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The University of Alabama Center for Communication and Educational Technology (CCET) is pleased to now offer to homeschoolers our award-winning science and Japanese language programs. For more than a decade, hundreds of thousands of students in both public and private schools throughout the U.S. and Canada have benefited from our hands-on, complete curricula. To purchase the programs described below, or to learn more, call 1-800-477-8151. Check out our website at

Research has shown that students using Integrated Science outperform their peers on tests of attitude and achievement in science. This innovative program provides multiple resources for grades 5-9 students and teachers. A combination of videotapes, hands-on activities, and student books teach major science concepts in a way that appeals to all learning styles. Most exciting of all, Integrated Science can offer its programs tailor-made for students. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience this user-friendly science program that has been loved by students, teachers, and parents for more than ten years.

Japanese Close-Up 1, 2, and 3 (taught with videotapes), and Nihongo Web (taught online) are popular courses offering toll-free tutoring. Each course is appropriate for middle school through adult learners, and college credit is available. Test grading is provided by CCET for each student enrolled. Learning a foreign language has never been easier or more fun!

Count on Us when they depend on you! SAS inschool where learning comes to life... or call 888.760.2515 ext. 10633 Teaching at Home with SAS inSchool Software * Independence: You control the technology: it doesn't control you * Comprehensiveness: Science, math, social studies, English, Spanish - at the 8th to 12- grade level * Reliability: Materials for parents and children prepared by scholars and technology experts * Convenience: One source for 208 topics, 64 interactive components and many other customizable materials- all delivered on the web *Interactivity-Abstract concepts clarified in ways no textbook can * Economy: $250 per family per year.... Your lives are an adventure in learning. Our products bring learning to life....

Indiana Academy Distance Learning.... Get the Advanced Placement and high school courses you need, when you need them.....Anytime. Anywhere. Even on the internet......Could we make AP any easier? 2003-2004 Courses AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics B, AP Statistics (spring only), Japanese 1 & 2, Physics 1, Astronomy, Human/Molecular Genetics, Russian 1 & 2 Call 800.316.3163

Rosetta Stone - Language Learning Success.....Get your FREE Starter CD-Rom, with no obligation to purchase at Your FREE STARTER CD-ROM Includes: The first 6 lessons of Spanish, French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Latin...
More advanced sample lessons from our full Level 2 and 2 programs...Every available feature, including speech recognition, spelling/dictation, reading and listening comprehension....
Why choose Rosetta Stone?.....Interactive software teaches with our award-winning multimedia immersion method....Each course is self-paced and designed for self study...Unique Student management software for parents and educators to monitor and record student performance....#1 language learning software used in U.S. Schools Take the first step to language learning success absolutely FREE!! Call 1.800.788.0822!!

VitaSay Help Your Child with Speech & Language Development from the convenience of Home!! Let VitaSay Speech Therapy and Language Development Experts bring you their innovative peer-modeling program.....With VitaSay and the Use Your Words CD guides, parents and teachers can listen and learn about the important stages of speech and language development. Since 1999 we have been producing the best in child speech development aids. Visit our website for complete information: VitaSay 800.99baby-1 (992.2291) 6320 Monona Dr., Madison, WI, 53716

Auralog is recognized as the world leader in multimedia solutions for learning and teaching foreign languages. Created in 1987, the company benefits from a perfect command of new technologies, and a solid experience acquired in both educational and professional domains. Auralog was the first company in the world to apply speech recognition to foreign language learning. Today, Auralog continues its innovation by proposing new personalized and interactive "e-learning" solutions combined with unique pedagogical supports. Its software have been adopted by millions of users, and are distributed in 67 countries. Auralog has been rewarded on numerous occasions for the remarkable quality of its TeLL me More collection, which has notably received the IST Prize 2001 and the ECCSELL d'Or.
The principal factor of success of TeLL me More is its remarkable command of speech recognition technology allowing the learner to have a fluid and interactive dialogue with his/her computer. Thanks to speech recognition, cultural videos, a very complete glossary, and exercises, the software covers all essential areas of language learning: oral and written expression, comprehension, pronunciation, vocabulary, and of course grammar.
TeLL me More exists for learning English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese and Japanese.
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Tell Me More® Rated #1 Language Learning Software Top Ten Reviews, 2006

Study cards for upper secondary through college level foreign language studies. Vis-ED offers easy to use card sets for 14 different foreign languages. Choose from vocabulary, conversation, grammar and verb cards. These card sets are excellent supplemental aids for the study of foreign languages. Free catalog: Visual Education, P.O. Box 1666, Springfield, Ohio 45501. For additional information and titles visit our web site: Email: or call 1.800.243.7070

Power-Glide Get through the foreign language maze ... courses are centered around an adventure story that involves and motivated learners by putting them in the heart of the action. Every Power-Glide course is full of music, stories, memory aid and physical, visual and audio activites. Power-glide incorporates over two dozen different approaches all designed to keep interest high and take learners to the core of the new lanuage through natural language acquisition principles. Visit us at or call 800-596-09l0. For children Pre-K through 4th and 5th grade through adult.

Teach Me... Tapes, Inc. introduce children to a new language. 19 titles on cassette or CD-ROM: Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, English, Russian, German, Hebrew, Japanese. Call for free brochure: 1-800-456-4656, Teach Me Tapes, Inc., B-1 Opus Center, 9900 Bren Road East, Minnetonka, MN 55343-9664. Fax: 612-933-0512. Website:

Core Learning visit us at
Math..the 5 course series covers in topical fashion a substantial portion of math curriculum typically administered from grade 5 to grade 8 from fractions, decimals/percents, geometric shapes, measurement and data management....$39.95/workbook $17.95
Calculation Skills...this four volume series builds fundamental calculation competence with four care arithmetic operations...basic level to advanced level....$39.95
Health for Kids Series......this two volume Health for kids series provides a fun and information introduction to the parts of the body, how they function and how the body works to stay healthy.....set as an animated tour inside the body, this series is suited for children ages 70 to 10...includes: the body, staying healthy, Illnesses and injuries, emotional health and becoming an adult.....$19.95
Other products include: English Talking Stationary, French-English Talking Dictionary, Spanish-English talking dictionary, Collins Crossword Generator, Bridge to English ES course, Career Builder, Intelligence Builder, IQ Builder, Aptitude Builder .....all priced from $14.95 - $29.95 Order now!!! Call 800.270.4643 or visit

Teach Me…Tapes, Inc. Foreign Language Using Music and Stories. I invite you to journey down the musical road of language learning. Nineteen years ago, while searching for foreign language materials for my children, I saw the need for a fun, educationally entertaining approach to language learning. Aware that music is a natural and universal means of communication, I decided to use children’s favorite songs. Studies prove a child’s early exposure to new languages promotes a better appreciation of our own multi-cultural society. What better gift to offer our youth than the tools and ideas to understand the world we live in. This is why Teach Me Tapes are available to children everywhere. Judy Mahoney, Creator. Our books and audio are available in ten languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. Our newest title, Teach Me Spanish Spiritual Songs, includes 21 songs and prayers, plus stories and activities. It features The Butterfly Song and Digo Si Senor. Please visit our Web site to learn about this title and our award winning product line. or call us at 800-456-4656.

”One of the most innovative teaching tools we have ever seen. The audio with its large format book will be an instant grab for any child.” 
The New England Reviews of Books

F.I.R.S.T. French Institute....Recognizing Scholastic Talents....Accelerated, Pre-K/Kindergarten, Academic, Bilingual Program, Highly Experienced, Part Time....Call for September registration NOW!!! 949.887.6273 Your children come FIRST. There is power in education!!!

The SAT School Plus...Raise your SAT score and compete for scholarships....Fall classes now forming throughout California. High school math classes available for homeschoolers. Tutoring in math, Spanish and German....SAT preparation class, Saxon Math classes beginning Sept 2nd, call Kathy 818.704.6799

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