Pen Pals

WORLD PEN PALS.....World Pen Pals promotes international friendship and culture between students around the world ages 8-20 through direct correspondence. Founded in 1950 we are the oldest, most reliable and most experienced pen friend organization in the USA and we guarantee satisfaction. Pen friends are offered as follows: Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin American, request male or female.
The fee is $4.00 per pen friend. We provide directions and helpful hints for writing. (For a group rates of 10 or more contact us.)
Pen friends serve as a real life motivation to geography, writing skills and social studies. Bob Carroll, director, is a retired global studies teacher with teaching experience in Africa, Asia and the USA World Pen Pals, P.O. Box 337, Saugerties, NY 1247 USA Phone/Fax 914.246.7828 Go to our website to pay by credit card: Contact us at:

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