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Volume 6, Issue 5
Editorial: Homeschoolers Are Like Small Towns
by Michael Leppert

Farewell to Friends
by Cyndy Rodgers

Factors in College Choice
By Donald Asher
Cooking Up Science
by Laurisa White Reyes
Michele’s Musings – Reflections of a Christian Homeschooler – The Educational Merit of Sports: Recognizing the Value of Competitive Team Sports
by Michele Hastings
Coming of Age
by Erin Chianese
A Child's Wish, A Family's Dream
by Amanda A. Morrow, age 15
Turn Travel Time Into Learning Time with Carschooling®!
by Diane Flynn Keith
How I Became California's Most Wanted
by Sean Carter
Boredom: That Powerful Emotion
by Renée Fuller, Ph.D.
Recollections of a Homeschool Mom
By Yvonne Mutch
Midlife Crisis Begins in Kindergarten!
by Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis, M.S.
Learning / Teaching Finances
by Jean Mastin
History 101: Learning History Through Your Own Family Tree
by C.B. Ball
Homeopathy and Naturopathy
by Clayton College of Natural Health
The Goal For Handwriting
by Nan Jay Barchowsky
On the Camino de Santiago With A Visitor's Key to Iceland
By John Taylor Gatto
Gardening - The Perfect Unschooling Way to Learn
By Jim Kennard
Following the Leader
by Sherri Wilson Johnson
A View from the Home
by Cyndy Rodgers
Urban Man: Urban Boy Meets Midwestern Values in the Horse Ring
by Marc Porter Zasada
UnspellingTM -- Almost Ready for Primetime!
By David H. Albert
Twaddle-Free History
By Rob & Cyndy Shearer
Teaching with Videos
by Ron Person
Secrets: Cooking with The Lepperts
by Michael Leppert and Mary Leppert
One Family's Search for Harmony
by Chris Mahar
Samuel Smith, an American
By Mary and Michael Leppert
One Myth & Two Truths
by Andrew Pudewa
A New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Quit
By Diane Flynn Keith
The NEA and Its Position on Homeschooling
by Mark Kantor
Natural Immunity in Contrast to Vaccines
by Mary Rucker