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Bright Minds Shine With Critical Thinking Co.

“Critical thinking is. . . identification and evaluation of evidence to guide decision making. A critical thinker uses broad in-depth analysis of evidence to make decisions and communicate his/her beliefs clearly and accurately. Critical thinking produces bright, independent, innovative children who succeed in school and in life.”
– from the Bright Minds website,

If you have been involved in homeschooling for more than two years, it is likely that you have heard of or seen the excellent products manufactured by The Critical Thinking Co. (formerly Critical Thinking Books & Software). For over 30 years, this family- owned business has consistently offered the finest products of their kind, allowing parents to teach a broad spectrum of critical thinking skills, including reading comprehension, mathematical reasoning, the scientific method, English skills and spatial reasoning, for example -- as well as the more traditional mental skills derived from the study of logic and analyzing information (newspaper articles, T.V. commercials, magazine ads) for truthfulness, accuracy, etc. 
Now, this innovative company, operated by Michael Baker, son of founder John Baker, has added another plus to its long list -- an opportunity for homeschooling families to share in the bright future of TCTC. It is called Bright Minds… the Critical Thinking Company at home. Bright Minds is a brainstorm of Elizabeth Baker, Michael’s wife, who wanted to get the CTB&S products into the hands of more families. Voila! The Party Plan home-sales division of The Critical Thinking Co. was born!
Many readers are already familiar with what are known as MLMs, or Multi-Level Marketing companies, in which one becomes a representative and then sells distributorships to others. The difference between a Party Plan company and an MLM is that Party Plans sell actual products and that is the primary focus of business. It provides a way for the company to reach more people at the grass-roots level than other forms of marketing or advertising. The Party Plan representative (you) produces Bright Minds parties at a host home, inviting friends and acquaintances to attend, relax in the comfort of a living room or den and view books and software from the Critical Thinking line. You take orders and then forward them to Critical Thinking for fulfillment. Once the products are delivered, the hostess delivers the products to her friends and family.
Many companies sell their products through the Party Plan and the success stories of motivated representatives are well-known by now. Imagine being able to sell the best thinking-building books and software programs available today! After the Three R’s, critical thinking skills are the most-cherished academic “subject” of the majority of homeschooling parents. The ability to develop and maintain intelligent discernment and non-emotional rational functioning in a mentally soft, politically-correct world cannot be over-valued. Being a Bright Minds representative provides an opportunity to bring great products to your friends – homeschooling and public schooled, alike. 
The Bright Minds start-up investment is only $169.99, which provides a sales kit with materials enough to host five parties. (Occasionally, the company also offers advertised specials with an even lower price! Please check their website,, regularly for the current specials.) Michael Baker advises that Bright Minds, launched in July, 2003, has experienced a doubling of sales every month of 2004. The average party is selling over $250 and several consultants are selling $1,000 or more. He emphasizes that statistically, the more comfortable the consultant becomes, the higher his/her sales tend to be. Mr. Baker also stated that the Bright Minds consultants tend to be users of the books, so they can sell them honestly and knowledgeably. One of the perks is that the consultant also enjoys discounts on products he/she purchases personally.
The future is bright for the product line of The Critical Thinking Co., too, with new books for children of pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten age in development right now. Mr. Baker stated his overall philosophy of the value of developing critical thinking by saying “The better thinker one is, the better life one lives. You can engineer critical thinking into any field of endeavor.” C.S. Lewis and we could not agree more!

(Please see Bright Minds’ ad on p.77)