Educate your child's mind and heart..... www.christianlibertypress.com or call to order your free catalog 800.832.2741 with today's finest homeschooling tools...... Our Top Quality Bible-Based Materials Cover every subject from kindergarten thru 12th grade....
Bible, Phonics, Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Mathematics, History, Science, Government, Economics, Christian Biographies, Art and much, much more!!!
email: custserv@homeschools.org
Christian Liberty Press, 501 W. Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 847.259.4444 press 6

Visions Technology in Education:
This development and publishing company is located in Eugene Oregon and aims to provide affordable quality software and books for the Home Education market.
We publish resources for K-12 students and teachers. We offer a full suite of products designed by teachers for teachers to save time, meet standards and assist in successful testing requirements. Five types of products have been developed. 1) Application Tutorials (books, often with a cd), not only simplify the use of various software programs but also provide teacher created activities to go along with the specific application. 2) Software Programs for students to use in research and composition. 3) Timesaving Teacher Tools to assist the educator in organization and management of both assignments and scheduling. 4) Worksheet Generators are available in a variety of subjects with ready-made practice sheets for "drill and Practice". 5) Multi-Media resources that facilitate digital story telling, digital photography, Power Point, iMovie, Dreamweaver, MovieWorks and a number of other multimedia tools.
You may contact us at any of the following:
Phone: 1-800-877-0858
Fax: 1-541-349-0944

Count on Us when they depend on you! SAS inschool where learning comes to life... www.SASinSchool.com or call 888.760.2515 ext. 10633 Teaching at Home with SAS inSchool Software * Independence: You control the technology: it doesn't control you * Comprehensiveness: Science, math, social studies, English, Spanish - at the 8th to 12- grade level * Reliability: Materials for parents and children prepared by scholars and technology experts * Convenience: One source for 208 topics, 64 interactive components and many other customizable materials- all delivered on the web *Interactivity-Abstract concepts clarified in ways no textbook can * Economy: $250 per family per year.... Your lives are an adventure in learning. Our products bring learning to life....

Homeschool Headquarters - Parents across America are discovering a new way to shop for homeschool curriculum -LOCAL BOOKSTORES!!
Bookstores participating in the HOMESCHOOL HEADQUARTERS Program are providing.... Hundreds of homeschool products from popular publishers like Alpha Omega, Saxon, Apologia, Beautiful Feet, Greenleaf Press ACSI and many more!!! Opportunity to examine materials at your leisure and buy them as you need them!!.....and no shipping charges...
To find a store visit Homeschool Headquarters at www.homeschoolheadquarters.com

The Nation's #1 Selling Education Line..... Use what the schools use!!! Why Educators Choice? The reason is simple....each suite contains high quality, easy to use software and each title was produced or written by a professional educator!!!
excelerator * Middle School *Math * Language *Phonics & Reading *Numbers & Letters *Math & Science and many more!!! Visit our website www.topics.ent.com Winner of over 30 Major Industry Awards!!! Parents Choice Gold Award...Parents' Choice Foundation....Seal of Approval - National Parenting Center....Top Pick - www.EdutainingKids.com

High School Independent Study Courses. Celebrating 75 years of excellence! The University of Nebraska? Lincoln's Independent Study High School has been providing high quality self-paced courses for grades nine through 12 and includes courses in both print and online formats. The flexibility of Nebraska's High School allows you to choose individual courses or courses leading to a diploma.
Way Cool?, our new online course management system, serves as students' "homeroom" for their independent study courses. With one convenient portal to submit assignments and tests, receive instant online lesson grading, check grades on assignments and tests and access online courses, Way Cool makes the job of managing independent study courses easier!
The convenience of Way Cool has allowed Nebraska's High School to pass cost savings on to homeschoolers. Check out our new, lower prices on our online courses and many of our print courses.
Nebraska's High School is accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.
For more information, visit http://NebraskaHS.unl.edu or call (402) 472-2175.

Kolbe Academy - Ignation in Method.....Classical in Content....Loyal to the Magisterium.... A Catholic home school program for grades K-12 Helping families near and far since 1980....Fully accredited by the National Association of Private, Catholic and Independent Schools... Textbooks, syllabi, weekly course plans, quarterly tests, proctoring, transcripts, diplomas and more!!! Mention you saw us in The Link and Save 10% on registration fee...Call or email for our catalog.....767.255.6199 or www.kolbe.org or homeinfo@kolbe.org

Connect your child to nature with Audubon Adventures!! Bring science to life. www.audubon.org to obtain more information. Audubon Adventures for ages 8 to 11. Featured in Science and children and Learning magazines. A complete resource for the study of nature and for environment. Special Homeschooling edition only $19.00 plus s/h. Includes lesson plans and language arts standards. To order call 800.340.546

Bonnie Terry Learning www.bonnieterrylearning.com 530.888.7160 Do your homeschool children need help with writing? Mine did. Now writing is easy for them. My children used to stare at blank sheets of paper, not knowing how to start. Then I developed fill-in-the-blank writing forms and a writer's easy reference guide that they could keep in their binders with all the information they would need to pass the state writing profiency test. I've now made Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills and the Writer's Easy Reference Guide, the two tools I developed for my own children, available to other teachers, parents and students!
Use Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills for:

  1. Note taking
  2. Paragraph writing
  3. Essay writing
  4. Research paper organizers
  5. Test taking tips & more
Use the Writer's Easy Reference Guide for:
  1. Paragraph writing tips
  2. Writing the four basic essays
  3. Steps of the writing process
  4. Grammatical & literary terms
  5. Writing a bibliography
"My daughter began to understand the contents, organize the information and study effectively which gave her back her self esteem. Thank you" The Writer's Easy Reference Guide makes essay writing and projects so-o-o much easier for my son and his grades improved dramatically! Teacher created - Easy to use - Comprehensive - Standards-Based Call for Free Sampler and Catalog.......

Visit www.literatureplace.com Are you looking for activities that stretch young readers' imaginations to higher levels? I If you answered yes, that visit www.literatureplace.com
Choose from 150 Bookfolios, our literature study guides for award-winning books and classics appropriate for 8-15 year-olds. Whatever curriculum you follow, you will find titles and activities that match your child's interest and instructional needs...that turn a reading experience into a memorable event.... $8.95 for each Bookfolio Purchase 3 for $5.95 each...Purchase 5 or more for $4.95 each... Don't miss free access to our database of award-winning books, free Bookfolios and more Call 866.294.9146 Literature Resources Online, P.O. Box 1716, Wallingford, CT 06492 info@literatureplace.com

Scholastic has the tools every student needs......Titles - Small Worlds, Maps and Mapmaking....The American West....The Declaration of Independence - The words that made America...Scholastic Children's Dictionary....Scholastic Student Thesaurus....Atlas of the World....Verbs, Verbs, Verbs....Super Study Skills Get exciting, Up-to-Date Coverage of all Subjects at Home with Scholastic Classroom Magazine.....Call 800.724.6527 also ask about our low bulk-order prices... Please mention code 8684...Titles - Let's Find Out, Grade K, Scholastic News Grades 1-6, Storyworks Grades 3-6, Dynamath Grades 3-6 SuperScience Grades 3-6, Junior Scholastic Grades 6-8, Scholastic ART Grades 7-12, Science World Grades 7-10, Scholastic Math 7-9, Science World 7-10, Scholastic Scope Grades 6-8, Literary Cavalcade Grades 9-12, The New York Times Upfront Grades 9-12, Scholastic Choices Grades 7-12, Scholastic Action 7-12, Scholastic Foreign Language Magazines for proficiency levels 1-4......Great Prices!!!! Includes Teacher's Edition w/each student issue.

New Sampler & New Video! Audio Memory's award-winning song kits let children enjoy learning. Each kit includes professional quality tape or CD, book & exercises guaranteed to make homeschooling fun!! Now you can "try out" the complete Audio Memory line-up!! Our Sampler CD has 12 complete songs from all 9 kits. Only $5, refundable on your next order. And for a limited time shipping on the Sampler is FREE! Also introducing our new States & Capitals Songs Video.
Same great songs now with singalong map visuals, on $13.95!
These Award Winning Kits are also available (add $3 for CD version)
History Songs (book & Cassette - $12.95)
Grammar Songs (book, cassette, Teacher's Guide - $19.95)
Geography Songs (book, cassette, world map - $19.95)
States & Capitals Songs (U.S. wall map, cassette - $9.95)
Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction Songs ($9.95)
Bible Songs and Division Songs ($9.95 each)
Credit card orders, call 800.365.Sing Or send check or money order plus $5 shipping: Audio Memory, 501 Cliff Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92663 CA residents ad 7.5% tax Hear song samples at www.audiomemory.com

Word Web Vocabulary - www.WordWebVocablulary.com A unique, interactive way to teach vocabulary to kids between 8 and 18 years old.
Word Web Vocabulary is an new vocabulary building program that helps students understand the meaning of words. Continuous review ensures that students retain what they learn, while " Real World Words" provide relevancy and enjoyment of language.
The author, Elinor Miller, was a classroom teacher and curriculum specialist for more that n 20 years and the founder of The Banner School in Frederick, Maryland Word Web Vocabulary comes with a Teacher's Guide and Student Workbook in 36 lessons for easy use throughout the school year. Word Web is not a new subject to add to a crowded curriculum. Tather, it is a catalyst that integrates and reinforces your language arts components of style, mechanics, spelling and grammar. Word Web Vocabulary is full of fascinating graphics and entertaining exercises that stimulate student interest and discussion.
To order your set of one Teacher's Guide and one Student Workbook (Volume 1) for $29.95 plus $4.95 s/h visit our website or call 1.877.242.1687 Ask about our classroom discounts! SAVE 10% WHEN YOU ORDER ONLINE! Word Web Vocabulary is published by Sage Education Enterprises, Inc., Box 437, Commaquid, MA 02637

Cozy Grammar … www.cozygrammar.com. So, you need to teach, or perhaps even learn, basic English grammar. Are you ready for the stress-free solution? Would you be happy to find a course that offered:

  • No lesson plans to prepare?
  • No sterile classroom setting?
  • No mind-numbing textbooks to wade through?
  • No limitations on learning styles?
  • Easy to grasp concepts taught with an entertaining approach?
  • A professional tutor…at no extra cost?

If this is the kind of course that appeals to you, you can stop looking now! Sit back, relax, and let The Basic Cozy Grammar Course fill you with knowledge in a delightful, whimsical way.

Call 1-800-201-2280 or visit www.cozygrammar.com for full reviews, awards, and product details.

Seton! Helping Families Since 1980.....providing a thoroughly Catholic education....Structured Curriculum to provide a foundation for a truly Catholic liberal education Daily Lesson Plans written with flexibility so as to fit the program to the child Flexibility so you child may study at his/her own pace and learn the concepts Tests & Quarterly Reports sufficient to track child's progress Tuition Includes all curriculum materials, testing counseling services and records maintenance Fully accredited by the Commission on International and Transregional Accreditation
Seton Home Study School, 44751 Ate Avenue, Lancaster, CA 93534 Call: 661.948.8881

The United States Has the Best School System in the World!!!! This is what most Americans would like to believe....The truth is, other countries like Sweden, Singapore and New Zealand are achieving far better results. Three year olds are doing math, language and science...The Learning Revolution is Here!!! Bring Education into the 21st Century...Resources...Support...Training....

  • Learn to - Identify your student's unique learning style
  • Bring out the genius in your student
  • Get access to powerful teaching resources
  • Inspire your students to love learning
  • Have fun and be more effective teacher
Make sure your home school student is getting a superior education. Become part of the Learning Revolution and get access to the best teaching practices from around the world....Join the Revolution... To Receive more info and a FREE copy of "Eleven Ways to Raise A Brighter Child"
Call NOW 877.62.0555 visit us online at www.learning-revolution.com

The Alaca Company......Cotton's Journey - A Field Trip in a Box Educational Kit....Curriculum and Activities for the Classroom... www.cottonsjourney.com This curriculum uses the inquiry-based approach and meets many National Education Standards for English/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies....
Lessons are written for grades: 1-3, 4-6, 7-8....Kits include: CD-ROM, Teacher's Guide, Cotton bolls -Pima (6) and Upland (5) varieties, samples of cotton in various stages, planting seeds, cottonseed oil, colorful poster showing cotton in six stages of growth, student booklet, fabric, dictionary sheet, production flowchart and 23 minute video.....
For additional cotton resources visit www.cottonsjourney.com The Alaca Company, P.O. Box 55, Tranquility, CA 93668, Call 559.698.5190

www.childsoftpress.com Kids....Books...Computers.....The could make a great team for creating book reports....if only kids had the right playbook!!!!
It's here! Book Reports-I Did It On the Computer ($5.00) from Children's Software Press is a 24-page booklet that takes kids through a book report assignment, play-by-play. The guide is full of ideas on how technology can REALLY be integrated into the process of finding reading for detail and reporting on books. Inexpensively priced, it turns book reports into assignments that kids actually look forward to doing. Using a step-by-step approach and lots of illustrated examples, the booklet reveals how the computer can be used to:

  • scout out great "reads" using Internet sources
  • use pre-outlines generated on the computer to keep track of plat and characters
  • add personal touches to student book reports
  • organize all the elements of a traditional book report
  • create alternative computer-enhanced book report presentations
For more info, Contact Children's Software Press at 713.467.8686 email us at csoft@childsoftpress.com or visit our website at www.childsoftpress.com Children's Software Press also publishes other booklets that can help parents and young researchers get the most out of their computers. Among the most popular titles are:
Autobiography-I Did It On the Computer, State and Country Reports-I Did It On the Computer, Writing a Paperless Paper-Student Guide to Electronic Study Skills, Student Guide to Citing Electronic Sources, Student Guide to Research on the Web, Student Guide to Detecting Misinformation on the Web and Digital Cameras-Family Fun with Technology
Help your child get the most out of the computer for educational purposes...call or visit our website today!!!
Children's Software Press, 720 Kuhlman Road, Houston, TX 77024

Time2Read.com is the first, state-of-the-art, multilingual Academic Program that includes language development, cognitive development, and reading programs delivered entirely over the Internet. Time2read’s educational materials consist of lessons, books, activities, and exercises, which can be used directly online or printed for offline use. Time2Read’s comprehensive program can be used as a complete or supplemental curriculum for typical and/or exceptional students functioning at PreK-2 to 3rd grade levels.
The Academic Program and the Book Store are available to families and schools 24 hours - 7 days a week anywhere in the world and include the following subject areas:
Fundamentals (for PreK-3 - Kindergarten) Science Social Studies Health & Physical Education Language Arts Math The Arts Reading

All lessons are fully narrated by native speakers in three languages including English, French, and Spanish. In addition to the online educational materials, most lessons are accompanied by exercises and worksheets for offline practice and reinforcement.
No disks required!

For more information, go to http://www.time2read.com or call 954-474-3476.

The products offered on TutorSmart.com are primarily for children in grades K-6, and are intended to keep children engaged in the learning process outside of the classroom. Parents can browse the site and find products ranging from educational books and videos to interactive games and toys. They can search for items by grade, subject, or price; they can also get information on the most popular children's products by reading about them in Parents' Picks.

Visit TutorSmart.com for additional information and to learn more about other ETA/Cuisenaire products, or call John Wondrasek at 847-816-5050.

Five Minute Phonics Attention Homeschoolers! Call 925.228.5117 Only $12.00

Startwrite Handwriting Software lets you create your own handwriting lessons, tailored specifically to your child's needs. You can create fun, exciting, effective handwriting practice sheets in only minutes....Free Trial available on our web site! www.Startwrite.com or Call us at 888.974.8322 "Just five minutes convinced me this was just what I've been missing in my homeschool. Thanks for a great program!" Catherine

www.beyondphonics.com It's not too late for poor spellers of all ages! Cement all words in all phonetic and tricky English patterns in minutes with short character-building stories! *OU Shoulders aching, four weary souls finished the marathon course *Silent T Our eyes often moisten and our voices soften as we listen to *MB Limbs numb with cold, the plumber climbed through the door jam *AY Can you play with me today? Stay and play all day, Okay? The only method which leads to automaticity! Call 800.51.TEACH $69.95 + s/h

Homeschoolers Favorite www.readtruestories.com American Adventures Thousands of homeschoolers are now using the American Adventures History-English Program. Why not your child? What a time saver! With no additional preparation you can provide outstanding, meaningful lessons and - not "busy work". Fifteen high interest true stories in each book, arranged chronologically, make learning about our past a storytelling adventure. Accompanying each story: A historical timeline: a brief historical summary of the period: imaginative, thought-provoking activities (no recall questions). Each story is written in dramatic, narrative form, not textbook" prose. "High interest true stories...complete interdisciplinary lessons plans." Practical Homeschooling "little known stories from early American history presented in format that will almost certainly spark children's interest." Family Learning Exchange "Everyone enjoys a good story. If the story is historically accurate...all the better. A wonderful collection of 15 highly readable stories." Curriculum Review "Extremely well-written, vivid language...multi-skill approach adds language, critical thinking, imagination and fun." The Link Homeschool Newspaper $9.95 each Available from your favorite home school distributor....Brooke-Richards Press 8l8.893.8126 American Adventures

Shurley Instructional Materials www.shurley.com We've Made a Program Even Better! Shurley English Homeschooling Grammar ~ Composition Wouldn't it be great if students could learn complex grammar and writing skills easily and remember them year after year? Well, they can with Shurley English! This innovative, easy-to-follow program successfully teaches students of all learning abilities through lessons that constantly expose them to "see it, hear it, say it, do it activities. Yes! Shurley English reaches all the learning styles of students while using repetition, fun and student-teacher interaction to help them learn difficult English skills. Teachers Manual * Written specifically with the home educator in mind Easy to use manual Scripted lessons Daily Lessons * Questions & Answer Flows for every sentence More sentences for extra classification practice Writing lessons integrated into each grammar unit Course Content* More writing-related skills taught New vocabulary skills added Library and dictionary skills added.
Many homeschool students and educators have already realized the exciting results of using Shurley English! You can too! Join the perceptive group of home educators who chosen Shurley English to meet the academic needs of their children. Shurley English is truly "English Made Easy!" Shurley Instructional Materials, Inc. 366 Sim Drive, Cabbot, AR 72023 800.566.2955 Fax 501.843.0583 www.shurley.com

Natural Speller by Kathryn Stout.....All-IN-ONE Speller that turns poor spellers into Natural Spellers!! Do your kids pass weekly tests but misspell those same words in composition? Easy to use, this unique, award-winning program promotes long-term retention. Included: word lists by grade, activities, Latin & Greek roots, rules for spelling, phonics, writing, teaching tips & more. Let kids progress at their own pace. Only $22 plus $2.00 postage Design-A-Study, 408 Victoria Ave., Wilmington, DE 19804 Phone/Fax: 302.998.3889 www.designastudy.com

www.literatureplace.com your source for literature study guides Choose from 150 Bookfolios: our literature study guides available for 150 classics and award-winning books. Each Bookfolios includes fifteen interactive activities and projects designed to challenge your young readers and take their reading experience to higher levels. Visit our home page at literatureplace.com and scroll to the Bookfolios button: Select from among the best titles and authors appropriate for children aged 7-15: historical fiction, realistic fiction, biography, fantasy, folklore, science fiction and legends. While there, take advantage of our many extra resources. You can order Bookfolios online or offline or you can call our toll free number to request an order form. Each Bookfolio costs only $8.95 Literature Resources Online, LLC P.O. Box 1716 Wallingford, CT 06492 tel/fax 866.294.9146 email: literatureplace@msn.com

The Reading Teacher's SECRET WEAPON! SUPER SEATWORK BOOKS Samples on: www.OnlineReadingTeacher.com Also on the Web Site: Author MESSAGE BOARD Have all of your reading questions answered on line.

Professor Phonics Gives Sound Advice....Simple, Inexpensive, Multi-sensory, Anyone can teach it, Anyone can learn it......professorphonics.com Professor Phonics-EduCare....Call 513.385.1717 Fax: 513.385.7920....Email: sue@professorphonics.com Recommended by Mary Pride Only $33 for the 4 part primary

www.ReadingLesson.com Teach your child to read in 20 easy lesson with the READING LESSON....Step-by-Step Multimedia program with CDs and video.....Download free lesson.

Study cards for secondary through college level English. Vis-Ed offers easy to use card set in English Spelling, English Vocabulary, SAT-Verbal,Composition, Grammar and Punctuation. These sets are excellent as supplements, review and for drills. Free catalog: Visual Education, P.O. Box 1666, Springfield, Ohio 45501. For additional information visit our we site www.vis-ed.com Email: info@vis-ed.com or call 1.800.243.7070

English From the Roots Up: When you know a little Latin and Greek, you know a lot of English! Just as phonics helps us figure out what words are, Latin and Greek helps us figure out what words mean. "Roots" teaches the enabling value of understanding the origin and definition of words. To learn more, visit our website: www.literacyunlimited.com. Call: 425-454-5830, or write: Literacy Unlimited, P.O. Box 278, Medina, WA 98039-0278.

National Writing Institute &151;Writing Strands &151;Teach your child to write like a world-class writer. Call: 1-800-688-5375

Teach Handwriting for Reading. Current research has shown: Physical patterns learned for handwriting can be powerful tools for fluent language skill! Peterson Directed Handwriting, 800-541-6328. Website: www.peterson-handwriting.com

Core Learning visit us at www.core-learning.com
Math..the 5 course series covers in topical fashion a substantial portion of math curriculum typically administered from grade 5 to grade 8 from fractions, decimals/percents, geometric shapes, measurement and data management....$39.95/workbook $17.95
Calculation Skills...this four volume series builds fundamental calculation competence with four care arithmetic operations...basic level to advanced level....$39.95
Health for Kids Series......this two volume Health for kids series provides a fun and information introduction to the parts of the body, how they function and how the body works to stay healthy.....set as an animated tour inside the body, this series is suited for children ages 70 to 10...includes: the body, staying healthy, Illnesses and injuries, emotional health and becoming an adult.....$19.95
Other products include: English Talking Stationary, French-English Talking Dictionary, Spanish-English talking dictionary, Collins Crossword Generator, Bridge to English ES course, Career Builder, Intelligence Builder, IQ Builder, Aptitude Builder .....all priced from $14.95 - $29.95 Order now!!! Call 800.270.4643 or visit www.core-learning.com

Trinity Western University Online Courses..... www.twu.ca/testdriv  www.twu.ca/ecourses experience Trinity Western University online now!!!
Start university courses before graduation...interact with colleagues online...receive a "Test Drive Discount of 50%".....University credits can help you with admission to university.....Dual credit is available in some high schools....take a test drive now!!!! call or email 604.513.2067 or email glc@twu.ca

Encyclopedia Britannica presents an innovative opportunity for homeschoolers...Become a member of the new Britannica Homeschoolers team today!! Be one of the first to join this unique homeschooling network that allows you to own the best reference and educational materials at a discount, while providing you with a chance to supplement your income!!!
Join the team, review the products that you receive and if you like what you see, you can promote Britannica to other Homeschoolers and earn great commissions!!!! It's that easy!!
For more info on this unique opportunity cal 312347.7001 or email: claims@eb.com

A+anything & everything educational......since 1985 www.APlus4U.com or call 800.700.2758.....Consulting, get answers to all your educational questions with A+ consulting!!! Find a tutor (or become one)! Jump start your scholastic life!! Essay Help line Having trouble writing your essays & other papers? A+ can help!! Store, A+ educational materials, books, study guides, software, etc!! 24 Hours on call!! Call A+ Get Help anytime!! Test Prep, Ace your SAT 1 & 11, ACT, GRE, CBEST, MSAT, etc...with A+ Test Prep!!! Courses, take courses through A+ Enrichment & "For Credit Programs!!! Special Offers, Want a discount? Save some $$$ View the current A+ internet specials!! Links, A+ Educational & fun internet links!! Something for everyone!!!

The Canyon Academy is an all inclusive California Private Independent Study Program (ISP) dedicated to parental and student choice in education....The Canyon Academy severs students 1st grade thru High School....in the state of California, with an emphasis in the Southern California Region. *Looking for freedom to educate your children your way? *Want to select a curriculum that best suits your Childs' needs? *Want friendly support and guidance through the process? *Want to be connected with other homeschooling families in Riverside County? Also offering workshops opportunities for parent educator and students, help passing the CHSPE, peace of mind to be legal with the state requirements. Low yearly family tuitions, Acquisitions and maintenance of the your student's cumulative file, initial and follow-up consultations (in person, phone or email), Id card, monthly.... newsletter of Riverside events.....minimal paperwork requirements, as required by the State and no State tests (STAR Program). For more info call 909.294.8830, email sandra.kling@verizon.net Director Sandra Kling visit our website www.thecanyonacademy.com

Interdisciplinary. Comprehensive. Character-building. Literature-based 
unit studies open the door to an in-depth study of a literary work as 
well as the world of that book and its people. Such seemingly diverse 
subjects as history, health, character, Scripture, science, writing, 
grammar, occupational education, and the fine arts are woven together 
into a cultural context. Centered on a classic piece of literature like 
Anne of Green Gables, The Little House on the Prairie Series, or the 
Chronicles of Narnia, they build on the ability of literature to help 
us identify with people. They guide students to see the world through 
the eyes of the characters—the times, the events, the daily life of the 
period. They experience the self-sufficiency of a farm in the late 
1900’s, the challenges of pioneer life, how factories changed family 
life, and rationing during WWII. Many hands-on activities such as meal 
preparation, drawing, making prints, visiting the elderly, archery, and 
fencing allow students to touch the era of study. Character is built 
through Scripture study and memorization; debating of the current moral 
issues; and application of Biblical principles to the analysis of the 
actions and values of the characters. As a variety of activities and 
thought-provoking questions spark curiosity, students grow not only in 
knowledge, but also develop skills of scholarship and independent 
study. For the teacher, too, this cross-curriculum format with 
detailed planning guides and resource information makes instruction 
easier and more manageable. 
Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum, the home of the unique and highly 
effective literature-based unit study, has been serving parents and 
teachers by providing sound academic materials for training in 
scholarship and godliness for ten years. To find out more about these 
studies as well as a variety of other helpful books and reference 
resources, contact Cadron Creek Christian Curriculum. Request a free 
brochure with catalog by email at marigold@cadroncreek.com and see us 
on the web at www.CadronCreek.com

The Somis Academy......Independent Study Charter High School " A hand on your shoulder, guiding you through your homeschooling, when you want it" Somis, an individualized leadership academy, mentors high school students to become tomorrow's leaders. Located in rural Ventura County in Somis, California, the school serves students from the counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles and Kern. In its first year, Somis Academy is fostering its first cohort of students and will graduate its first senior class at the LINK conference. Located at 5268 North St., Somis, CA 93006 Call 805.386.5711 Ext. 26

The History of English according to Bob.....a one hour cartoon that explains the spelling of every word in English!! Part of the Word Tag Reading and Spelling program which simplifies the spelling of English through video workbook, CD-ROMs posters, stories and more.....Visit www.wordtag.com or call 877.Wordtagnow for a free video!! 90 day money-back satisfaction guarantee!!! Ideal for older students/now available in Spanish....

Educate your child's mind and heart..... www.christianlibertypress.com or call to order your free catalog 800.832.2741 with today's finest homeschooling tools...... Our Top Quality Bible-Based Materials Cover every subject from kindergarten thru 12th grade....
Bible, Phonics, Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Mathematics, History, Science, Government, Economics, Christian Biographies, Art and much, much more!!!
email: custserv@homeschools.org
Christian Liberty Press, 501 W. Euclid Ave, Arlington Heights, IL 60004 847.259.4444 press 6

Cozy English Courses.... on Video or DVD. Are you an innovative, discerning home educator looking for creative ways to teach "outside the box?" Help is here! Picture your child's delight at learning grammar in front of a cozy fire or on the beach while gulls and eagles soar overhead. 
Imagine how much fun it would be to visit a lighthouse or waterfall while learning punctuation rules.
Envision how easily your child will grasp concepts of essay formats and styles while meandering through a charming garden or playing on the beach.
Put away the dull, boring textbooks and take learning "outside the box" with Cozy English courses on video or DVD and with companion reproducible workbook/study guide.
Splashes from the River, Inc. www.splashesfromtheriver.com call 800.201.2280


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