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Bethump’d With Words

by Michael & Lennon Leppert

Like so many homeschoolers, we are always looking for fun but stimulating ways to increase our knowledge and add to our enjoyment of life by providing productive activities to do as a family and with friends. I think most homeschooling families agree, the last few years have seen an abundance of excellent intellectually-stimulating and enjoyable board games. We are pleased to review the latest one we have become aware of – Bethump’d With Words, that deals with English in its many forms. (One of our very favorite subjects anyway -- we spend much time discussing language.)

First of all, the word "Bethump’d" comes from Shakespeare who used it in his play King John, where a character remarks about a wordy outburst from a group! The game itself is very simple -- one of its many charms. (There is even a book supplement, suitable as a travel game version for $15.) The game consists of a playing board, deck of question cards, different-colored wooden playing pieces and a die. The board has upon it a circle of spaces with a letter in each one and a few other spaces with special instructions on them. The game begins by a player reading aloud the "Game Word" from a list given. The scorekeeper writes the word on the provided score card and the object is to be the first player to move your piece onto each letter space necessary to spell the Game Word. One’s turn consists of rolling the die and having an opponent read the numbered question corresponding to the number on the die from the deck of cards. The questions are gleaned from 25 different categories of words, such as: Americanisms, Briticisms, Australianisms, Canadianisms, (expressions characteristic of those forms of English), Euphemisms, Homonyms, Idioms, Slang and Portmanteau words (third words coined by combining two other words, such as "motor" plus "hotel" producing "motel"). If you answer your question correctly you are allowed to move your playing piece the number on the die or lower, the object being to occupy the letter space needed to spell the game word. There are three levels of play, the easiest being to occupy each letter in any order possible, a more difficult level being to occupy each letter in order. (This takes more moves and more planning in movement.) There are two board versions of Bethump’d, one described as the Senior Edition ($40) being for teens to adults. The version we reviewed was the Discovery Edition, being for ages 9 and up, designed for parents and children to play together. However, the older players will have to make certain adjustments for the younger ones, as the questions we encountered in playing were challenging! If your family enjoys English and wants to really stretch or exercise their vocabulary buy Bethump’d With Words as soon as possible! It is fun and meaningful and a great way to relax of an evening. (Discovery Edition, $29)
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