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Great KITS with FREE CURRICULUM : PHYSICS, Electricity, Magnetism, Newton etc. TECH. & ROBOTICS Made Easy. Also Pocket MICROSCOPE. Boost interest and confidence! Parents (and students) love Seibun kits: includes FREE Curriculum, Free Labs and Lessons online for each kit. Economical, Easy, Saves Time…

  • Attractive kits will really motivate students to experiment and learn with step-by-step, discovery-based, hands-on learning
  • We believe in our products: 365 days parts guarantee for individual homeschoolers
  • Ages 7 to 18. Lessons for different levels
  • Buying all the hands-on experiment devices and curriculum for each kit separately would cost six or seven times more, take more time and not be as effective or fun as a learning unit. Join parents and kids on 3 continents who have easily and happily mastered those 'must know' science and tech. concepts
  • Awarded several educational prizes including Creative Child Magazine's Seal of Excellence (2003), Creative Classroom Magazine's Best Teacher Tested Tools (2002), and used by thousands of Japanese and Singapore study centers, USA/Canada science camps, homeschoolers etc.
  • Economical: each kit combines 12 to 25 different experiments and curriculum. Buy fewer kits, save money!
  • Parents: save time teaching and effectively engage your children for tomorrow's science and technology issues
  • Visit our educational site, browse lessons, see the experiments and the kits at or call 1-888-684-7873 (24 hrs.) or email for a homeschool retailer or online shop. You and your children have everything to gain and nothing to lose.
  • "One learns a thing by doing; for though you think you know it, you have no certainty until you try." Sophocles, Greek Author.Thank you.

Having home schooled our three children and currently being involved in Christian education, we understand that training up children can be challenging in many ways.
One of which is finding solid textbooks and Christian resources at prices that are affordable. Our desire is to assist homeschoolers in this area.
We stock an array of used texts at from 50% to 70% off of new costs! Some of the publishers that we carry are: Abeka, Bob Jones, Rod and Staff, ACSI, and Saxon math.
Also available are other discounted materials and resources. Please come browse our shelves at We would love to be of service.


Laurelwood was started to help families locate curriculum at a reasonable price. We began with previously owned textbooks but as the need arose, we added new products as well. Our business has been run out of our home until the fall of 2000. At that time we prayerfully put up a building next to our home. We still work out of the house but can at least eat in the dining room now! We strive to help you get the most for your dollar while helping you sort out your own ideas for your children. We buy, sell and rent both new and used books. We cary a wide range of materials.
How may we help you? Contact us by phone 540-554-2670, email fax us at 540-554-2938, or mail us at laurelwood publications 1639 ebenezer rd, bluemont, va 20135. We look forward to serving you.
Email address is changing! Please address all new email: 540-554-2670 fax 540-554-2938 Books for sale? Fax list giving title, publisher, edition and condition.
We will respond with amount we can pay. We appreciate your business! Mary Ellen ( is a leading provider of new and used textbooks, solution manuals, reference materials, classic literature, and teacher editions on the Internet. We offer a broad range of educational resources, such as new and used homeschool curriculum, at very competitive prices. Our inventory is 3 million books strong and updated daily. Browse our listings and see for yourself!

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