Great KITS with FREE CURRICULUM : PHYSICS, Electricity, Magnetism, Newton etc. TECH. & ROBOTICS Made Easy. Also Pocket MICROSCOPE. Boost interest and confidence! Parents (and students) love Seibun kits: includes FREE Curriculum, Free Labs and Lessons online for each kit. Economical, Easy, Saves Time…

  • Attractive kits will really motivate students to experiment and learn with step-by-step, discovery-based, hands-on learning
  • We believe in our products: 365 days parts guarantee for individual homeschoolers
  • Ages 7 to 18. Lessons for different levels
  • Buying all the hands-on experiment devices and curriculum for each kit separately would cost six or seven times more, take more time and not be as effective or fun as a learning unit. Join parents and kids on 3 continents who have easily and happily mastered those 'must know' science and tech. concepts
  • Awarded several educational prizes including Creative Child Magazine's Seal of Excellence (2003), Creative Classroom Magazine's Best Teacher Tested Tools (2002), and used by thousands of Japanese and Singapore study centers, USA/Canada science camps, homeschoolers etc.
  • Economical: each kit combines 12 to 25 different experiments and curriculum. Buy fewer kits, save money!
  • Parents: save time teaching and effectively engage your children for tomorrow's science and technology issues
  • Visit our educational site, browse lessons, see the experiments and the kits at or call 1-888-684-7873 (24 hrs.) or email for a homeschool retailer or online shop. You and your children have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
  • "One learns a thing by doing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try." Sophocles, Greek Author.Thank you.

The University of Alabama Center for Communication and Educational Technology (CCET) is pleased to now offer to homeschoolers our award-winning science and Japanese language programs. For more than a decade, hundreds of thousands of students in both public and private schools throughout the U.S. and Canada have benefited from our hands-on, complete curricula. To purchase the programs described below, or to learn more, call 1-800-477-8151. Check out our website at Research has shown that students using Integrated Science outperform their peers on tests of attitude and achievement in science. This innovative program provides multiple resources for grades 5-9 students and teachers. A combination of videotapes, hands-on activities, and student books teach major science concepts in a way that appeals to all learning styles. Most exciting of all, Integrated Science can offer its programs tailor-made for students. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience this user-friendly science program that has been loved by students, teachers, and parents for more than ten years. Japanese Close-Up 1, 2, and 3 (taught with videotapes), and Nihongo Web (taught online) are popular courses offering toll-free tutoring. Each course is appropriate for middle school through adult learners, and college credit is available. Test grading is provided by CCET for each student enrolled. Learning a foreign language has never been easier or more fun!

Are you looking for ways to add excitement to your current yearly curriculum? Does your child have a particular interest that you want to use to stoke their interest in learning? At Explore! we are developers of high-quality, exciting themed units that make learning come alive!

Our Explore!Packs are packed with exciting books, learning materials, games, and educational toys. All brought together with a handy Guide Book that provides dozens of carefully planned lessons and activities!

How do you know it’s a quality product? With materials from such sources as National Geographic, PBS, GeoSafari, Scholastic, and more, all carefully selected to fit together; and a Guide Book written by homeschool parents (one with a background in curriculum development), you get a quality product that will bring topics such as Animals, Lewis & Clark, and trains, trucks, ships, and planes alive!

To find out more…see us on the web at or write to us at! We can hardly wait to hear from you!

Sargent-Welch VWR International.....The One Stop Shop for all your HOME SCHOOL Science Needs...."Meet Science Teaching Requirements" *Physics * Earth Science *Math & measurement * Biology * Chemistry.......visit our website All Disciplines Available...Meter Stick, Shop Watches, Beakers, Test Tubes, Magnifiers Calculators, Books, Videos, CD's, Carts, Rack Specimens, Science Games, Weather Instruments, Telescopes, Safety Products and much more!!!! Please use REF# EK526 on all inquiries and orders. E-Mail us at to request your FREE bargain magazine and catalog. P.O. Box 5229, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Classical Home Education offers many diverse resources for your home school needs. Check out our money saving packages and Singapore math and science products. Our unique products include our exclusive Classical Education Timeline - an indispensable tool for history study. Classical Home Education is a nonsectarian company offering a wide range of resources for all backgrounds and faiths. Order online at or call 352-498-1978. Kathleen Desmarais, Director of Sales, Classical Home Education

Count on Us when they depend on you! SAS inschool where learning comes to life... or call 888.760.2515 ext. 10633 Teaching at Home with SAS inSchool Software * Independence: You control the technology: it doesn't control you * Comprehensiveness: Science, math, social studies, English, Spanish - at the 8th to 12- grade level * Reliability: Materials for parents and children prepared by scholars and technology experts * Convenience: One source for 208 topics, 64 interactive components and many other customizable materials- all delivered on the web *Interactivity-Abstract concepts clarified in ways no textbook can * Economy: $250 per family per year.... Your lives are an adventure in learning. Our products bring learning to life.... We search the world to make your science fun!! on line catalog....Posters, Supplies, Study Sets, Shells, Rocks, Puzzles, Gifts, Periodic Table in the Body and.....more!!, P.O. Box 1864, Dubuque, IA 52004 800.720.5451 email:

Indiana Academy Distance Learning.... Get the Advanced Placement and high school courses you need, when you need them.....Anytime. Anywhere. Even on the internet......Could we make AP any easier? 2003-2004 Courses AP Biology, AP Calculus AB, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, AP Physics B, AP Statistics (spring only), Japanese 1 & 2, Physics 1, Astronomy, Human/Molecular Genetics, Russian 1 & 2 Call 800.316.3163

Homeschool Headquarters - Parents across America are discovering a new way to shop for homeschool curriculum -LOCAL BOOKSTORES!!
Bookstores participating in the HOMESCHOOL HEADQUARTERS Program are providing.... Hundreds of homeschool products from popular publishers like Alpha Omega, Saxon, Apologia, Beautiful Feet, Greenleaf Press ACSI and many more!!! Opportunity to examine materials at your leisure and buy them as you need them!!.....and no shipping charges...
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High School Independent Study Courses. Celebrating 75 years of excellence! The University of Nebraska? Lincoln's Independent Study High School has been providing high quality self-paced courses for grades nine through 12 and includes courses in both print and online formats. The flexibility of Nebraska's High School allows you to choose individual courses or courses leading to a diploma.
Way Cool?, our new online course management system, serves as students' "homeroom" for their independent study courses. With one convenient portal to submit assignments and tests, receive instant online lesson grading, check grades on assignments and tests and access online courses, Way Cool makes the job of managing independent study courses easier!
The convenience of Way Cool has allowed Nebraska's High School to pass cost savings on to homeschoolers. Check out our new, lower prices on our online courses and many of our print courses.
Nebraska's High School is accredited by the Nebraska Department of Education and the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.
For more information, visit or call (402) 472-2175. Ease the worry and lighten the workload for homeschooling parents with
The History: The lack of up-to-date, well-written instructional materials available to homeschooling parents desiring a high-quality, traditional curriculum led to the inception of,inc. The Solution: Curriculum packages for grades K-8....Cost-effective, user friendly and timely...Creative, high-quality, academically complete lesson plan and homework packages.... Individual Course Tutorials customize curriculum according to ability-level for all grades, K-12 For Customer Service call 800.301.5432 ex code 00 weekdays - 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (central)

The university of Arizona Independent Study through Correspondence.... Call 800772.7480 or email: Elementary, Middle and High School programs....The University of Arizona Correspondence program was founded in 1915 and is a recognized leader in distance education. In our programs for grades 2-12 students and parents can choose from an extensive variety of quality classes.
UA Correspondence courses are taught by certified, practicing teachers. To ensure that courses meet the needs of our students, UA Correspondence teachers are experienced in their applicable age groups.... When you enroll through the UA Correspondence program, you'll benefit from....Easy to-follow curriculums...Classes conveniently broken down by semester....Man assignments that can be done by email, if you wish....Personal feedback from instructors...Affordable prices...A wide range of courses (more than 300!!) including elementary, middle school, high school and university....
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Kolbe Academy - Ignation in Method.....Classical in Content....Loyal to the Magisterium.... A Catholic home school program for grades K-12 Helping families near and far since 1980....Fully accredited by the National Association of Private, Catholic and Independent Schools... Textbooks, syllabi, weekly course plans, quarterly tests, proctoring, transcripts, diplomas and more!!! Mention you saw us in The Link and Save 10% on registration fee...Call or email for our catalog.....767.255.6199 or or

When you think NASA, you probably think space but NASA also helps educators present math, science and technology concepts to students. NASA's Center for Distance Learning offers students and teachers FREE multimedia instructional programs. Register online for more information..... NASA's KSNN The video and web-based series gives facts about NASA and presents math, science and technology concepts, available in Spanish (1 minute) NASA SCI Files The tree house detectives captivate students in grades 3-5 as they solve mysteries. These young investigators use PBL, scientific inquiry and the scientific method. Includes educator guides and web activities (l hour) NASA CONNECT These math-focused programs for grades 6-8 integrate math, science and technology. Each program also has hands on and web activities...(30 minute) NASA Langley Research Center: NASA's Center for Distance Learning, MS 400 Building 1216 Hampton, VA 23601

Dive into Math & Science..... with CD-Rom Lessons that teach Saxon Math 54 thru Calculus and Physics, Bob Jones Physical World, Biology & Chemistry
Eliminate Teacher Preparation Time.....Digital whiteboard lectures simulate a real classroom See and hear everything the instructor is writing and saying as he is writing both there is no teacher in the way Taught by David Shorman, PhD. who has been teaching math and science to homeschoolers and college students since 1990....see demo on Genesis Science, Inc. email Call 936.372.9330

Carschooling.....  Turn Travel Time into Learning Time!!!
Your children's educational future are two of your primary concerns. Combine that with the loads of time spent in the car with them and your family is perfect for Carschooling. This clever brain-building book transforms your family's same old road trips into journeys down the information superhighway. Kids 4 to 17 will love the countless road-worth games, such as: Dashboard Decimal Drills, Glove Compartment Geography, Rest Stop Olympics, Eighteen-Wheeler Chemistry and many more!!! Available wherever books are sold...

Renaissance Education Group, Inc. announces the launch of, an open learning community for high school math and science. We are a simply a place where you can get real teaching from real teachers. As an open learning community, we invite you to come and go as you please; join us for one month only to refresh your knowledge or study a concept, or join us for a school year for a full course.

Here's how we work. Our teachers schedule several live lectures each week that follow the strict California high school standards. At the scheduled time, you simply log on and click on the link to the live lecture. During the lecture you see and hear everything the teacher writes and says, live and in real time! After each live lecture, our faculty retire to the Commons to answer questions from our students. Between lectures, students and faculty engage in deeper processing of the material in our discussions. All lectures are placed in our subject area archives for anytime access. isn't like having a teacher instructing you at home, it is having a teacher teach you at home.

We are not text content. We believe that the education on the Web shouldn't be about document distribution, it should be about facilitating real teaching and allowing free and easy communication between the learner and the teacher.

Join us today for the most student-friendly learning system on the Web!

Renaissance Education Group, Inc.

Science Academy Software.....making your Learning Experience Fun!!! Testing and Assessment Anywhere Anytime.....

Come and see what top homeschool educators are talking about! Let the Teaching Tank make hands-on science a reality and unleash the scientist in every child.
Teaching Tank, by Captivation, Inc.
Wow! Captivation, Inc. sent us their intriguing Teaching Tank and three 'how-to-do-it' books (called Discovery books), absolutely full of science experiments. To me, science is somewhat difficult to teach. Unless you do something 'hands on', it seems a struggle to get children to learn scientific principles. I don't care for the idea of referring to a 'science experiments book' only. The Teaching Tank is different. It draws you in, immediately. The experiments you can do with it are phenomenal -- children get wide-eyed, as they 'see', 'smell', 'hear' and 'feel' chemistry, physics and biology. You must check this out! My husband and our kids easily put the tank together and then got busy browsing through the Discovery books that come with this, to joyfully figure out just which experiment to do first. They could not decide! Teaching Tank has so much to offer! Grow plants in crystals right inside the tank. Observe wiggly little living creatures in the tank...ew, ew, ew (but so fun!)! -- I could go on and on and on...but go see it for yourself! For sure, kids of all ages will get excited about this huge kit. Get your homeschooler a Teaching Tank, and watch them gain a whole new love (and understanding!) for science!
Product Review conducted by the Publishers of The Old Schoolhouse™ Magazine

The United States Has the Best School System in the World!!!! This is what most Americans would like to believe....The truth is, other countries like Sweden, Singapore and New Zealand are achieving far better results. Three year olds are doing math, language and science...The Learning Revolution is Here!!! Bring Education into the 21st Century...Resources...Support...Training....

  • Learn to - Identify your student's unique learning style
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Make sure your home school student is getting a superior education. Become part of the Learning Revolution and get access to the best teaching practices from around the world....Join the Revolution... To Receive more info and a FREE copy of "Eleven Ways to Raise A Brighter Child"
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The Alaca Company......Cotton's Journey - A Field Trip in a Box Educational Kit.... Curriculum and Activities for the Classroom... This curriculum uses the inquiry-based approach and meets many National Education Standards for English/Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies....
Lessons are written for grades: 1-3, 4-6, 7-8....Kits include: CD-ROM, Teacher's Guide, Cotton bolls -Pima (6) and Upland (5) varieties, samples of cotton in various stages, planting seeds, cottonseed oil, colorful poster showing cotton in six stages of growth, student booklet, fabric, dictionary sheet, production flowchart and 23 minute video.....
For additional cotton resources visit The Alaca Company, P.O. Box 55, Tranquility, CA 93668, Call 559.698.5190

Smart Science Teach science with real understanding instead of rote memorization. Provide discovery rather than just reading books. Do experiments without concern for materials, preparation, safety, etc.
With Smart Science, you only require an Internet connection to do real science experiments. Not just another simulation program, Smart Science provides you with actual experiments. And it contains support materials required for success.
The Smart Science approach is so unique that a patent is pending. Your student collects data from prerecorded real experiments. Introductory questions ask for opinions and challenge the student. Students eliminate hypotheses one by one by performing the experiments. The electronic lab report makes writing and grading lab reports easy.
You can even customize the questions and other parts of each experiment title to meet your specific needs.

Learn science the way scientists do. Escape from dull memorization and static textbooks. Inject excitement into learning science. Choose Smart Science.
Find out more and get a free demo at is the first, state-of-the-art, multilingual Academic Program that includes language development, cognitive development, and reading programs delivered entirely over the Internet. Time2read’s educational materials consist of lessons, books, activities, and exercises, which can be used directly online or printed for offline use. Time2Read’s comprehensive program can be used as a complete or supplemental curriculum for typical and/or exceptional students functioning at PreK-2 to 3rd grade levels.
The Academic Program and the Book Store are available to families and schools 24 hours - 7 days a week anywhere in the world and include the following subject areas:
Fundamentals (for PreK-3 - Kindergarten) Science Social Studies Health & Physical Education Language Arts Math The Arts Reading

All lessons are fully narrated by native speakers in three languages including English, French, and Spanish. In addition to the online educational materials, most lessons are accompanied by exercises and worksheets for offline practice and reinforcement.
No disks required!

For more information, go to or call 954-474-3476.

Usborne Books at Home has over 1200 highly illustrated educational books for children and young adults including science, history, math, art, music, foreign languages, crafts, fiction and non-fiction, slot books, flap books, search books, board books, paperback books, hardback and library bound books. Ideal for use by homeschoolers, teachers, parents, grandparents, and caregivers these award-winning books provide hours of entertainment for both young and old alike.
With Usborne Books at Home, you can raise your family and your income by selling award winning educational books direct, at home parties, at bookfairs and fundraisers at school, public and church libraries, daycares, or at any type of booth event. This is a great opportunity to have a home based business that can be structured around your family life.
Contact Kendell Belcher either by calling 405-359-6643 or visit my website: Affordable Science Tools.....Bring the world of science to life today! We look forward to serving you with Personal Service - Low Prices - Quality Products - Fast Delivery......We offer Curriculum - Microscopes - Telescopes - Balances and Lab Equipment - Dissection Materials - Rocks & Minerals - Human Anatomy.....Call 800.860.6272 If you use A Beka, Alpha Omega, Apologia, Bob Jones, Castle Height or Christian Light curricula, our special order forms will save you money and time Get your FREE copy at

The products offered on are primarily for children in grades K-6, and are intended to keep children engaged in the learning process outside of the classroom. Parents can browse the site and find products ranging from educational books and videos to interactive games and toys. They can search for items by grade, subject, or price; they can also get information on the most popular children's products by reading about them in Parents' Picks.
Visit for additional information and to learn more about other ETA/Cuisenaire products, or call John Wondrasek at 847-816-5050. Pitsco - Lego - dacta Supplement your science curriculum with hands-on activities ~Energy ~ Robotics `Simple Machine ~ Flight ~ Structure Parents can rest assured that their children receive math and science experiences while constructing real world projects using Pitsco LEGO Dacta kits. Students develop critical thinking and problem solving skills while Appling mechanical principles to structures they create. Construction curriculum cards also afford learners with multiple prescribed activities. Math and science knowledge is readily applied to various constructions the build. Learning has never been more meaningful or more fun. For more information, visit our home school website at or shop Handsonlearning@home

Blister Electronic Mircroscope.....Completely American Made.....A low power, widefield electrically lighted, compound microscope especially designed for viewing..Call: 612.822.7937 General Science Service Co., 3615 Grand Ave. S. #203, Minneapolis, MN 55409 Fax: 612.824.7677

Premiere Microscopes.Com...Homeschool Science Supplies call 818.848.1308...Save$$$$, Monocular, Binocular,Trinocular, Student-Medical-Research....FREE Catalog....Free Shipping/Handling by mentioning The Link

Real Chemistry for Home Schoolers! Contains lab manual and all basic equipment and supplies, including 86 chemicals for 11 traditional experiments....A complimentary answer guide is available. Learning Resources.....order direct Unlimited, Inc. 412 13th Street,, Glenwood Springs, CO 8l601 Call 866.206.0773

Brock Magiscope....The Perfect Tool for the Homeschooler....Simplicity....Only one moving part: anyone ages 3-103 can use the magiscope....Toughness..The only microscope guaranteed against accidental breakage...It it breaks- we fix it - FREE. Clarity....Laboratory grade optics for superior clarity, color and depth. Visit our website Versatility....Everything is a specimen: rocks, bugs and prepared slides can be used indoors or out. Maintenance Free....No bulbs, mirrors cords, batteries or prisms due to our exclusive patent Lumarod illuminator....Value through Quality...Buy it once and you will own it for generations....Winner of the Parent's Choice Award...Call 407.647.6611 or 800.780.9111 Brock Magiscope, P.O. Box 940831, Fl 32794

With Elemento Science can be FUN! Dear Homeschoolers, As your students grow and learn, one of the greatest things you can do for them is ensure that they will be more that prepared for their next level of education. And a great way to put them ahead of the game is with a truly great educational tool. ElementO, from Lewis Educational Games, was designed to do just that - prepare students for that next level. It's a game that teaches players basic chemistry while racing their playing pieces around the board. ElementO is played similar to another well-known board game. Instead of Boardwalk" and "Park Place", your students will learn where Silver and Tungsten are found on the Periodic Table. On the market since 1992, ElementO is played and enjoyed all over the world. And it's designed to work within or outside the classroom.
It's perfect for parents, home study and science workshops. ElementO also makes an excellent gift. Whether you're looking for a way to introduce students to chemistry, for a classroom aid to help them while studying basic chemistry or a method to freshen them up on what they've already learned, ElementO is the way to go! Your students will learn: The Periodic Table of the Elements - The building blocks of our universe. How the Elements are Used - For example, Iodine antiseptic is required for skinned knees and Chlorine is used to prevent algae growth. What makes up the Elements - In an easy-to-understand way, ElementO will help students understand basic elemental structure.
Understanding basic chemistry is the perfect gift for students on the verge of the next level of education. So order today, because while your students education is no laughing matter, who said learning couldn't be fun! TrigO - an educational tool for learning trigonometry - is also available from Lewis Educational Games.... Call 1.800.557.8777 or Fax your order: 316.794.8239 ElementO - Lewis Educational Games P.O. Box 727, Goddard, KS 67052

Does the thought of Science make you fell like a fish out of water? Apologia Educational Ministries has junior high and high school science curriculums designed especially for homeschoolers.....Contact us for a free catalog call 1.888.524.4724 or visit us at:

Science Project supplies & Books....for Home Schooling...Chemicals...Microscopes & Supplies...Lab Equipment....Anatomical Models...Anatomical charts and much more!!! Full Showroom....Complete Catalog online.. Established in 1950 1020 W. Chestnut St., Burbank, CA 91506 or call 818.848.7838

Study cards for upper secondary through college level science. Vis-Ed offers easy to use card set packs with information for Inorganic Chemistry Reactions, Organic Chemistry Reactions, Organic Chemistry Nomenclature, Biochemistry Reactions and Nomenclature, Inorganic Chemistry Nomenclature, General Chemistry I, General Chemistry II, Biology and Physics. These card set function well as supplements to other science programs. Free catalog: Visual Education, P.O. Box 1666, Springfield, Ohio 45501. For additional information and titles, visit our web sit: Email: or call 1.800.243.7070

Science Supplies Free Catalog for Home Schoolers. Features live protozoa, planaria, caterpillars, frogs, labware, microscopes and slides, preserved specimens, dissection equipment, and entomology supplies. Blue Spruce Biological Supply, 701 Park Street, Castle Rock, CO 80104. In Denver Metro area, call: 303/688-3396. Toll Free: 800/825-8522. Fax: 303/688-3428. Email: Website:

Educational Innovations Science is your source for Super! Wow! Neat! Science supplies at the lowest prices. WE offer a wide selection from science kits & accessories to experiments and activity books. Check out our online store at E-mail is Call toll-free for free catalog: 888/912-7474.

Learn from a home Worm Bin! Books: Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof, describes how to set up and maintain a worm composting system. All ages $15.45 ppd. Worms Eat Our Garbage, Appelhof, Harris, Fenton. 150 interdisciplinary activities teach math, biology,language and arts. Grades 4-8 $25.95 ppd. Videos: Wormania! Shows live earthworms in natural habitats, hatching from a cocoon, mating. All Ages. $38.40 ppd. Worm Bin Creatures, zeros in on tiny organisms. Springtails, mites, centipedes, and sowbugs amuse, inform, and entertain. All ages. $29.00 ppd. Flower Press, 10332 Shaver Rd., Kalamazoo, MI 49024, Website: Call: 616-327-0108.

Core Learning visit us at
Math..the 5 course series covers in topical fashion a substantial portion of math curriculum typically administered from grade 5 to grade 8 from fractions, decimals/percents, geometric shapes, measurement and data management....$39.95/workbook $17.95
Calculation Skills...this four volume series builds fundamental calculation competence with four care arithmetic operations...basic level to advanced level....$39.95
Health for Kids Series......this two volume Health for kids series provides a fun and information introduction to the parts of the body, how they function and how the body works to stay healthy.....set as an animated tour inside the body, this series is suited for children ages 70 to 10...includes: the body, staying healthy, Illnesses and injuries, emotional health and becoming an adult.....$19.95
Other products include: English Talking Stationary, French-English Talking Dictionary, Spanish-English talking dictionary, Collins Crossword Generator, Bridge to English ES course, Career Builder, Intelligence Builder, IQ Builder, Aptitude Builder .....all priced from $14.95 - $29.95 Order now!!! Call 800.270.4643 or visit

Science Adventures..... discover easy and affordable hands-on fun for ANY science curriculum!! $9.95-$14.95 Activities, supplies and related books included in each kit for grades K-12...integrates easily into your current science curriculum from traditional textbooks to unschooling....Larger science unit studies available: robotics, kits- birdhouses, nest boxes, robots....robotics and legos 10% off retail.... call 877.461.9050

Science Textbooks that Exalt God....teach: awareness of God's creation and natural laws, classification of God's wonderful works and practical applications in God's orderly world...
Rod & Staff Publishers, Inc Box 3 Crockett, KY 414.413.0003 Write or call for a FREE catalog featuring our entire line of Bible-based textbooks, storybooks, colorbooks, periodicals and other products....

Let Science Kit fill your Home Schooling needs. Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories is a leading supplier of science education products to elementary, middle school, and high school teachers as well as home schoolers and science hobbyists. 
In business since 1957, our web site features over 15,000 science education products covering a wide range of science disciplines including Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Forensics, Physics and Scientific Inquiry. We carry a diverse selection of K-6 Science Products, Science Fair Materials, and General Laboratory Supplies. We also offer our own Boreal Microscope and Teacher Developed, Classroom Tested product lines. 
Sign-up for our weekly email blast and get advance “sneak peeks” at new products and special web only offers like discount prices and free shipping. Visit our web site by clicking here:

Roundhouse Aquarium is located at the end of Manhattan Beach Pier in California. 

The Roundhouse serves as an educational facility housing 11 primary aquaria (viewing and touch tanks), each displaying a brilliant selection of local marine life. Through its innovative educational programs, the Roundhouse offers classes to schools located in the surrounding communities as well as throughout the greater Los Angeles area. 

We have a special program set up for homeschool parents, teachers and students, in addition to our standard three, and one-hour programs. For a package price of $1,000, a class of at least 10 people, no more than 15, may attend eight sessions, each session lasting for two hours. Each student will receive informational handouts during the class including topics covered; worksheets, and follow up activities- class focus may be tailored to fit your needs! 

The Roundhouse (located at Manhattan Beach) also offers offsite field trips to tide pools and wetlands exploring all of our ocean coastal habitats. All of our classes also include an interactive marine pollution awareness discussion using props, a short video and animal artifacts. We have a "mad scientist lab" where we explore microscopic plankton and much more. To find our more or to book your class, or sign up for a summer camp program, call (310) 379-8117 or e-mail us at

The Learning Company...Serious Software for the Homeschooling Lifestyle!!! For Link readers: Get FREE Shipping on any order of $30.00 or more!!! Visit us online or call 800.474.0431 Calendar Creator....Help with the busy homeschooling schedule.....Family Tree Maker...Genealogy because homeschoolers study interesting subjects!!! Liberty's Kids...For the true meaning of history!!! Edmark Reading Program...teaches beginning reading and language development to nonreaders and those who have been unsuccessful using other programs....Edmark Time Telling designed for students not yet able to tell time, Edmark Time Telling teaches the basics required to read an analog or digital clock and to say and write the correct time....Touch Money...developed by a special education teacher...helps students learn to count combination of coins accurately and successfully in six lessons..... The Learning Company has been enhancing the learning experience of homeschoolers for over 20 years. Our vast collection of education titles have won hundreds of awards and are trusted by millions of parent and educators. Now as a part of Riverdeep, a world leader in core curriculum and teacher aide eLearning programs. The Learning Company, along with Broderbund, Edmark and Learning Company Books, is more dedicated than ever to providing top-quality learning solutions....The Learning Company, 500 Redwood Blvd, Novato, CA 94947

STAR Education has been providing award winning supplemental education, enrichment and GATE programs in 32 California school districts for 18 years. Working with superintendents, principals, teachers, parents and community groups, STAR Education provides programs that meet the unique needs of every school. STAR Education proudly announces its premiere program, the STAR ECO-Station, has been selected as “Best Teaching Zoo” by L.A. Family Magazine and “Best Place to See Animals” by L.A. Parent Magazine. The STAR ECO-Station is a world-renowned environmental science and wildlife rescue facility, featuring tropical birds, “at risk” mammals, exotic reptiles, endangered species and amazing sea life. These animals have been taken to hundreds of schools to provide students hands-on instruction in anatomy, ecology and environmental science. The ECO-Station is open 7 days a week and provides several daily tours, all of which are given by wildlife experts. 

By parent request, STAR Education has opened STAR Academy, a private middle school and high school designed for students who seek a personally meaningful education that addresses their individual needs. Located within the STAR ECO-Station, STAR Academy offers a high caliber college format that allows students to choose from a catalog of innovative classes that address all California State Standards. This slant on education makes ST AR Academy ideal for full-time, part-time, seasonal, and single-subject students. Did we forget to mention STAR Academy also offers after school tutoring, test preparation, and extension programs? The tutoring and test preparation programs provide unprecedented measurable results. Through the extension program, young learners have an opportunity for real field work with professionals in a variety of exciting fields, such as forensics, environmental science and animal physiology. We also want to mention some of our unique choices in physical educations, such as yoga, capeoria, karate, world dance and modern dance. The sky is the limit with this revolutionary approach to education. Be a part of the change…

For more information on any of the above mentioned programs, please Geoffrey Lewis, STAR Academy Dean of Admissions, at 310.842.8040 x24, or email him at

The Canyon Academy is an all inclusive California Private Independent Study Program (ISP) dedicated to parental and student choice in education....The Canyon Academy severs students 1st grade thru High the state of California, with an emphasis in the Southern California Region. *Looking for freedom to educate your children your way? *Want to select a curriculum that best suits your Childs' needs? *Want friendly support and guidance through the process? *Want to be connected with other homeschooling families in Riverside County? Also offering workshops opportunities for parent educator and students, help passing the CHSPE, peace of mind to be legal with the state requirements. Low yearly family tuitions, Acquisitions and maintenance of the your student's cumulative file, initial and follow-up consultations (in person, phone or email), Id card, monthly.... newsletter of Riverside events.....minimal paperwork requirements, as required by the State and no State tests (STAR Program). For more info call 909.294.8830, email Director Sandra Kling visit our website

The Somis Academy......Independent Study Charter High School " A hand on your shoulder, guiding you through your homeschooling, when you want it" Somis, an individualized leadership academy, mentors high school students to become tomorrow's leaders. Located in rural Ventura County in Somis, California, the school serves students from the counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles and Kern. In its first year, Somis Academy is fostering its first cohort of students and will graduate its first senior class at the LINK conference. Located at 5268 North St., Somis, CA 93006 Call 805.386.5711 Ext. 26

MicroChem Kits....Perfect for college prep!! The best chemistry kit on the market today!!
Call 608.348.3908 or go to mention The Link and get FREE shipping.....For single and multiple users....Everything you need to learn about Buffer Solutions, Mole Ratios, PH Indicators and much more!!! Contact: MicroChem Kits LLC, 394 Flower Ct. Platterville, WI 53818

GollyGee Software Introduces 3D CREATIVITY program for K-8 Students BRING LEARNING into the 3rd Dimension

  • Improve Spatial Reasoning Skills
  • Strengthen the Verbal-Visual Connection
  • Help Develop Problem Solving Techniques

BUILD – GollyGee Blocks® is an innovative 3D creativity program for grades K-8 which brings the fun of building blocks to the computer. Children create their own 3D world using traditional building block shapes (geometric forms) and a library of pre-made objects. Intuitive editing tools let students move, stretch, rotate, stack, copy, color and texture objects or stacks of blocks.

LEARN – The GollyGee Blocks® Activity Guide provides a set of over 50 classroom activity ideas covering Art, Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Science and just plain creative play. The lessons have been aligned to national standards.

Runs on PC (WIN 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP) and MAC (OS 8.1– 9.2 or OS 10.2)

Visit Online store at

Terrific Science Fun Science Resources for Teachers, Parents and Kids.....hands on science for all ages!!! "Really captures the preschooler's way of learning by utilizing their senses and their kinetic style of discovery!" Nancy Roscowski, Home Educator


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