced me this was just what I've been missing in my homeschool. Thanks for a great program!" Catherine.... Startwrite Handwriting Software lets you create your own handwriting lessons, tailored specifically to your child's needs.....
Your can create fun, exciting, effective handwriting practice sheets in only minutes!! Free Trial available on our web site!!!!

Visit Are you looking for activities that stretch young readers' imaginations to higher levels? I If you answered yes, that visit
Choose from 150 Bookfolios, our literature study guides for award-winning books and classics appropriate for 8-15 year-olds. Whatever curriculum you follow, you will find titles and activities that match your child's interest and instructional needs...that turn a reading experience into a memorable event.... $8.95 for each Bookfolio Purchase 3 for $5.95 each...Purchase 5 or more for $4.95 each... Don't miss free access to our database of award-winning books, free Bookfolios and more Call 866.294.9146 Literature Resources Online, P.O. Box 1716, Wallingford, CT 06492

It's here!! It's free!!! Creative Arts Resources 2003 Catalog......MMB Music, Inc. Publisher and distributor of books, videos and recordings.....
Home and classroom, Music Education and Special Needs, Orff Instruments,, the Mozart effect Resource Center.....Call for your free copy or visit our website....
MMB Music, Inc., Contemporary Arts Building in Grand Center, 3526 Washington Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63103-1019 Call 800.543.3771 USA/Canada email:

Scholastic has the tools every student needs......Titles - Small Worlds, Maps and Mapmaking....The American West....The Declaration of Independence - The words that made America...Scholastic Children's Dictionary....Scholastic Student Thesaurus....Atlas of the World....Verbs, Verbs, Verbs....Super Study Skills Get exciting, Up-to-Date Coverage of all Subjects at Home with Scholastic Classroom Magazine.....Call 800.724.6527 also ask about our low bulk-order prices... Please mention code 8684...Titles - Let's Find Out, Grade K, Scholastic News Grades 1-6, Storyworks Grades 3-6, Dynamath Grades 3-6 SuperScience Grades 3-6, Junior Scholastic Grades 6-8, Scholastic ART Grades 7-12, Science World Grades 7-10, Scholastic Math 7-9, Science World 7-10, Scholastic Scope Grades 6-8, Literary Cavalcade Grades 9-12, The New York Times Upfront Grades 9-12, Scholastic Choices Grades 7-12, Scholastic Action 7-12, Scholastic Foreign Language Magazines for proficiency levels 1-4......Great Prices!!!! Includes Teacher's Edition w/each student issue.

American Home-School Publishing Eight years supporting homeschool families, with over 2,000 curriculum titles from 40+ publishers, personally selected for homeschool suitability and greatly discounted. Featuring an abundant selection of Classical Curriculum material with a special emphasis on the Junior/Senior High years, Roman/Greek culture, Latin/Greek language, rhetoric, logic, history, biography and literature. Publisher of Caroline Dale Snedeker books, including: Theras and his Town, A triumph for Flavius and coming soon, The White Isle and Lysis Goes to the Play. Publisher of Herodotus for Boys and Girls, by John S. White. Much, much, more!!! Call, write or email for our FREE 100+ page printed 5510 Affinity Court, Centreville, VA 20120 Call 800.684.2121 Fax: 800.557.0234

Science Academy Software.....making your Learning Experience Fun!!! Testing and Assessment Anywhere Anytime..... Go Phonics Multi-Sensory Phonics Kit Features 48 Games....Go Phonics is a New comprehensive teacher developed program with a sequential, building block approach that minimizes confusion for struggling readers and put natural readers on the fast track. A K-2 foundation, skills taught include punctuation, comprehension and fluency. Integrated Tools For Reading Success.....48 Colorful Fames, 5 Workbooks, 5 Mini-books, 4 Volumes of Decodable Stories, 2 Key Word Charts, Word Lists Book, 75 Letter Cards, 5 Lesson Guides, Home Edition Kit $299.00 All but the games $164.50....Just the 48 Games $199.00 Items also sold separately Call 800.553.5959 For brochure, lesson profile or to order

The Greenwood School.....Is teaching a challenge? The Greenwood Program offers home schoolers and after schoolers: Support for students with dyslexia and related challenges. Individualized lesson scripts based on testing. Frequently revised plans to reflect progress. An easy to follow video of teaching methods. Contact with experienced tutors. A multisensory, systematic program....The Greenwood School, 14 Greenwood Lane, Putney, VT 05346 email: Website:

Discount Books up to 50% off!! The Book Peddler 800.928.1760
P.O. Box 1960, Elyria, OH 44036 * "Living Books" * Unit Studies * Charlotte Mason Resources * Classic Literature * Apologia Science * Pathway Readers * Saxon * GA Henty *Common Sense Press *Easy Grammar * Beautiful Feet * Doorposts * Dover * Visual Manna Art * Five in a Row * Biographies * Eagle's Wings * Learning Adventures * Design-A-Study * Learnables *and much, much more...... FREE CATALOG

the Home School Source....... For just $49.95 a year, you have access to our complete Lending Library of over 1500 videos. 100's of audios curricula and resources. With Library Membership, you can introduce your family to wide variety of educational resources!

Character Development Starts at Home NEW! Call 800.759.4723 Character Development Through Literature....A teachers' resource books for parents & educators! Explore character trails, their context in literature and the lives of historical heroes. Classroom and home activities, web sites, bibliography, resources. Teach Your Children Values: 95 Things a Parent Can Do!
This practical and fun guide offers parents simple but powerful ways to nurture values and strengths in their children. Through enjoyable family activities and high quality children's literature, families can focus on 29 different values, such as Gratitude, Persistence and Honesty. Plus! Planners-Calendars-Bookmarks Your Source for Character Development Resources! 800.759.4723

New Sampler & New Video! Audio Memory's award-winning song kits let children enjoy learning. Each kit includes professional quality tape or CD, book & exercises guaranteed to make homeschooling fun!! Now you can "try out" the complete Audio Memory line-up!! Our Sampler CD has 12 complete songs from all 9 kits. Only $5, refundable on your next order. And for a limited time shipping on the Sampler is FREE! Also introducing our new States & Capitals Songs Video.
Same great songs now with singalong map visuals, on $13.95!
These Award Winning Kits are also available (add $3 for CD version)
History Songs (book & Cassette - $12.95)
Grammar Songs (book, cassette, Teacher's Guide - $19.95)
Geography Songs (book, cassette, world map - $19.95)
States & Capitals Songs (U.S. wall map, cassette - $9.95)
Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction Songs ($9.95)
Bible Songs and Division Songs ($9.95 each)
Credit card orders, call 800.365.Sing Or send check or money order plus $5 shipping: Audio Memory, 501 Cliff Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92663 CA residents ad 7.5% tax Hear song samples at

Teach your pre-school aged child to read in just minutes a day with the Mountainwood Talking Letters....A unique, engaging video phonics course designed to effortlessly teach phonics to your child. "I love the Talking Letters" -Sophie C., age 4 Designed by teachers, our course includes an instructional video and workbook, a full color poster of the The Talking Letters and companion flashcards.
In over 30 years of teaching, the Talking Letters has never failed to teach a child to read" -Mountainwood Learning Center Staff" $49.95 + shipping and handling Call 866.352.4971 For program & ordering information visit:

Christian Curriculum Cellar....specializing in used Christian Curriculum....1616 Elm Avenue, Modesto, CA 209.529.3549 visit us We offer discounted prices on used Christian Curriculums to help you in your home schooling!! We have many different curriculums to choose from including Abeka Books, Bob Jones, Rod & Staff, Saxon and many others. We also accept your used curriculum for trade-in-credit......John and Robin Van Oostende-Owners

Smart Science....FREE interactive Demonstration...Fully Interactive....Web-Based Labs....Make Learning Fun.... 310.937.3438

The Alexandria Academy....Dedicated too academic excellence using the Socratic method.... Grades 1-12......Full time/Part Time....Workshops.....Small group study....Large Group Activities....fully Accredited by ISSABB....Supplemental Course work....Travel aboard study opportunities...Special Interest Classes.....College Preparatory Guidance....Career Planning/College Transfers.....Gifted students a Specialty....Call 818.706.8558 or 310.839.9197

ACTIVATE IMAGINATION ABSORBLITERATURE...... Call for a free catalog - 800.845.5731 Classic literature excerpts and character-building stories to sharpen reading and thinking skills....Unstilted imagination and a propensity for predicament leave little time for boredom in Derwood household......BJ BookLinks adds excitement to your reading lessons.............

LEARNING RESOURCES To request a FREE catalog, visit us online or contact us 888.342.5381 ext. 907 Tools for Teaching....Learning Resources offers more than 1200 materials for the Pre K-8 homeschooler..... Manipulatives, Board Games, Resources Books & More.....

Center for Christian Biblical Education Discovering the BIBLE series...4 half-hour programs...color 32 page guide....leaders guide...student worksheets...BONUS papyrus from the Nile River. An excellent intro to the Bible for those with little background or refresher for Bible-study "veterans"....Highly recommended for Jr. & Sr. High V-4157. $59.99 Link price $44.99 To order by credit card or electronic check go Or send a check or mone order to Center for Christian Biblical Education, P.O. Box 565, Quakertown, PA 18951-0565 Request a free catalog or visit our website for more video programs-animated, teen issues, Bible drama, etc. Receive $5.00 rebate for order....Offer good thru 10.30.02 Menition "link 2002"

History - The Professor B Math Program for arithmetic and algebra has a powerful history of achievement over the past thirty years. This claim is substantiated by many testimonials, statistical analyses and research. We have set many precedents in mathematics education:

  1. Kindergarten and first graders mastering the lower/higher addition/subtraction facts and reading numbers in the hundreds of trillions.
  2. Second graders mastering all multiplication facts and long division.
  3. Fifth graders mastering "seventh grade math."
  4. Fifth and sixth grade classes in the most disadvantaged communities outperforming ninth graders on statewide algebra exams.

Philosophy - A story is verbalized so effectively that virtually all children perceive the flow of its connections. On future occasions, children can confidently tell that story to others, having heard it once or twice. Since their verbalization is not the original, verbatim narrative, it is clear that they have not been burdened with the requirement of memorizing it. Without memorizing, they have retained the events of the story in the proper sequence. The set of events and their sequence are an example of a structure. Hence, children's ease and comfort in learning stories testifies to the universality of their gift for assimilating structure. Please note, however, that the conveyance of a structure may only occur if the speaker's verbalization permits the listener's reception. The mathematics educator should know that, of all the academic disciplines, the one most concerned with the study of structure is mathematics. Consequently, it is our thesis that children's universal gift for assimilating structures is also a universal gift for assimilating mathematics. Unfortunately, traditional verbalizations of mathematical content (from elementary through high school) are so untruthful and meaningless that they actually obscure, rather than elucidate, learners' reception of mathematical structures. The Professor B Mathematics Program provides teachers with truthful and meaningful verbalizations of math content (scripts), whereby children's gifts for assimilating structures are inevitably activated for assimilation of mathematics. This original philosophy is the basis for our confident guarantee that the implementation of our math program in your home school or school system will lift your math scores to the highest levels of achievement in the nation.

Teach Me Professor B - If you are a parent or teacher, you will be very surprised at the extent to which our books present arithmetic and algebra as a sequential, developmental flow of related information. Even if you can do arithmetic well, you may not have realized that it could actually make sense. As you read, you will experience the contextually related flow of concepts and skills in your mind. Consequently, your learning of the mathematics will become as certain as the learning of a story. You will discover that you can, simultaneously, learn the subject matter in these books and learn how to teach it. You will now be able to provide meaningful explanations to those whose mathematical development you are in a position to influence.

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My name is Paul Ziegler and I started teaching math 40 years ago. Just as there is a system to reading, called phonics, there is also a system to mathematics. Just as you can read any word if you know and apply the system of phonics, you can also solve any math problem if you know and apply the system of mathematics. This system has not been taught in the schools for 40 years and it is not being taught in most home school curricula either. Systematic Mathematics seeks to instill the understanding of the system rather than a rote memorizing of rules. The program runs itself, they will learn it and you will love it.

I teach all of the lessons on video tape. I teach for understanding. I stay on message and don’t jump from one thing to the other. I also apply the material to every day applications so the students can see the relevance of what he or she is learning. I am hearing echoes from all over the country. From PA. “I love the way you teach”, from GA., “I am telling everyone I know about your system”. From CO., “we can see so clearly how much more practical and helpful this math is than anything we’ve tried”, From WI.,"Yes, we are having success with your unit. No more tears and she has improved 1 1/2 grades.

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Modular packaging makes the system more flexible and convenient. If you need to work on one thing, you don’t need to buy a whole years worth of material to do it.

I work hard to keep the cost down. The cost of my modules is based on my cost of materials and enough extra to do advertising and pay the other costs of doing business. I am retired and don’t need this business to support me. I am the business. I copy the tapes, I write the material, I teach the material, I mail the material. There is no one to pass the buck to. I even make my own mistakes and take responsibility for them.

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  • Access student grades and current percentage in class
  • Access student usage of the program
  • Test lockout system to control testing environment
  • Solution manual lockout
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    - Open: Students can work on individual chapters in any order where needed
    - Closed: Students must get 70% on a chapter test to progress to the next chapter
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Lessons are written for grades: 1-3, 4-6, 7-8....Kits include: CD-ROM, Teacher's Guide, Cotton bolls -Pima (6) and Upland (5) varieties, samples of cotton in various stages, planting seeds, cottonseed oil, colorful poster showing cotton in six stages of growth, student booklet, fabric, dictionary sheet, production flowchart and 23 minute video.....
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    By parent request, STAR Education has opened STAR Academy, a private middle school and high school designed for students who seek a personally meaningful education that addresses their individual needs. Located within the STAR ECO-Station, STAR Academy offers a high caliber college format that allows students to choose from a catalog of innovative classes that address all California State Standards. This slant on education makes ST AR Academy ideal for full-time, part-time, seasonal, and single-subject students. Did we forget to mention STAR Academy also offers after school tutoring, test preparation, and extension programs? The tutoring and test preparation programs provide unprecedented measurable results. Through the extension program, young learners have an opportunity for real field work with professionals in a variety of exciting fields, such as forensics, environmental science and animal physiology. We also want to mention some of our unique choices in physical educations, such as yoga, capeoria, karate, world dance and modern dance. The sky is the limit with this revolutionary approach to education. Be a part of the change…

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    • Kindergarten and first graders mastering the lower/higher addition/subtraction facts and reading numbers in the hundreds of trillions (fifteen-digit numbers).
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    • Fifth graders mastering “seventh grade math.”
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    Interdisciplinary. Comprehensive. Character-building. Literature-based 
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    into a cultural context. Centered on a classic piece of literature like 
    Anne of Green Gables, The Little House on the Prairie Series, or the 
    Chronicles of Narnia, they build on the ability of literature to help 
    us identify with people. They guide students to see the world through 
    the eyes of the characters—the times, the events, the daily life of the 
    period. They experience the self-sufficiency of a farm in the late 
    1900’s, the challenges of pioneer life, how factories changed family 
    life, and rationing during WWII. Many hands-on activities such as meal 
    preparation, drawing, making prints, visiting the elderly, archery, and 
    fencing allow students to touch the era of study. Character is built 
    through Scripture study and memorization; debating of the current moral 
    issues; and application of Biblical principles to the analysis of the 
    actions and values of the characters. As a variety of activities and 
    thought-provoking questions spark curiosity, students grow not only in 
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    Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum, the home of the unique and highly 
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    Oak Park Independent School - Oak Park Unified School District...We Provide: Curriculum, Calvert, Oak Meadows, School Districts.....On Campus Electives, Sports Team, Music, Drama, Band, Athletics...Other Benefits K-12, No Cost to Parent, Fully Accredited this year...High School Grades Transferable....Weekly Meetings with Instructor at Oak Park
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    The Westbrook Academy offers individual and small team tutorials to assist school age students and adults achieve their goals through preparation in traditional academic subjects and exploration into other areas that will broaden and stimulate their minds. Our expertise ranges from phonics and power writing for beginning students to Advanced Placement subjects and high power research and project tools like 6-Sigma. We counsel students in study skills, standardized test preparation, vitae, and preparation for interviews in the admissions processes to new schools. For local families who have chosen the home school alternative, we offer supervised testing, objective grading, record-keeping, and classroom experience in a wide variety of subject areas. 

    The mission of The Westbrook Academy is to develop the potential of young people to produce technically, creatively, and responsibly in academic and marketplace environments. Blending traditional academic and modern corporate learning strategies, we will help students develop at an accelerated rate matched to their personal abilities. Students will gain in responsibility, subject skills and intrinsic motivation for learning. The Westbrook Academy specializes in providing structured work habits and tools to stimulate creative approaches to academic and workplace projects and problems. 

    The Westbrook Academy is a non-profit 501(3)(c) institute and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in any of its employment policies or educational programs.

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    GollyGee Software Introduces 3D CREATIVITY program for K-8 Students BRING LEARNING into the 3rd Dimension

    • Improve Spatial Reasoning Skills
    • Strengthen the Verbal-Visual Connection
    • Help Develop Problem Solving Techniques

    BUILDGollyGee Blocks is an innovative 3D creativity program for grades K-8 which brings the fun of building blocks to the computer. Children create their own 3D world using traditional building block shapes (geometric forms) and a library of pre-made objects. Intuitive editing tools let students move, stretch, rotate, stack, copy, color and texture objects or stacks of blocks.

    LEARNThe GollyGee Blocks Activity Guide provides a set of over 50 classroom activity ideas covering Art, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Science and just plain creative play. The lessons have been aligned to national standards.

    Runs on PC (WIN 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP) and MAC (OS 8.1– 9.2 or OS 10.2)

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    So You Love Animals... An Action-Packed Fun-Filled Book to Help Kids Help Their Animas....A book that transforms children's natural love and compassion for animals into positive action...
    Teaching Green....The Middle Years, A complete resource for 'teaching green' to young people in grades 6-8 visit our website available at your local bookstore....New Society Publishers

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    Printed Teacher Manual, embedded User Manual and embedded Companion Book for quick-start and easy navigation...
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    Realistic "click-on" preset images and animations of the Earth, Moon, planets, stars, galaxies, asteroids and comets....
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    Travel Brains.....Great Battles of the Civil War Animated....Finally, a complete history
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    Cozy English Courses.... on Video or DVD. Are you an innovative, discerning home educator looking for creative ways to teach "outside the box?" Help is here! Picture your child's delight at learning grammar in front of a cozy fire or on the beach while gulls and eagles soar overhead. 
    Imagine how much fun it would be to visit a lighthouse or waterfall while learning punctuation rules.
    Envision how easily your child will grasp concepts of essay formats and styles while meandering through a charming garden or playing on the beach.
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    Indiana University High School Independent Study – homeschool high school since 1925. Courses… Diploma… Dual Credit. The IU high school Independent Study Program is an accredited, nationally recognized program offering high school courses, a diploma, and dual-credit courses to students worldwide through distance education. Noted for high quality instruction, award-winning courses, and flexibility, the Indiana University high school program is accredited by the North Central Association. Get the full scoop on our Web site:

    Program highlights:

    • Earn an Indiana University High School diploma, or supplement your current program with individual courses.
    • Enroll at any time; study at your own pace.
    • Earn high school and college credit with dual-credit courses.
    • Courses cover a wide range of subject areas including but not limited to Art, Business Technology Education, English, Health, Marketing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Languages.
    • Choose from online and correspondence courses.
    • Instructors are licensed by the state of Indiana and interact with students personally.
    • Advisors are certified by the Indiana Department of Education
    • Courses are nationally recognized for their excellence
    Students who have completed their high school diploma may be interested in registering for one of the 195+ undergraduate distance education courses offered by the Indiana University Independent Study Program; or they may want to earn an Indiana University Associate of Arts in General Studies or Bachelor of General Studies—entirely at a distance.

    Join us! Call, toll-free, 24/7: 800-334-1011 On the Web:

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