Distant & Independent Study

Count on Us when they depend on you! SAS inschool where learning comes to life... www.SASinSchool.com or call 888.760.2515 ext. 10633 Teaching at Home with SAS inSchool Software * Independence: You control the technology: it doesn't control you * Comprehensiveness: Science, math, social studies, English, Spanish - at the 8th to 12- grade level * Reliability: Materials for parents and children prepared by scholars and technology experts * Convenience: One source for 208 topics, 64 interactive components and many other customizable materials- all delivered on the web *Interactivity-Abstract concepts clarified in ways no textbook can * Economy: $250 per family per year.... Your lives are an adventure in learning. Our products bring learning to life....

Indiana Academy Distance Learning.... www.bsu.edu/academy/dl/ Get the Advanced Placement and high school courses you need, when you need them.....Anytime. Anywhere. Even on the internet......Could we make AP any easier? 2003-2004 Courses AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics B, AP Statistics (spring only), Japanese 1 & 2, Physics 1, Astronomy, Human/Molecular Genetics, Russian 1 & 2 Call 800.316.3163

High School Independent Study Courses. Celebrating 75 years of excellence! The University of Nebraska? Lincoln's Independent Study High School has been providing high quality self-paced courses for grades nine through 12 and includes courses in both print and online formats. The flexibility of Nebraska's High School allows you to choose individual courses or courses leading to a diploma.
Way Cool?, our new online course management system, serves as students' "homeroom" for their independent study courses. With one convenient portal to submit assignments and tests, receive instant online lesson grading, check grades on assignments and tests and access online courses, Way Cool makes the job of managing independent study courses easier!
The convenience of Way Cool has allowed Nebraska's High School to pass cost savings on to homeschoolers. Check out our new, lower prices on our online courses and many of our print courses.
Nebraska's High School is accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.
For more information, visit http://NebraskaHS.unl.edu or call (402) 472-2175.

The university of Arizona Independent Study through Correspondence.... www.eu.arizona.edu/corresp Call 800772.7480 or email: dykstral@u.arizon.edu Elementary, Middle and High School programs....The University of Arizona Correspondence program was founded in 1915 and is a recognized leader in distance education. In our programs for grades 2-12 students and parents can choose from an extensive variety of quality classes.
UA Correspondence courses are taught by certified, practicing teachers. To ensure that courses meet the needs of our students, UA Correspondence teachers are experienced in their applicable age groups.... When you enroll through the UA Correspondence program, you'll benefit from....Easy to-follow curriculums...Classes conveniently broken down by semester....Man assignments that can be done by email, if you wish....Personal feedback from instructors...Affordable prices...A wide range of courses (more than 300!!) including elementary, middle school, high school and university....
For more info call or email for a free course catalog...

Kolbe Academy - Ignation in Method.....Classical in Content....Loyal to the Magisterium.... A Catholic home school program for grades K-12 Helping families near and far since 1980....Fully accredited by the National Association of Private, Catholic and Independent Schools... Textbooks, syllabi, weekly course plans, quarterly tests, proctoring, transcripts, diplomas and more!!! Mention you saw us in The Link and Save 10% on registration fee...Call or email for our catalog.....767.255.6199 or www.kolbe.org or homeinfo@kolbe.org

When you think NASA, you probably think space but NASA also helps educators present math, science and technology concepts to students. NASA's Center for Distance Learning offers students and teachers FREE multimedia instructional programs. Register online for more information.....
mail@dlcenter.larc.nasa.gov NASA's KSNN The video and web-based series gives facts about NASA and presents math, science and technology concepts, available in Spanish (1 minute) NASA SCI Files The tree house detectives captivate students in grades 3-5 as they solve mysteries. These young investigators use PBL, scientific inquiry and the scientific method. Includes educator guides and web activities (l hour) NASA CONNECT These math-focused programs for grades 6-8 integrate math, science and technology. Each program also has hands on and web activities...(30 minute) NASA Langley Research Center: NASA's Center for Distance Learning, MS 400 Building 1216 Hampton, VA 23601

Keystone National High School is a fully accredited, independent study program, serving students in all 50 states and around the world. Our mission is to help our students achieve their individual potential. We do this by offering an innovative, flexible, student-focused education built on more than 30 years experience that uses the latest distance learning approaches. To meet the educational needs of all its students, Keystone offers its courses both online and by traditional correspondence. Keystone is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, the Distance Education and Training Council, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Keystone faculty members are certified teachers with an average of seven years of instructional experience. Students can enroll throughout the year for a few credits or in our complete diploma program. Call 800-255-4937 or log on to http://www.keystonehighschool.com/ad/?id=174 for more information.

Lawrence Technology University - Innovation, state-of-the-art facilities, industry-experienced faculty, and hands-on learning. Discover the world of opportunities Lawrence Tech has to offer.

  • More than 50 undergraduate and graduate programs in four colleges: Architecture and Design, Arts and Sciences, Engineering, and Management
  • Nearly 5,000 students in day, evening and weekend programs
  • Michigan’s first wireless laptop campus
  • All undergraduates provided personal laptop computers
  • 12:1 student to faculty ratio
  • Residential accommodation for 600 students
  • 97 percent of LTU grads find positions to match their academic preparation within a year
  • Ranked a "best value" by U.S. News & World Report’s America’s Best Colleges
Visit us at: www.ltu.edu. For more information call: 1.800.CALL.LTU, ext. 1, or 248.204.3160; admissions@ltu.edu; or write: Office of Admissions, 21000 West Ten Mile Road, Southfield, MI 48075-1058.

University, High School and Personal Enrichment Courses.....Why Take BYU Independent Study Courses? Education on Your Time....Top Reasons to Enroll in BYU Independent Study.....Award-winning courses, seventh grade through college Complete grades 7-12 curriculum
Both paper-pencil and Internet Courses
Instant feedback on most assignments
Affordable tuition (Three Courses are only $29 most others are $96 per 5 credit
Many courses self-contained requiring no additional textbooks
Make life fun! Enroll anytime in a course, and you have on full year to complete it. BYU independent Study courses are fully accredited and are transferable to most height schools. Check us out at http://3-learn.byu.edu/link Call 800.398.8792 email us: industudy@byu.edu

Internet Academy - Serving Homeschool Families Since 1996 - Fully Accredited. Over 100 courses for student in grades K-12 with experienced teachers.... www.iacademy.org Call 253.945.2230 Fax: 253.945.2233 Internet Academy, 32020 1st Ave S, Suite 109, Federal Way, WA 99003

For the past five years, our products have sold worldwide under the auspices of PRO ONE, THE LEARNING COMPANY and MATTEL.  Now, School for Educational Enrichment offers updated, expanded and improved  CDs that will allow users to:Receive high school credits for individual courses.Prepare for standardized tests: SAT/ACT, GED, SATII, AP, IB, CollegeChallenge Exams. Accelerate or remediate through distance learning withmultimedia CDs. Earn a fully accredited and recognized High School Diploma by completing courses on CD and taking Credit by Exam. The School For Educational Enrichment is a full accredited institution recognized by the Texas Education Agency.  We have been teaching students to learn since 1979.Experience the enrichment and joy of each subject through SEE's richgraphics, detailed explanations and ample opportunities to learn and test at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home. Contact us or visit our website now for more information and a complete list of the courses we offer. School For Educational Enrichment 915-584-9499

Renaissance Education Group, Inc. announces the launch of www.PersonalProfessors.com, an open learning community for high school math and science. We are a simply a place where you can get real teaching from real teachers. As an open learning community, we invite you to come and go as you please; join us for one month only to refresh your knowledge or study a concept, or join us for a school year for a full course.

Here's how we work. Our teachers schedule several live lectures each week that follow the strict California high school standards. At the scheduled time, you simply log on and click on the link to the live lecture. During the lecture you see and hear everything the teacher writes and says, live and in real time! After each live lecture, our faculty retire to the Commons to answer questions from our students. Between lectures, students and faculty engage in deeper processing of the material in our discussions. All lectures are placed in our subject area archives for anytime access.

PersonalProfessors.com isn't like having a teacher instructing you at home, it is having a teacher teach you at home.

We are not text content. We believe that the education on the Web shouldn't be about document distribution, it should be about facilitating real teaching and allowing free and easy communication between the learner and the teacher.

Join us today for the most student-friendly learning system on the Web!

Renaissance Education Group, Inc.

The Online Bachelor's Degree from the perfect educational environment..... You know homeschooling is a smart way to get an education. Now you can earn college credits or your degree from home. Introducing the online bachelor's degree programs from the world's first fully online, accredited university -Jones International University. At JIU, our course content is designed specifically for the Internet by experts from prestigious universities such as Georgetown, Carnegie Mellon and Cornell. New classes start each month. Call today to talk to one of our enrollment counselors 800.811.5663 or visit www.jonesintrnational.edu JIU is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, a member of the North Central Association

Christa McAuliffe Academy Christa McAuliffe Academy is an accredited K-12 school delivered to you over the Internet. "Anytime, Anyplace, Any Pace." We use truly interactive online curriculum to provide the best learning experience for our students. Our self-paced program allows students to progress at their own rate, accelerating their learning or slowing down to fully absorb more challenging subjects. You study when your schedule permits. Interact with your classmates from around the world as you earn your fully ACCREDITED DIPLOMA. Take a few minutes and visit us at www.cmacademy.org or call 509.575.4989 You will be pleasantly surprised......

Different Homeschool Situations... One Solution! www.dcs.unl.edu/ishs/homeschool Put more than 70 years of homeschooling experience to work for you by enrolling your child in University of Nebraska-Lincoln Independent Study High School courses......
Independent Study High School (ISHS) courses are developed by university and high school professionals with your unique needs in mind. Whether you need individual courses, a full diploma program, online or print-based courses ISHS specializes in providing you the solutions you need to help your students succeed. Join the other 4,000 homeschool students already enrolled in the Independent Study High School.... On Line or print-based courses? The choice is yours...choose form 116 print or our 22 new online courses... Bojour! Hotal Salve! ISHS offers four-year programs in French and Spanish, as well as a two-year program in Latin... Real Lab science at home! Help your child meet college entrance requirements with real lab science courses. ISHS gives your child a real lab experience without the hassle of tracking down costly materials.... Your student + ISHS math courses = The #1 Home Math Solution! From general mathematics to pre-calculus, ISHS math courses give your student the edge he or she needs in a college-prep curriculum.... ISHA Courses...18 courses in 14 subjects, Choose individual courses or a full diploma program, Online and print-based courses, Traditional courses, such as English and Mathematics, Specialized courses including Latin, choose college preparatory or general education program... Staff....Resident teachers, all certified and endorsed in their subject areas...Academic counseling available...Call 402.473.44222

Oak Meadow....The Spirit of Childhood...since l973 Oak Meadow has been providing homeschooling families with curriculum materials that respect the spirit of children. We believe that children learn best through doing. Our materials are designed to engage the whole child and foster a joy of learning while providing a solid academic education. Contact us for a free brochure....visit our web site at www.oakmeadow.com .... call 802.387.2021 oms@oakmeadow.com or write to: Oak Meadow, P.O. Box 740, Putney, VT. 05346

Basic Christian Education.....A Program of Learning with Academic Excellence for Students of Every Ability! BUILT UPON THE WORD OF GOD! Individualized, Self Instructional, Diagnostic Testing, K-12....For additional information contact:
Basic Christian Education, P.O. Box D, Nottawa, Michigan 49075 Phone: 616.467.7017 Fax: 616.467.4885

The American Resource Center for Homeschools (ARCH) Bookstore & Resource Center serves the needs of homeschooling families with an extensive inventory including curriculum & support materials. Come and shop in a relaxed atmosphere while your children play in our play area. Classes available for your group. Staff has over 16 years' homeschooling experience. Free newsletter, online Bulletin Board, online catalog and more! Drop in, call, fax or email us! Open 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. ARCH, 6657A Greenleaf Ave, Whittier, CA 90604 www.archschool.com email: Info@archschool.com

www.internethomeschool.com 1st - 12th grade, Online since 1997, Instructors online all day...Email, Chat, Messengers....Online Classroom Environment...Nationally and Internationally Accredited, CITA, NCA Phone: 928.708.9404 email: ihs@internethomeschool.com

A Beka Academy....Join the more than 27,000 Home School Families who Use A Beka Academy.... www.abekacacdemy.org/121 A Beka Master Teachers on DVD or VHS video DVD available fall 2002 Instruct your child at home...High-quality picture and sound...DVD less bulky the VHS video, easy to store and transport.... Menu selections... Easy access to lessons... No rewinding... No tracking problems... Compatible with both computer DVD and television DVD players.....
Call 800.874.3598, ext 121 From $790 per year depending on grade level - Includes textbooks

Phoenix Special Programs - Academies..... Meeting Unique Educational Needs Since 1969 Distance Learning Academic Program... Internet & Print-Based Courses.... Home school students.... Traveling Students... Accelerated pupils..... Accredited by North Central Association of Colleges and Schools since 1981
Contact us online www.phoenixacademies.org
Email: e-mail@phoenixacademies.org
Free Catalog Available: 602.674.5555

Futures International High School - The Anytime, Anywhere High School for Homeschoolers! Our rigorous accredited high school program comes to you whenever and wherever you need it....We off UC-certified and NCAA approved courses via the Internet with real-time, face-to-face student/teacher interaction each week. Our comprehensive curriculum meets and/or exceeds state and national standards. Your meet one-to-one with your teachers each week according to your scheduling needs. Our highly individualized instruction enables you to fit your studies around other activities.
Contact us today to discover how you can earn your high school diploma anytime and from anywhere.
Futures International High School Available worldwide 760.721.0121
In Southern California Futures School 701.721.7577

The Tutoring School....Home School Program...Get a Program that's designed to address your child's individual needs...All Ages Welcome.... Summer school and individual subject classes also available.... The Tutoring School, 3130 Foothill Blvd., La Crescenta, CA 91017 Call 818.541.9526

The University of Oklahoma Independent Learning High School Advance your education and gain your diploma by enrolling in a nationally accredited distance learning high school program. Enroll anytime you choose and study at your own pace. Select from over 100 courses that are available for online and print-based delivery. Earn your diploma from an institution that has been offering quality distance learning courses since 1910. Consult with one of our academic advisors to plan your course of study. Call 405-325-1921, ext. 93 or 1-800-942-5702, or check our web site at http://ouilhs.ou.edu for a full course listing. Move Forward by enrolling in OUILHS.

Keystone National High School is a fully accredited, independent study program, serving students in all 50 states and around the world. Our mission is to help our students achieve their individual potential. We do this by offering an innovative, flexible, student-focused education built on more than 30 years experience that uses the latest distance learning approaches. To meet the educational needs of all its students, Keystone offers its courses both online and by traditional correspondence. Keystone is accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, the Distance Education and Training Council, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Keystone faculty members are certified teachers with an average of seven years of instructional experience. Students can enroll throughout the year for a few credits or in our complete diploma program. Call 800-255-4937 or log on to www.keystonehighschool.com for more information.

The Catholic, Great Books Classical Homeschool Program.....visit on the web at www.angelicum.net A complete, Literature-based Homeschool Program, Easy to Use Daily Lesson Pans for Nursery-12th Grade, Parent-selected, Flexible Course Options... Great Books of Western Civilization Program....Online live-audio Socratic Discussion Groups Available Advanced Standing Test for B.A. Degree Available...
The Angelicum Academy... Call Now For Free Information 800.664.6209

GLOBAL VILLAGE SCHOOL FOR PEACE AND DIVERSITY STUDIES - a private independent-study diploma program. www.globalvillageschool.org. We provide a safe, supportive learning environment that promotes peace, understanding, and respect; prepares students to be global citizens; and supports them in learning how to take their passion for social justice out into the world.
We connect students with each other and with dedicated, compassionate teachers. We offer both Web- and text-based courses, individually customize curriculum, and emphasize individual learning styles. (Students take the online learning styles profile, "A Self Portrait," developed by Victoria Kindle Hodson and Mariaemma Willis as described in their book "Discover Your Child's Learning Style.")
Contact us: info@globalvillageschool.org. P.O. Box 402, Ojai, CA 93024. Phone/fax: (805) 646-9792.
We connect students with each other and with dedicated, compassionate teachers. We offer both Web- and text-based courses, individually customize curriculum, and emphasize individual learning styles. (Students take the online learning styles profile, "A Self Portrait," developed by Victoria Kindle Hodson and Mariaemma Willis as described in their book "Discover Your Child's Learning Style.")
Contact us: info@globalvillageschool.org. P.O. Box 402, Ojai, CA
93024. Phone/fax: (805) 646-9792.
An International School for Peace and Diversity Studies
P.O. Box 402 Ojai, CA 93024
Phone/fax: (805) 646-9792
"A quality education promoting peace, understanding, and respect for all"

Alternative Schools of California Let ASC Provide Your Fully Developed and Comprehensive Curriculum for Grades K-12.... Our selection of materials, along with the accompanying manual, will guide and direct you through a full year of study...as well as provide ideas for enhancement. Our HIGH SCHOOL program is tailored to the student's individual needs. Full enrollment services available. Call or write for our informative brochure..... Alternative Schools of California, 704 South Main Street, Burbank, CA 91506-2529

The Westbridge Academy....A College Preparatory School for Academically Accelerated Homeschoolers.... www.westbridgeacademy.com or call 773.743.3312....Our educational consultants are experts in their fields and speakers on issues of homeschooling and giftedness. All are certified and have advanced degrees. Our principal is a co-author of Gifted Children at Home: A Practical Guide for Homeschooling Families. Are your children unique? Do they need a special plan? Are they at one grade level in Math and another in English? Is your child gifted? Do you need professional help? Want more creativity in your plans? New to Homeschooling? The Westbridge Academy provides: Detailed creative curriculum planning, Personal consultations, Record keeping & Transcripts, Advanced coursework, Whole Student concept, classically oriented, Online courses, Personal evaluations and more! For information: The Westbridge Academy, 1610 West Highland Ave #228, Chicago, Illinois 60660 westbridge@safeplace.net

Laurel Springs School.....The Leader in Independent Study....We Believe in your Children Following their Dreams www.laurelspring.com K-12 Text & Online, Accredited with WASC, Customized Curriculum, Supportive, Caring Teachers and Staff.....Laurel Springs Students learn to be...Active Learners, Effective Communicators, Independent Thinkers and Multifaceted Individuals...Laurel Springs School is certified by the Learning-Success Institute as a Learning Style Model School. Following the Learning Style Model of Education, developed by Victoria Kindle Hodson and Mariemma Willis as described in their book. "Discover Your Child's Learning Style."   Online Learning Styles Profile (new) A Self-Portrait Online A learning style assessment giving you immediate results and recommendations. Discover strengths and goals, interests and dreams, talents and abilities, purpose and direction, success and confidence. Enrolled Laurel Springs families receive a $10 discount.

Foundation for a Lifetime...Led by Dr William J. Bennett, editor of The Book of Virtues, K12 believes that a child's educational foundation is based on high standards, high expectations and flexible instruction. A K12 education will be comparable or superior to the nation's best private and public schools. We will be introducing programs for homeschool kindergarten, first grade and second grade in September 2001. Register before August 31st and Save up to $200
Provide an Educational Foundation For your Child That Lasts A Lifetime.....Why choose K12 for your homeschooling needs? K12 provides a world-class education based on thorough curriculum and time-tested learning methods in 6 core subjects (almost 700 lessons per grade level.) Your child receives flexible, self-paced instruction designed to maximize his/her full potential. You can receive easy-to-use tools and support so you can schedule your learning day around your schedule. Assessments, curriculum, planning tools, support and standard material are all included using a variety of Internet and traditional materials. www.K12.com call 866-Your.K12 (866.968.7512)

Knightsbridge Preparatory Academy offers a broad range of options for the middle school and high school student. We provide a superior quality, hands-on educational environment with full record keeping, optional curriculum design, educational excursions, international trips academic workshops and tutoring for the Independent Study Student! Knightsbridge Preparatory Academy....with a student body consisting of students from around the world!!! Knightsbridge Preparatory Academy provide the independent learner the tools necessary for college preparation. Write to: 7365 Camelian St. Suite 225, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739 or email: Andrea@cetusa.org

Waldorf Education and Curriculum Resource Guide, a free publication containing brief explanations of our introductory books to Waldorf education. Includes parent and teacher resources, child development, remedial books, and curriculum resources, categorized by subject and grade level. Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore, 9022 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks, CA 95628, Phone: 916/961-8729, FAX: 916/961-3032

Alger Learning Center, Independence High School &151;Experience freedom & creativity with individualized education. Credit retrieval programs; distance learning programs; diplomas & transcripts. Enroll any time of the year! Approved by the Department of Immigration and Naturalization to work with non-immigrant aliens. Freedom to experience unschooling. Washington State approved private school K-12. Visit our website: www.independent-learning.com and call 800/595-2630.

American School, a fully accredited home study institution, offers a complete high school program tailored to your needs. We provide the books and supplemental study guide with examinations and instruction for over 70 subjects. Individual subjects can be purchased at a reasonable cost. Est. 1897. Call or write for free information: 800-531-9268. American School Dept #250, 2200 E. 170th St. Lansing, IL 60438.

Christian Liberty Academy: A Christian education program with tens of thousands of current registrations, and a 30-year history of serving over 250,000 students. A Biblical world and life view standing for America's Christian Heritage. Quality Christian curriculum (K-12) including a Handbook and Lesson Planner for each family. For further information, visit our website: www.homeschools.org, or call: 800-348-0899.

The Great Books Academy...Homeschool Program Classical, Complete from the Bible to Homer, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Einstein... Nursery-12th Grade Literature, Language Arts, Foreign Languages, Science, Math, Geography, Cartography, Art History, Music and Philosophy Call now for your free brochure l-800-521-4004 or visit us at: www.greatbooksacademy.org.

Home Study International 800-782-4769 www.hsi.edu are you looking for individual courses for your children? Whether it's preschool or college you'll find our courses flexible, you can take one course, a few courses, or get an entire degree. Our distance program allows you to study at your own convience anytime...anywhere. Enroll anytime and still have l2 months to complete your course work. Write to l250l Old Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904-6600.

Laurel Springs is an accredited, private school, K-12, committed to providing innovative homeschooling program that elicit children's innate love of learning and values their abilities and achievements. Foremost provider of online curriculum as well as project and textbook materials. Enrollment includes loving teacher's customized curriculum, full transcripts, diplomas and graduation. 800/377-5890; www.laurelsprings.com

Oak Meadow....The Spirit of Childhood...since l973 Oak Meadow has been providing homeschooling families with curriculum materials that respect the spirit of children. We believe that children learn best through doing. Our materials are designed to engage the whole child and foster a joy of learning while providing a solid academic education. Contact us for a free brochure....visit our web site at www.oakmeadow.com .... call 802.387.2021 oms@oakmeadow.com or write to: Oak Meadow, P.O. Box 740, Putney, VT. 05346

School of Tomorrow offers an individualized core curriculum, K3-Level 12, with electives to enrich your child's educational experience. Biblical character-building is an integral part of curriculum. Home educator's Quick Start Resource Kit is now only $49.95 (a $72.95 value). For a free information packet, call 800/925-7777; website: www.schooloftomorrow.com. Or write us at: School of Tomorrow, POB 299000, Lewisville, TX 75029-9000.

School of Tomorrow visit our website at: www.schooloftomorrow.com A Solid Biblical Foundation for Success in The e world A Ministry of Accelerated Christian Education "A.C.E.'s individualized curriculum prepared me for e-mail-based communication...reading and comprehending messages, crafting responses and organizing my life and ministry at the speed of today's e-world." Attorney David Golds III Christian Law Association www.ChristianLaw.org School of Tomorrow, P.O. Box 2999000, Lewisville, TX 75029-9000 800.925.7777 info@schooloftomorrow.com

Study cards for Bible Studies. Vis-Ed offers easy to use card sets featuring Bible verses selected from the King James or New International Versions. Both sets are authored by Dr. Robert Gromacki, Th.D from Cedarville College. Both sets are wonderful for learning and the memorization of verses. Book, chapter, verse source and characterizing topics are cited. Topics include Approval, Atonement, Calling, Creation and much more. Vis-Ed also offers vocabulary card sets in Biblical Greek, Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew. For additional information visit our web site: www.vis-ed.com Email: info@vis-ed.com or call 1.800.243.7070

Learning Wonders.... Make your stories come alive with educational felts...Full color religious and children teaching tools that are versatile, washable, high quality..... call or e-mail: 205.678.9996 fax: 205.678.9993 teach@vol.com 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!

CTI Christian Technologies Inc. "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" (Psalm 119:105) Things To Do Today! I will set no wick thing before mine eyes: I hate the work of them that turn aside: it shall not cleave to me. (Psalm 1l1:3) How? Control the Television. Study God's Word Instead! Order Christian Technologies Electronic Bible Program. 12 Bibles & More! Get Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary Study American History! Order the American Student's Package on CD-ROM with Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary. American Quotations by Wm. J Federer L& More! Homeschoolers trust Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary because Noah Webster based his definitions on God's word. Numerous scriptural references! The Holy Scriptures $149.95 Noah Webster's 1828 Dictionary $29.95 American Student's Package $49.95 visit us at: www.christiantech.com or Call 1.800.366.8320 CTI Christian Technologies Inc. P.O. Box 2201, MO 64055

The Greenwood School.....Is teaching a challenge? The Greenwood Program offers home schoolers and after schoolers: Support for students with dyslexia and related challenges. Individualized lesson scripts based on testing. Frequently revised plans to reflect progress. An easy to follow video of teaching methods. Contact with experienced tutors. A multisensory, systematic program....The Greenwood School, 14 Greenwood Lane, Putney, VT 05346 email: grnwood@sover.net Website: www.grnwood.org

Babbage Net School........... www.babbagenetschool.com Live Online Education
The Babbage Net School is a virtual High School offering on-line, interactive courses in English, Math, Science Social Studies, SAT, Foreign Language, Advanced Placement, Music and Art. These courses are taught by certified teachers in a virtual classroom featuring interactive audio, synchronized web browsing and a shared whiteboard. We want to enable people to have the opportunity t complete classes without the need to commute to a school building. The Babbage Net School has ushered education into the 21st century by offering on-line, interactive instruction in a virtual school on the Internet. The school enables people to complete Junior and Senior High School Courses without the need to commute to a school campus. The courses cover the full range of high school level subjects including enrichment courses, foreign language and Advanced Placement courses.
*Educationally sound *Cost-effective * Certified teachers * Quality instruction * Online research facilities * Home accessibility * Elimination of isolation * Interaction with other students * Quality instruction * Extra classes for accelerated students * Enrichment opportunities * Reduced difficulties of home instruction
Babbage Net School, P.O. Box 517, Port Jefferson, NY 11777 Phone/Fax 631.641.2029 email: babbage@babbagenetschool.com Website: www.BabbageNetSchool.com

Wiloworlds 30 Virtual Reality Communities Accredited 7-12 Internet Education..... Take an awesome 3D Building Class.....meet with your friends in 3D and work on cool projects......Come join the fun! Enroll full-time or subscribe to one of our 3D learning worlds. Wilokids Ages 9-12 *WiloTeens Ages 13-17 *WiloTech Computer Classes.
The Willoway School www.willoway.com   email: info@willoway.com WiloWorlds LLC/The Willoway School phone/fax: 866.224.0464.....Certified Teachers, Nationally Recognized, Accredited, Technology based program, Web Design, Animation, 3D World Programming.....Something for everyone!

Earn College Credit from Home..... www.iStudySmart.com Affordable - With courses starting at only $99, you earn college credit for a fraction of the normal cost Convenient - Credit can be transferred to over 2900 colleges and universities nation wide Flexible - Study anytime, anywhere. We offer both printed and computer-based courses. For over 16 years, Moore Educational Publishers have helped thousands of people earn college credit and their accreditited degrees by studying smart. Our proven study courses combine college level textbooks with expertly written guides for self-study....
Call today for more information 800.737.2222 or visit us on the web at: www.StudySmart.com

The Grace Academy www.thegraceacademy.org
Our Curriculum - All homeschooled students attending The Grace Academy can take a selection of courses to provide a well-rounded program which meets or exceeds state and national standards. Every body can select up to 7 courses. Tutoring and special help is available in all subject areas.
How It Works
The Grace Academy is an independent Christian resource center and school for Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade homeschoolers. Instruction is delivered through the Internet and includes a combination of online and offline components including e-tests, traditional text books, workbooks, CD-ROMS and other media infused with multimedia intensive interacting. The Christ-centered curriculum uses state-of-the-art technology to provide a challenging and compelling program. This proprietary system is tuned to run perfectly on modem-speed internet connections as well as high-speed broadband lines. The Grace Academy will offer students specialized training by its skilled team of full time teachers to help each student do their best. In addition to this qualified staff, the Grace Academy is unique among online schools not only because of the advanced use of technology but also the availability of teachers every weekday during school hours. Students can ask a trained teacher any questions and get a quick response.
The Grace Academy teachers provide the lesson plans, assignments and grade the assessments while the parent determines the scope, sequence and method of self-paced instruction. Courses are available at anytime, anywhere at any pace.
The Grace Academy, 10 Shurs Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19127 Call 215.487.3700 For Admissions Information, please contact Admissions Director addmissions@thegraceacademy.org

The Alexandria Academy....Dedicated too academic excellence using the Socratic method.... Grades 1-12......Full time/Part Time....Workshops.....Small group study....Large Group Activities....fully Accredited by ISSABB....Supplemental Course work....Travel aboard study opportunities...Special Interest Classes.....College Preparatory Guidance....Career Planning/College Transfers.....Gifted students a Specialty....Call 818.706.8558 or 310.839.9197

Usborne Books at Home
Web: http://www.ubah.com/F0107
Telephone: Contact Kendell Belcher 405-359-6643

Usborne Books at Home has over 1200 highly illustrated educational books for children and young adults including science, history, math, art, music, foreign languages, crafts, fiction and non-fiction, slot books, flap books, search books, board books, paperback books, hardback and library bound books. Ideal for use by homeschoolers, teachers, parents, grandparents, and caregivers these award-winning books provide hours of entertainment for both young and old alike.
With Usborne Books at Home, you can raise your family and your income by selling award winning educational books direct, at home parties, at bookfairs and fundraisers at school, public and church libraries, daycares, or at any type of booth event. This is a great opportunity to have a home based business that can be structured around your family life.

Notebook Publications, Inc.
PMB 150, 2601 So. Lemay, Suite 7, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525
Web: http://www.notebookpublications.com/
Telephone: 970 224-4097 Email: jalbright@notebookpublications.com

"Learn to See, Learn to Draw," is an easy and successful approach to drawing that can transform your child from a beginner to an accomplished artist! Written by professional art educator Judith Albright, this comprehensive workbook offers a complete drawing curriculum for children age 9 and older. Arranged sequentially, the lessons can be self-guided or parent directed depending on child’s age. Lessons are explained thoroughly and are designed to build confidence and self esteem through immediate success.

Trinity Western University Online Courses..... www.twu.ca/testdrive www.twu.ca/ecourses experience Trinity Western University online now!!!
Start university courses before graduation...interact with colleagues online...receive a "Test Drive Discount of 50%".....University credits can help you with admission to university.....Dual credit is available in some high schools....take a test drive now!!!! call or email 604.513.2067 or email glc@twu.ca

WWW.724HelpDesk.Com has developed a training facility designed to provide
your child with the power and effectiveness of a sensational set of 14
Internet-Based Tutorials, and we provide it via the Internet, using only a
The tutorials consist of  Microsoft Office 2000, Office XP, Windows 2000,
Windows XP, and many more. Each of our 14 Internet Based Tutorials/courses
provides approximately 8-10 hours of learning, from beginner to early
advanced training. The courses are packed with practical lessons and
simulations. 80% of which are interactive; ensuring that your child will be
constantly involved and motivated to learn. The simple menu structure and
friendly interface enables children to move forwards and backwards, and
instantly replay information, so they can learn at their own pace.
Each 724HelpDesk.com course comes with voice annotation, which is like
giving your child his own "Personal Tutor". This engaging design and the
many useful features make our product one of the best training systems on
the market today.   Click here for more information:

The Canyon Academy is an all inclusive California Private Independent Study Program (ISP) dedicated to parental and student choice in education....The Canyon Academy severs students 1st grade thru High School....in the state of California, with an emphasis in the Southern California Region. *Looking for freedom to educate your children your way? *Want to select a curriculum that best suits your Childs' needs? *Want friendly support and guidance through the process? *Want to be connected with other homeschooling families in Riverside County? Also offering workshops opportunities for parent educator and students, help passing the CHSPE, peace of mind to be legal with the state requirements. Low yearly family tuitions, Acquisitions and maintenance of the your student's cumulative file, initial and follow-up consultations (in person, phone or email), Id card, monthly.... newsletter of Riverside events.....minimal paperwork requirements, as required by the State and no State tests (STAR Program). For more info call 909.294.8830, email sandra.kling@verizon.net Director Sandra Kling visit our website www.thecanyonacademy.com

The Somis Academy......Independent Study Charter High School " A hand on your shoulder, guiding you through your homeschooling, when you want it" Somis, an individualized leadership academy, mentors high school students to become tomorrow's leaders. Located in rural Ventura County in Somis, California, the school serves students from the counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles and Kern. In its first year, Somis Academy is fostering its first cohort of students and will graduate its first senior class at the LINK conference. Located at 5268 North St., Somis, CA 93006 Call 805.386.5711 Ext. 26

The Westbrook Academy offers individual and small team tutorials to assist school age students and adults achieve their goals through preparation in traditional academic subjects and exploration into other areas that will broaden and stimulate their minds. Our expertise ranges from phonics and power writing for beginning students to Advanced Placement subjects and high power research and project tools like 6-Sigma. We counsel students in study skills, standardized test preparation, vitae, and preparation for interviews in the admissions processes to new schools. For local families who have chosen the home school alternative, we offer supervised testing, objective grading, record-keeping, and classroom experience in a wide variety of subject areas. 

The mission of The Westbrook Academy is to develop the potential of young people to produce technically, creatively, and responsibly in academic and marketplace environments. Blending traditional academic and modern corporate learning strategies, we will help students develop at an accelerated rate matched to their personal abilities. Students will gain in responsibility, subject skills and intrinsic motivation for learning. The Westbrook Academy specializes in providing structured work habits and tools to stimulate creative approaches to academic and workplace projects and problems. 

The Westbrook Academy is a non-profit 501(3)(c) institute and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in any of its employment policies or educational programs.

Oak Park Independent School - Oak Park Unified School District...We Provide: Curriculum, Calvert, Oak Meadows, School Districts.....On Campus Electives, Sports Team, Music, Drama, Band, Athletics...Other Benefits K-12, No Cost to Parent, Fully Accredited this year...High School Grades Transferable....Weekly Meetings with Instructor at Oak Park
us at: 818.991.4027 or email: MANDRESS@OPUSD.K12.CA.US We serve homeschoolers in Los Angeles and adjacent counties...

Taylor University.....think outside the classroom, get a head start on college today!!!
www.cll.taylor.edu/tl  or call 800.845.3149  If you are in the final two years of your homeschool education, you can enroll in the Head Start on College program through Taylor
University's Center for Lifelong Learning.... You'll experience the advantages of a Taylor education while accumulating significant savings.
Not only will you save money on our special tuition rate for high school students, but by enrolling in specially selected courses, you will qualify for a "Performance Scholarship" that could save you thousands in tuition and expenses at Taylor University Fort Wayne....
For details, call or visit us online today!!!

Indiana University High School Independent Study – homeschool high school since 1925. Courses… Diploma… Dual Credit. The IU high school Independent Study Program is an accredited, nationally recognized program offering high school courses, a diploma, and dual-credit courses to students worldwide through distance education. Noted for high quality instruction, award-winning courses, and flexibility, the Indiana University high school program is accredited by the North Central Association. Get the full scoop on our Web site: http://scs.indiana.edu/guest/link.htm.

Program highlights:

  • Earn an Indiana University High School diploma, or supplement your current program with individual courses.
  • Enroll at any time; study at your own pace.
  • Earn high school and college credit with dual-credit courses.
  • Courses cover a wide range of subject areas including but not limited to Art, Business Technology Education, English, Health, Marketing, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and World Languages.
  • Choose from online and correspondence courses.
  • Instructors are licensed by the state of Indiana and interact with students personally.
  • Advisors are certified by the Indiana Department of Education
  • Courses are nationally recognized for their excellence
Students who have completed their high school diploma may be interested in registering for one of the 195+ undergraduate distance education courses offered by the Indiana University Independent Study Program; or they may want to earn an Indiana University Associate of Arts in General Studies or Bachelor of General Studies—entirely at a distance.

Join us! Call, toll-free, 24/7: 800-334-1011 On the Web: http://scs.indiana.edu/guest/link.htm

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