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Income Opportunities For Homeschooling Families

by Cyndy Rodgers

Homeschooling your child(ren) comes with many rewards. However, a bucket of money is typically not one of them. With homeschooling being the preferred choice for many families, many others still hesitate. The ability to earn a living is often the roadblock.
As the cost of living rises, you may be asking yourself what do others do to keep a household going, while still homeschooling? Well, just as homeschooling families show creativity in how they teach their children, the same resourcefulness is found in how they put bread on the table.
Many look for home-based business endeavors to keep incomes flowing. It allows them flexibility in their schedules. It also provides them the opportunity to provide their children with real-world experience in the business world. 
If running your own small home business is the answer to your income woes but you are stumped for ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. This is the first of a number of articles providing information on companies that seem right to meet the needs of homeschoolers. These organizations not only offer desirable flexibility and income potential, they also provide the support and services to get you started in your business. 
The first step is to find a company that fits your style. Do you like working directly with the general public or does a business-to-business environment suit you best? Are you more comfortable with projects that are creative or technological? How do you see your schedule? How much do you want to invest in money or time? Once you have given it some thought, I offer these highlighted companies for your consideration.
If you have a natural comfort with anything electronic, you understand your computer beyond the ‘on’ button and you want a business that offers an endless list of potential clients, then Compu-Clean may be the organization for you. Compu-clean will train you as a computer hygienist. For around $2,500 USD, you will be set up with equipment and training. Based in Winnipeg Canada, this company will teach you how to clean numerous electronic devices such as computers, fax machines, cash registers, etc. They also provide training in smoke and fire restoration. 
These services are needed by many businesses. The list of potential clients is infinite -- basically anyone with office equipment . . . doctors, lawyers/law firms, accountants, restaurants, manufacturers and grocery stores, they all have equipment that needs cleaning. 
For the homeschooling parent, this business is a good match because the workload can vary depending upon how many clients you wish to accept. The workday hours are also very flexible. If you service clients in the early morning or evening, the bulk of the day could be made available for homeschool adventures. If you would like more information on Compu-Clean services go to 
The next business opportunity boasts requiring only 4 hours a month to collect your money. North American Vending will provide you with vending machines you can locate in your neighborhood. You then create a route to restock and collect the money.
Vending machine ownership has many benefits: It is an all-cash business, no credit card or check headaches and it does not require you to be a salesperson -- the machines work for you.
In business since 1996, North American Vending boasts helping thousands establish successful home-based vending businesses. North American Vending offers a lifetime guarantee on their machines as well as a free coaching and training program. Other supports offered include free start-up manual, business cards, and shipping along with the purchase of a machine. For additional information go to
“Wait a minute!” you say, “I am a sales person. I love people and with the right product I’d love to sell.” Well then there are several paths you can take. Direct sales endeavors can give flexibility. You have a product to sell and a company behind that product but you decide where and when you sell. The secret is finding a good product.
First, if you are interested in the beauty industry SeneGence International has a lot to offer the homeschooling family: High-quality products, training, high profit margins and the support of a worldwide company.
SeneGence was started in 1999 by Joni Rae Rogers and has quickly grown to more than 4,000 distributorships. What makes them different is their trademarked, long-lasting products such as their premier lip color, LipSense. It is long lasting, does not smear off, rub off, or kiss off; is waterproof and lasts anywhere from 4 to 18 hours. 
The initial investment in your own distributorship is $45. Startups that include inventory, range from $150-$750. SeneGence trains you, including how to set up a website and do e-commerce. They offer a 401-K retirement plan and a program to get a company car. For more information go to 
If lipstick and blush are not your cup of tea, I might have something that is. What if I asked you “Would you like to buy a book?” Did the word “book” perk up your ears? What if I said they were educational books? If you’re like my friends and me, we never met a book sale we didn’t like. Well that’s what makes these next two companies a natural for homeschooling families.
The circle in which we travel is filled with potential book buyers. And Usborne Books is recognized as a quality company. Their books are consistently on some of the most prestigious award lists, such as Dr. Toy, American Book sellers and Parent’s Choice. In fact, the beautifully-illustrated internet-linked guides are recommended reference material in classical education. 
Usborne offers books for all ages, in topics that include art, history, science, foreign language, cooking, nature, and technology; just to name a few. Books are priced well, some beginning at $3.95 plus shipping. With a variety of titles and good range in prices there is something for everyone. 
You can establish yourself as an Usborne representative for as little as $139. This includes supplies, an inventory of display books, and shipping costs. There are four ways that you can market Usborne Books: Home Shows, Direct Sales, Book Fairs and School & Library sales. Commissions on sales range between 15 and 30%. For more information go to
This next sales opportunity is new, yet the product is a staple of many homeschooling families. It’s the wonderful books from Critical Thinking Press. Titles like “Word Roots,” “Brain Stretchers” and “Language Mechanic” were previously only available through retail and mail order companies. Now a home sales division has been established called Bright Minds.
Representatives set up parties where guests can view the books and order directly from the representative. Party hosts earn credits toward book purchases, plus bonuses.
Start-up kits for representatives are $169 plus tax and shipping. This will provide you $600 worth of product to display at your parties (practically one of most every title). Also included are business tools and training.
Income potential is good, with commissions of 25% to 35% of sales, plus the backing and support of a well-respected company. Bright Minds offers training, including setting your own web page that is integrated with the Bright Minds page. For more information go to
Home educating your child(ren) and earning a living don’t need to be diametrically opposed concepts. There are a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities that fit perfectly into the homeschool lifestyle. Home educating is about families teaching their children through real-life experiences. What better way to prepare them for the future than with a home-based business? Together you are learning while still earning! -- C.R.