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Educate your child's mind and heart..... or call to order your free catalog 800.832.2741 with today's finest homeschooling tools...... Our Top Quality Bible-Based Materials Cover every subject from kindergarten thru 12th grade....
Bible, Phonics, Reading, Handwriting, Spelling, Grammar, Mathematics, History, Science, Government, Economics, Christian Biographies, Art and much, much more!!!
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Visions Technology in Education:
This development and publishing company is located in Eugene Oregon and aims to provide affordable quality software and books for the Home Education market.
We publish resources for K-12 students and teachers. We offer a full suite of products designed by teachers for teachers to save time, meet standards and assist in successful testing requirements. Five types of products have been developed. 1) Application Tutorials (books, often with a cd), not only simplify the use of various software programs but also provide teacher created activities to go along with the specific application. 2) Software Programs for students to use in research and composition. 3) Timesaving Teacher Tools to assist the educator in organization and management of both assignments and scheduling. 4) Worksheet Generators are available in a variety of subjects with ready-made practice sheets for "drill and Practice". 5) Multi-Media resources that facilitate digital story telling, digital photography, Power Point, iMovie, Dreamweaver, MovieWorks and a number of other multimedia tools.
You may contact us at any of the following:
Phone: 1-800-877-0858
Fax: 1-541-349-0944

This is READing Now!!  A natural, unique, child-friendly learning procedure that effectively starts young children ages 4-6+ reading at once-without struggling or failure....
READing NOW! takes only 10-15 minutes/day, 3-6 times/week doing five, easy, engaging reading exercises together with your chosen storybook, song or poem.
One line per session, initially, modeled by you, will start your child immediately and easily, enjoying varied, silent and oral reading practice....using your books or your local library's.   That's it!!  That's READing NOW!
READing NOW! is in natural harmony with how children easily learn and retain reading skills...employs two ancient learning concepts: learning by doing and practice from modeling.....bypasses the unnatural, unreading obstacles of "traditional 'teaching' methods"....NEVER fails children......readily develops, expands and improves memory-retention of reading achievements, sight word vocabulary and personal guaranteed, failure-safe and fun to do.
READing NOW! starts your child at once, practicing silent and oral readings of your initially modeled text....offers sufficient, varied readings and engaging questions to keep attention easily adjusted to your child's personal learning needs and learning pace....provides immediate feedback of when learning is mastered, before moving to the next page....mastery is evident usually during two 10 minute researched-based multisensory, parents' endorsed and 20 years effective....That's It!! That's READing NOW!
To Order:  This is READing NOW! send check or money order, READing Associates, P.O. Box 3775, Kingston, NY  12402-3775 $24.95  (Risk free* S&H, tax included)
"In my nine years as a home educator, I have never come across a piece of writing on the subject of children learning to read that empowered me as much as This Is READing NOW!  This book has given me a few simple techniques that are comfortable and natural to apply!!  Now, simply using 'Echo Reading,' reading in Unison," "What's Missing? 'WH' questions and 'Solo Reading' has transformed our learning experiences!  Stumbling blocks have been removed and our brief reading sessions together are much more effective and enjoyable.  My children are learning to read by reading and we are all having a lot of fun!!
READing NOW! time together is very exciting for all of us"  C.R. (Homeschooling parent, Woodstock, NY)
*READing Associates guarantees that when READing NOW! is correctly and patiently employed as instructed in SECTION FOUR, the anticipated outcomes will develop as described within your child's personal learning pace.  If not, your full purchase price will be refunded.  Simply return the book within 90 days to the address shown above.

Great Resources for KIDS of ALL Ages!! Available at your local bookstore....BEST SELLERS *The 100 Most Important Event In Christian History * The Light and Glory * From Seat to Shinning Sea * Sounding Forth the Trumpet * The Light and the Glory for Children, * The Light and the Glory Activity Book * The Light and the Glory Audio, From Sea to Shinning Sea for Children's Activity Book, * From Seat to Shinning Sea, audio, * Sounding Fourth the Trumpet for Children, * Sounding for the Trumpet Children's Activity Book, Sounding Fourth the Trumpet, audio
Grade School..... Fun and memorable short stories help kids 6-8 explore moral issues such as compassion, honesty, forgiveness, courage and more!!!
Junior High......... Inspire Strong character in kids with this collection of favorite animal stories, from The Yearling, Black Beauty, Island of the Blue Dolphin and more.... High School....The Yates brothers deliver the inside scoop on what to expect at college and how to keep growing in faith...*Incredible Four-Year Adventure, * Character Counts and *1001 Surprising Things You Should Know about Christianity,* 1001 Surprising Things You Should Know about the Bible and * 1001 Surprising Things Your Should Know about God....These three fun and handy compilations are fill with fascinating facts about Christian history, interesting pieces of information relating to the Bible and intriguing facts about the names of God, God's prophets and church, the Trinity and much more!!

Introduce your children to Rocket Readers and watch their reading skills take off! The truth is many children today need a little help learning to read. That's why we developed Rocket Readers: Bible-based, supplemental readers that help children learn the essential skills of beginning reading. Rocket Reading offers Proven literacy Concepts that teach Biblical Lessons - Plus, their fun!! It's no wonder that Rocket Readers is the reading programs that Christian parents prefer. We use Bible stories exclusively to teach reading skills! The illustrations are first rate and are guaranteed to delight kids and their parents. The Faith Parenting Guide found inside the back cover is the parents tool to help your child make life-impacting connections to God's Word. And, it's as affordable as it is easy to teach-activities in the front of each book prepare you to help your child read! Everything you need is in the book!! Rocket Readers Five Reading Levels.....from pre- level 1 for new readers.... to level 4 for your child who reads fluently at normal verbal speed....Ask about a Free Rocket Readers book at your local Christian bookstore!!!

Rod & Staff Publishers, inc Reading that combines Bible Nurture with Academic Quality....Grades 1-4 Readers consist primarily of Bible stories. Grade 5-9 Readers contain short stories, informative essays, poems, and Bible selections Write, call or fax for a free catalog......featuring our entire line of Bible-based textbooks, storybooks, color books, periodicals and other products.....Rod & Staff Publishers, inc., Box 3, Crockett, KY, 41413-003 606.522.4348 Fax 800.643.1244 or 606.522.4896

Pearson Learning Group - Homeschool Book and Programs for Grades K-6....Sing, Spell, Read & Write....for grades Pre K-3 delivers explicit phonics instruction via multisensory approach. The program is comprehensive, yet easy to use in any home setting and provides you with all the tools you need at your fingertips.... MCP Math is a seven-level program for grades K-6. A favorite among educators nationwide, the program builds key skills via active learning and practice.
MCP "plaid" Phonics is a complete and proven phonics program for grades K-3 that teaches essential phonics skills and has led more than 55 million children to reading success.... Comprehensions Plus consists of step-by-step reading instruction and practice for grades 1-6, so your child can master reading comprehension skills at their own pace..... Visit us online at: for more information on Sing, Spell, Read and Write or any of our other Homeschool Programs and receive a SPECIAL BONUS!! Pearson Learning Group....299 Jefferson Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054 Call 866.741.8540 Fax 973.739.8096

Learning Resources introduces Phonics Activity Sets......Learning to read is a snap with this innovative hands-on approach to reinforcing phonics skills through fun activities and games. Each set targets specific skills and includes: Reading Rods....20 double-sided Activity Cards....Activity Try...Dry-erase pen & eraser....Dry-erase board...Durable easy-to-clean soft vinyl binder.....Also available: Letters & Sounds, Word Building and Spelling Activity Sets.....Call 888.342.5381 ext: 5314

The Nation's #1 Selling Education Line..... Use what the schools use!!! Why Educators Choice? The reason is simple....each suite contains high quality, easy to use software and each title was produced or written by a professional educator!!!
excelerator * Middle School *Math * Language *Phonics & Reading *Numbers & Letters *Math & Science and many more!!! Visit our website Winner of over 30 Major Industry Awards!!! Parents Choice Gold Award...Parents' Choice Foundation....Seal of Approval - National Parenting Center....Top Pick - Ease the worry and lighten the workload for homeschooling parents with
The History: The lack of up-to-date, well-written instructional materials available to homeschooling parents desiring a high-quality, traditional curriculum led to the inception of,inc. The Solution: Curriculum packages for grades K-8....Cost-effective, user friendly and timely...Creative, high-quality, academically complete lesson plan and homework packages.... Individual Course Tutorials customize curriculum according to ability-level for all grades, K-12 For Customer Service call 800.301.5432 ex code 00 weekdays - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (central)

At Last! A Reading Method for EVERY Child!
338 Pages Fully Illustrated by Mary Pecci, Reading Specialist "Who's Who of American Women" Teach reading with Phonics the easy way!! Resolve any reading problem!! With FREE Professional Message Board Guidance (the best deal on the web!) PLUS: A TREASURE of reinforcement activities collected over the years from master teachers! email: Call 415.391.8579 Chosen as the Main Selection of Macmillan Book Clubs: Early Learning Book Club, Library of Special Ed Book Club, Teacher Book Club

CyberSlate....Effective Learning on the Internet.... For Rapid Skillbuilding in *Reading *Arithmetic * Keyboarding 24/7/365 We're Serious! Go Phonics Multi-Sensory Phonics Kit Features 48 Games....Go Phonics is a New comprehensive teacher developed program with a sequential, building block approach that minimizes confusion for struggling readers and put natural readers on the fast track. A K-2 foundation, skills taught include punctuation, comprehension and fluency. Integrated Tools For Reading Success.....48 Colorful Fames, 5 Workbooks, 5 Mini-books, 4 Volumes of Decodable Stories, 2 Key Word Charts, Word Lists Book, 75 Letter Cards, 5 Lesson Guides, Home Edition Kit $299.00 All but the games $164.50....Just the 48 Games $199.00 Items also sold separately Call 800.553.5959 For brochure, lesson profile or to order

Teach your pre-school aged child to read in just minutes a day with the Mountainwood Talking Letters....A unique, engaging video phonics course designed to effortlessly teach phonics to your child. "I love the Talking Letters" -Sophie C., age 4 Designed by teachers, our course includes an instructional video and workbook, a full color poster of the The Talking Letters and companion flashcards.
In over 30 years of teaching, the Talking Letters has never failed to teach a child to read" -Mountainwood Learning Center Staff" $49.95 + shipping and handling Call 866.352.4971 For program & ordering information visit:

"Sing With Me ABC". Interactive educational material for children who are learning to use the alphabet. The material includes:

  • CD with a song for each letter in the alphabet. Listen and sing along at home or in the car. Each short song tells a story that is easy to remember, and the music is written especially for this book.
  • Workbook with space to write and draw and work with numbers. The children will work with basic letter recognition and phonemic awareness, using music and rhythm and rhyme, and the songs will send them on their way to reading.
  • Teacher's Guide, which also has sheet music. Price: $16.95 + tax (CA residents) + s/h $4.00 To order, send check to Transmar Books, 98 Main Street #237, Tiburon, CA 94920 For more information, see: or call (415) 435-1404.

    Five Ways to Teach your child to be a better reader. UROK Learning Institute.... Research as identified 5 key elements for successful reading instruction...They include: 1. Phonemic awareness, 2. Phonics, 3. Fluency, 4. Vocabulary 5. Text Comprehension, UROK Learning Institute offers professional instruction in these techniques through their Literacy Links training program. This affordable 20 hour class can help you give your child the foundation skills that are necessary for success in school and life. Call 877.358.999

    Sound Reading Solutions....
    Changing the Way the Brain Processes Print - The New, Easy and Effective Way to Teach Your Child to Read.... Can your Child read but not well enough to enjoy it? Is your child Dyslexic or Learning Disabled? Are phonics and whole language just not helping? Are you concerned that you may not be able to teach your child to read? There is a Sound Reading Solution! Sound Reading Solutions Introduces our New Sound Reading CD The Sound Reading CD: Can be completed in as few as 12 hours - is easy to use: requires no special training - Is effective for all who struggle to read and spell - Is not just a reading program, it is a fluency builder! Is affordable, starting at $48.00 Current neurological research shows that reading ability is determined by the speed at which we translate written words into phonemes - the individual sounds of speech and thought...The Sound Reading CD offers over 200 Speech therapy based exercises. Sound Reading is developed by Special Education Teacher Bruce Howlett
    Call 800.801.1954 or visit our website at FUNNIX - A Tutor in your Computer Best Reading Program Ever Only $97.00 Funnix makes learning to read fun. For children from 4-8 who can't read. 120 complete CD lessons - 60 hours of onscreen activities.... Complete instruction for children and for parents who use the program....Designed by Zig Engelmann...Senior author of the most effective school reading programs and Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.........Call Toll Free 866.732.3963............

    Phonics Videos - Teach reading basics with the "You Can Read! video program - only $99.99 for 4 videos and 150 corresponding worksheets, Call 603.472.7191 - weekdays, eastern time

    Professor Phonics Gives Sound Advice....Simple, Inexpensive, Multi-sensory, Anyone can teach it, Anyone can learn Professor Phonics-EduCare....Call 513.385.1717 Fax: 513.385.7920....Email: Recommended by Mary Pride Only $33 for the 4 part primary

    Waldorf Education and Curriculum Resource Guide, a free publication containing brief explanations of our introductory books to Waldorf education. Includes parent and teacher resources, child development, remedial books, and curriculum resources, categorized by subject and grade level. Rudolf Steiner College Bookstore, 9022 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks, CA 95628, Phone: 916/961-8729, FAX: 916/961-3032

    Scholastic Reader....From the most trusted name in learning.....iSPY Scholastic Readers are for first-time readers. When children play the ISPY game, they have fun learning to read through riddles, rhythm and rhyme.....
    Supertwins.....Reading takes superhero strength!!! Supertwins is the first comic style
    book with vocabulary and sentence length for new readers!!! FREE COPY!!
    For a FREE* copy of ISPY Funny Teeth or Supertwins Meet the Bad Dogs from Space and to find out more about all the Scholastic Readers titles, go to

    The Learning Company...Serious Software for the Homeschooling Lifestyle!!! For Link readers: Get FREE Shipping on any order of $30.00 or more!!! Visit us online or call 800.474.0431 Calendar Creator....Help with the busy homeschooling schedule.....Family Tree Maker...Genealogy because homeschoolers study interesting subjects!!! Liberty's Kids...For the true meaning of history!!! Edmark Reading Program...teaches beginning reading and language development to nonreaders and those who have been unsuccessful using other programs....Edmark Time Telling designed for students not yet able to tell time, Edmark Time Telling teaches the basics required to read an analog or digital clock and to say and write the correct time....Touch Money...developed by a special education teacher...helps students learn to count combination of coins accurately and successfully in six lessons..... The Learning Company has been enhancing the learning experience of homeschoolers for over 20 years. Our vast collection of education titles have won hundreds of awards and are trusted by millions of parent and educators. Now as a part of Riverdeep, a world leader in core curriculum and teacher aide eLearning programs. The Learning Company, along with Broderbund, Edmark and Learning Company Books, is more dedicated than ever to providing top-quality learning solutions....The Learning Company, 500 Redwood Blvd, Novato, CA 94947

    The LIGHTNING PHONICS PROGRAM is an easel-type 
    self-contained phonics program that turns phonics 
    into fun, exciting, and ACTIVE learning. On 
    average, the student works for only ONE MINUTE 
    PER DAY and attempts to remember one small bit of 
    information for twenty-four hours--then is eager 
    to prove to his teacher that he knows and can 
    APPLY that information. Children instantly become 
    better readers and spellers.
    the LIGHTNING MATH FACTS PROGRAM x teach basic 
    math facts in math number families PLUS order of 
    are conducted by the same method as the LIGHTNING 
    PHONICS PROGRAM. They, too, take only ONE MINUTE 
    PER DAY, making your children eager ACTIVE 
    All three of the LIGHTNING PROGRAMS are 
    built with CLOTH easel covers, WIRE bound, and 
    have all pages LAMINATED, making them cleanable 
    and durable. The teacher-student manuals are 
    guaranteed to last many years; thus, are reusable 
    for all children in a family, at very low cost.
    Contact DEW Publishers, P. O. Box 285, 
    St. Francis, KS 67756 Phone & Fax 785-332-2314 
    Mention the link and get free shipping!

    Advanced Training for the Brain.....Hardy Brain Training....Our training programs optimize brain function for improved performance and reduced frustration....We offer programs to improve: Reading, math, spelling comprehension, focus and Attention, Concentration, Communication, Starting and finishing work, Mental Processing Speed, Sports performance, Music, dance, acting performance, Asperser's Syndrome, Autism....
    Interactive Metronome, Neurofeedback, Brain Gym, Al-A-Vis-X....Hardy Brain Training...
    Sherry Hardy, MA. MIMC, 697 Mobil Ave., Camarillo, CA 805.389.8144, 805.359.5178

    Butterfly Park Phonics....A Fun, active introduction to letter sound...Your child can be reading in just 8 weeks! Preschoolers & Kindergarteners... visit our website at call 303.399.2237 Butterfly Park Educational Materials, Inc. Mention The Link

    So You Love Animals... An Action-Packed Fun-Filled Book to Help Kids Help Their Animas....A book that transforms children's natural love and compassion for animals into positive action...
    Teaching Green....The Middle Years, A complete resource for 'teaching green' to young people in grades 6-8 visit our website available at your local bookstore....New Society Publishers


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