Graduation/Specialty Products

Graduation Cap and Gowns For Homeschools..... Springer Company Since 1947.....*No order too small.....We can ship 1 Cap & Gown!! *Finest Fabrics and Jam Proof Zippers! *Generous Cut for all Caps and Gowns * Comfortable Fit on all Caps and Gowns * Kindergarten thru High School Caps and Gowns
* Our Caps and Gowns are crafted with pride to celebrate your accomplishments! * We feature rapid turn-a-round time from the placement of your order to delivery * Caps and Gowns pricing starting at $13.87 (Group purchases) For ordering information contact our Mail Order Department at Springer Co. Caps & Gowns Dept. 11230 Grandview Avenue, Wheaton, Maryland 20902 email: toll free 800.237.0065 fax: 301.949. 6893

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