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H.O.M.E. Inc.

by Trudy Abel

It is a blessing to visit homeschooling families across the globe, entering into their most precious domain of nurturing the academic, social and spiritual growth of each family member.  Being invited to facilitate that nurturing process whether through a conversation or serving as their educational consultant, I am continually confirmed of the positive impact home education has on the stability of family and on America as a whole!  What a privilege it is to live in a country where we can educate our children at home, pouring our lives into seeing that they reach their God-given potential! Let us strive to protect that privilege.

Caroline Barnes and I, owners of for H.O.M.E., Inc., have created a unique business that addresses the academic needs of homeschooling families.  H.O.M.E. Inc. offers a number of services and products to assist parents in their endeavor to educate their children at home.  The acronym H.O.M.E. stands for Homeschooling Opportunities to Maximize Effectiveness and captures our vision: to provide a wealth of opportunities that support and strengthen home education. 

While homeschooling my sons through their early years I taught teacher-training courses at one of our state’s universities.  It was there that I met Caroline and discovered that we shared a common desire to help home educators reach their goal of providing a solid education for each child while emphasizing their family’s values within the budget they had set for themselves.  After extensively reaching the needs of homeschooling families and years of prayer, we decided to forge on with the creation of for H.O.M.E., Inc.

As an educational consultant, I provide a variety of services that are tailor-made to the specific need of each family with whom I work.  Testing serves families in evaluating academic achievement, planning for curricula modifications and setting educational and career goals.  To fulfill those needs, I conduct group and individual achievement testing, and career/learning styles assessments.  Interstate travels carry me to many homeschool hubs and conferences where I conduct , as well as incorporate on-site testing and consulting.  As a former special and gifted education teacher, it was natural for me to gravitate toward helping families with children that have exceptional needs such as learning disabilities, ADHD, physical disabilities, autism as well as those that are highly gifted.  At for H.O.M.E. Inc., we help parents discover how to individualize instruction and curriculum for students that may need to work outside of a lock step, grade level program. is our continually changing website.  When visiting, be sure to sign up for our ‘give-a-way’. Each month we draw the name of one person who has asked to be registered for the free gift---so visit today---you may be the next winner!

News from H.O.M.E. is a complimentary monthly e-newsletter.  Our desire is to assist homeschooling families is interwoven in this informative newsletter.  The goal of News from H.O.M.E. is reached each month as subscribers are provided with ‘tried and true’ homeschooling helps that encourage parent-teachers to reach for the next level of success in home educating their children.  To receive this golden nugget, just send an e-mail to

The Academic Portfolio makes record keeping efficient, simple and student directed. Since record keeping requirements differ from state to state, Caroline has created a venue for tracking academic hours, grades, and all the paper work that students need to keep.  Each page is actually a ‘pocket’ in which essays, reports, projects, test and other assignments may be filed.  This 36-week portfolio presents a neat and easily accessible format that serves a family of 1 to 7 students.  There are many needful helps incorporated within the Academic Portfolio such as teaching tips, a checklist of suggested things to do throughout the year to enhance your home education program, a lending/borrowing record to track materials, a school calendar and more!  Best of all, when your child registers for college, Academic Portfolios may be submitted, neatly organized and easy to read.

Workshop-in-a-Box provides parents with their very own teacher training in one concise box with resources, information and instruction on top-notch homeschooling.  The contents include a 57-minute instructional video, a learning styles assessment packet, and four resource books covering everything from how to succeed, learning styles and personalities, to choosing the right curriculum for your children.  Also included is an overview of primary homeschool approaches which gives parents a true picture of the multitude of choices available for homeschooling. The Workshop-in-a-Box is an excellent tool for support groups to use in mentoring those just beginning to homeschool and those who seek rejuvenation!  The >Workshop-in-a-Box, whether for home use or within a support group, may be used year after year.   

We have earmarked 20 Workshop-in-a-Box to be given away as a ministry to home educators across the country. To be considered, simply send us a letter requesting the Workshop-in-a-Box.  Our only requirements are that the support groups have an active membership of at least 100 families and that the Workshop-in-a-Box be maintained in the support group’s library for everyone’s complimentary use.

House Calls is a series of audio cassette tapes, studio produced, where Caroline and I address the most talked about concerns homeschooling families face today.  There are a wide variety of topics to choose from including, but not limited to: gifted children, preschool years, high school, physically handicapped, autism, attention deficits, learning disabilities, dyslexia, networking through co-oping, educating others about homeschooling and much more!  Each cassette comes with an excellent topical resource sheet for further research.  New cassette tapes on pressing topics are produced each year.

Academic Record of Accomplishment (report card) may be used as an incentive or motivation, it may satisfy your state’s regulations or it may simply be an ideal way of keeping up with curriculum used for the academic year and corresponding course grades.  This report card is unique as it provides space to record reflections from the student and encouraging comments from the parent-teacher. The Academic Record of Accomplishment is an excellent report card and wonderful keepsake designed specifically with the homeschooled student in mind.

Caroline and I enjoy homeschooling and the business of bringing Homeschooling Opportunities to Maximize Effectiveness in homes across the globe.  We are continually seeking new ways to assist you, the home educator.  If you have a request, please make it known – who knows, it may be one of our many projects presently on the ‘drawing board’!

In closing, it is a pleasure to be a part of The LINK! How great it is to learn of the new horizons explored through the interesting photos and articles within The LINK’s cover!  What a wonderful resource and advocate the Leppert’s are to home educators.  Thank you and your family for all you do to encourage homeschooling families!

Trudy Abel is a home schooling mom, college instructor and educational consultant specializing in special and gifted education.  She and her husband, Mark and their two sons, Josh and Jake, live on a pine plantation in deep south Mississippi.

Caroline Barnes is a homeschooling mom of one miracle child, Alexandra.  They along with homeschooling dad, Wayne, have enjoyed a variety of home educational experiences from “one-on-one” to “co-oping”.  The Barnes’ live 45-minutes from the beautiful Mississippi gulf coast.

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