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Link Librarian: Cookbooks

by Gail Thorsen

Part 2

"The Magazine of Food and Fitness-Cooking Light"

I honestly thought I would be bored looking at this magazine, but I was pleasantly surprised! This magazine was packed with all kinds of interesting articles, everything from pecans to personal profiles. Recipes were even included from the people they profiled. You can even send in one of your favorite (but fattening) recipes for a "make-over". They will find ways to cut the fat and cholesterol content of your original recipe. I found a few recipes I wanted to try for myself! I plan to check out this magazine more often now.  A recipe index in the back lists all the recipes in the issue in alphabetical order for easy reference.  For a one year subscription, call 1-800-336-0125, or write or P.O.Box 830549, Birmingham, AL 35283-0549. The price is $20 for 11 issues.

For other magazines with kid's recipes, check out FamilyFun and the other kid's magazines at your local library.

We also have the old stand byes, of course, Betty Crocker and Fanny Farmer cookbooks. So, after doing some cooking yourself, let us know what your favorite recipes are, and we will share some of them with our readers in the next column.

For other sources of recipes and cookbooks, read this list-- On soup cans, pie crust boxes, cereal boxes, flour bags, sugar boxes, syrup bottles, chip bags, marshmallow tubs, coating mixes, popcorn bags, etc. Or go to craft fairs, book fairs and libraries when they have book sales. Even butter companies sell cookbooks! Call 1-800-628-7338 and find out about the Land 'O Lakes (r) Recipe Collection (TM). The cookbook I have from them is 124 pages full of cookie recipes. Go to these web sites for more cookbooks and recipes--
Visit the MARS chocolate factory to see how m & m's are made.
Find recipes and cooking ideas
Food Fun for kids
Request a free 5-A-Day Adventures CD-ROM, cookbook, and more
(Their mailing address is:
Dole Food Company, Inc.
Nutrition Program
155 Bovet, Suite 476
San Mateo, CA 94402
Request on school letterhead)

BOOK DRAWING-- It's not too late to sign up for the Link Librarian Book

Drawing! Simply send in one book or resource title on one of these topics: Oceans, Inventions, and Mexico. The winner will receive a set of two books from Royal Fireworks Press entitled "Our Community"—includes the Teacher’s Edition and student's workbook. The winner will be listed in the next issue.

Send in all letters, questions, and comments to  or write to me at P.O.Box 3, Fort Kent Mills, Me 04744. Don't forget those recipes!  Happy Reading!

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