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Mayberry America - Filtered Internet
I want my family online in a safe, wholesome community-don't you? Join the Mayberry Family Today....The internet has become our nations information highway and gateway to the world. However, this has created a problem for many families. 91% of all children who view objectional we sites, do so unintentionally...30% of all unsolicited e-mail is online pornography. The internet never sleeps - keep your family safe with on-site filtration from Mayberry America!
Your Hometown on the Net! or call 888.807.5915 Say YES! I want my family protected from pedophiles, pornographers, drug pushers, hate groups and all other unsuitable materials.

Cyber Sentinel..."Predators & Pedophiles are a real-time threat anytime a child is on-line"-Detective Mike Sullivan NPD...Cyber Sentinel monitors, filters and blocks pornography, sexually explicit and predatory computer traffic on the internet, in email, instant messaging, chat, attachments, peer to peer networks or any Windows application on-line or off, encrypted or not....
Only $34.95 or Call 888.835.7278

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