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Learn to Play the Dulcimer!

Folk Notes Dulcimers has mountain and hammered dulcimers and self teaching method books for sale. Mountain dulcimers we stock start with cardboard body mountain dulcimers, used widely in elementary school music classes, and go up to concert model dulcimers. We have close to 100 different books of mountain dulcimer music with tablature(a number system for easy learning) and standard music notation. We also stock accessories, and offer mountain dulcimer lessons in our shop in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The hammered dulcimers we carry go from two octave models that can be played on a table top or bench, to large 3 octave chromatic models with enough volume to play unamplified in a moderate sized hall, auditorium, or church sanctuary. We have teaching books available with the note names underneath standard notation to help students learn to read music. We also stock hammered dulcimer stands, hammers, electronic tuners, and other accessories.

Other instruments and music we stock include Irish Harps, mandolins, banjos, Lapharps, tinwhistles and harmonicas. Folk Notes Dulcimers, Fort Wayne, Indiana, or call 1-877-273-4999 toll free

Build a musical instrument!
Musicmaker’s Kits specializes in kits and supplies for those interested in handcrafting their own musical instrument. We offer plans for the serious woodworker, kits for the beginning builder and finished products for the anxious player. Our kits make great family projects! Your woodworking confidence will be boosted after building a Thumb Piano ( $29.95) or Hognose Psaltery ($55.00) from a kit, and you’ll have a handsome instrument to show your friends and family!
We offer kits for harps, duclimers, guitars, banjos., mandolin, psalteries- even a Hurdy Gurdy.
Visit our website for a complete listing or call 800 432 5487 for a free catalog.
Musicmaker’s Kits Inc, PO Box 2117, Stillwater, MN 55082

Music ed 4 u "Keys and Notes" Learn about the piano keyboard and how to read notes!! Adults can teach themselves or children preschool ages and older with a step-by-step video program explaining easy to understand laminated, erasable, materials!! or call 949.660.1952 Special presentation featuring actual preschool-age students! Kit includes FREE complimentary set of flash cards!! Money-back guarantee if returned unopened....$89.95 Plus tax, shipping, handling for a total of $100.00

Patch the Pirate..... Story and Song Adventure..... Coldheartica Having a heart for God... The Patch the Pirate Adventure recordings are a delightful way to teach Christian character to your children. The latest Patch the Pirate adventure is not only "cool"-it's downright freezing! Coldheartica tells the story of the perilous journey of Faren Height, who enlists Captain Patch and his crew to rescue her brother Celsius before his graduation from Ice Cool. With the help of Klondike the penguin and a bumbling polar bear named Zero, they face the evil Jack Frost and his fearsome henchman, the Bomb ^ Nibble No Man!! But even more frightful is the danger of a cold heart. Grab some warm clothes and set sail with Captain Patch to Coldheartica!! Contact Majesty Music, Inc. to order or receive a free brochure with all the Patch the Pirate Adventure!!! Call 800.394.1071 Write to Majesty Music, Inc P.O. Box 6524, Greenville, SC 29606

Boys and Girls ages 7-13 come and enjoy summer camp adventures with Spirit Horse. Native American based horsemanship. Spirit Horse is a program dedicated to giving the youth a chance to learn valuable quality lessons in patience, caring and understanding of horses, while learning the historical horse culture of the American Indian.
The camp is located in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains near Big Bear. We have many fun, exciting and educational activities some of which include swimming, camping archery, arts and crafts, music, drumming, nature hikes and much, much, more. The Spirit Horse Camp will run for 3 weeks, August 4-22. For more information and to request registration forms, please contact Felicia Brown at 562.692.4469 or

I. E. Clark Publications has been a family owned publisher of plays and musicals for the theatre since 1956. We handle a variety of genres, including but not limited to full-length plays, one-acts, musicals, miniature classics, children’s plays, melodramas, and, of course, our renowned young adult drama collection which among other things confronts the issues of drugs, divorce, abuse, teen pregnancy, delinquency, and peer pressure that plague today’s youth.
As a playhouse that prides itself on its integrity as well as the quality of our scripts, we have made it a point to hold our plays and our authors to the highest of standards. Many of our titles have been performed in major dramatic competitions and exhibitions throughout the United States and abroad while generally maintaining subject matter suitable to a wide variety of ages and audiences. If you would like to know more about I. E. Clark plays, please feel free to contact our friendly staff at (979) 743-3232 or visit our website for further contact information and a complete listing of our titles at

Simply Music.... Simply the best piano teaching method! Simply Music is a remarkable, Australian developed Learn-at-Home piano and keyboard program that has you or your child playing great-sounding music - immediately - from your very first lessons....
Simply Music's creator, music educator Neil Moore, takes you step-by-step through this new and unique approach. Even if you've had no musical experience, this easy-to-follow video program guarantees extraordinary results - all in your own home. In stark contrast to traditional plan teaching methods, the Simply Music program employs a revolutionary 'playing based' approach, which focuses on the sheer joy of playing music and produces unprecedented results.
You'll learn classical, gospel, pop, blues, ballads and accompaniment pieces such as Amazing Grace, Fu Elise, Ode to Joy, I'll Be There, Star Spangled Banner, Jackson Blues and more.
"When I hear my daughter play the way that she has learned to over the last few short months-I'm thrilled. She was playing wonderful pieces with two hands- almost immediately." S.R. Homeschool Parent. Call to order our 3-pack...Level 1, Level 2 & 3 Accompaniment Clues - and pay only $100.00 that's a $50.00 savings! 30-day money-back guarantee...Call 800.746.7597

Usborne Books at Home has over 1200 highly illustrated educational books for children and young adults including science, history, math, art, music, foreign languages, crafts, fiction and non-fiction, slot books, flap books, search books, board books, paperback books, hardback and library bound books. Ideal for use by homeschoolers, teachers, parents, grandparents, and caregivers these award-winning books provide hours of entertainment for both young and old alike.
With Usborne Books at Home, you can raise your family and your income by selling award winning educational books direct, at home parties, at bookfairs and fundraisers at school, public and church libraries, daycares, or at any type of booth event. This is a great opportunity to have a home based business that can be structured around your family life.
Contact Kendell Belcher either by calling 405-359-6643 or visit my website:

Specializing in Student Rentals & Lessons....Band & Orchestra Instruments....Musicians Boulevard…Thousand Oaks, California call 877.822.8877

Christian Piano &151;Gives complete foundation in music, emphasizing Christian values. Available in 6 levels. Davidson's Music, 6727 Metcalf, Shawnee Mission, KS 66204

Music Lessons - Piano , Violin, Viola & Cello....Teaching in the Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura, Ventura, Oxnard & Ojai Areas.... 20 years experience, Professional teacher & Violinist....Christine Norman 805.643.7824

Advanced Training for the Brain.....Hardy Brain Training....Our training programs optimize brain function for improved performance and reduced frustration....We offer programs to improve: Reading, math, spelling comprehension, focus and Attention, Concentration, Communication, Starting and finishing work, Mental Processing Speed, Sports performance, Music, dance, acting performance, Asperser's Syndrome, Autism....
Interactive Metronome, Neurofeedback, Brain Gym, Al-A-Vis-X....Hardy Brain Training...
Sherry Hardy, MA. MIMC, 697 Mobil Ave., Camarillo, CA 805.389.8144, 805.359.5178

RBI...Rhythm Band Instruments.....Guitars, Recorders, Drums and more!!! Visit our website at or call 800.424.4724

Patch the Pirate....story and song adventures.....Limerick the Leprechaun....Theme: The Good Shepard....Patch the Pirate Adventure recordings are a delightful way to teach Christian character to your children. In our newest adventure, Limerick, the shady leprechaun is emerald with envy. Not content with being small potatoes, he wants to make Ian O'Connor's sheep farm the Pearl of Killarney, his pot of gold. If Limerick can persuade Ian's faithful sheepdog Blarney to join him, his plot to steal Polly Esther, Woolworth and the other sheep will be all sewn up!! The will of the hansheep makes things look pretty dark ahead, but when Captain Patch and his crew arrive, a rainbow is sure to appear. The truths of the Good Shepard prove to be the undoing of this unlucky leprechaun......
Call 800334.1071 or 864.242.6722 or write: Majesty Music, Inc., P.O. Box 6524, Greenville, SC 29606 or visit our website at email:

The National Association of Music Education....become an MENC Member today and our resources become yours!! Call 800.828.0029 or 703.860.4000
MENC Membership dept., 806 Robert Fulton Drive, Reston, VA 20191-4348

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