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Top 50 Fantastic Websites For Homeschoolers, Part 2

by Maria Benares

We all anxiously await sequels to our favorite movies and books but, as The Matrix and Jaws have shown us, they usually can’t hold a candle to the original. Voila! Behold Part Two of The Link’s exclusive “Top 50 Fantastic Sites for Homeschoolers.” We hope you will find that this list tops, or at least equals, the previous compilation in Volume 7, Issue 1. Because there were just too many great Internet sites to name the first go-round, we decided to research out 50 more pages for your homeschooling pleasure. As we mentioned the first time, we place your interests first and foremost, but because there is such a high diversity of material on the net, some sites won’t be of as much interest to some people as they will to others. We tried to include something for everyone, however, and if you have suggestions, please feel free to write in for future reference to fellow readers. Have fun with these, and we hope you have as much fun surfing the “waves” as we did. 

In Begin Your Journey to Independent Health Dr. Mercola, an osteopathic physician, provides you with plenty of information and alternative tips so you can be more independent when it comes to being healthy. He brings up important discussions regarding vaccination and many other common beliefs. He also recommends products and offers a free newsletter.
Wondering what kind of diaper you should buy for your babies? World Wide Diapering Resource covers everything about cloth diapers. At this site you’ll find articles, tips, information, books, discussions about cloth and disposable diapers, message boards and more! Finally, they provide listings for over 400 diaper companies around the world.
Besides providing information about homeopathic medicine, Homeopathy for Women’s and Children’s Health offers tips about pregnancy as well as common childhood problems such as sore throats, earaches and colic in babies.
Children Now is a non-profit organization which provides countless links to health-related websites separated into the following categories: General health, Drugs and Alcohol, Immunization and Nutrition.
Kids Health is a brilliant site that helps the whole family stay healthy. Divided into ‘Kids’, ‘Parents’ and ‘Teens’ categories, it covers information through highly informative articles and interactive activities. is a remarkably complete page as far as health is concerned. Besides offering excellent articles and giving you loads of information on topics including infertility, adoption, nutrition, illnesses and pregnancy, the site offers message boards where you can meet an expert and ask your own questions.
Healthy Childcare is the web version of the award-winning magazine of the same name. Besides reading many of their informative and helpful articles of previous and new issues, you can also order an exciting health education program. proves that breastfeeding is still the best way to nourish your baby. It offers discussions about almost all the conceivable doubts mothers might have, and sells bras, pumps and other accessories. 

Homeschooling - general is a nice general site to start with and is packed with information. Besides tackling topics such as “multiple intelligences” and pre-schooling, you can also find numerous activities and lesson plans. Also, there is a section called ‘Ask the Teacher’, where teachers answer common questions regarding education.
Another great general site, Homeschooling Friends offers several articles and a large selection of very interesting links. Besides offering so much information, educational meetings, classes and exciting field trips can be arranged.
Heather’s Homeschooling Page is a collection of articles in which the author shares her experience as a homeschooler and also discusses all sorts of topics, from socialization to the philosophy of homeschooling and the importance of learning math.
Besides having its own activities, Homeschooling Resources offers a vast selection of great links to educational sites for homeschooled children of all ages. In addition, you will find links to games and online books and stories.
In Great Websites for Kids you can find countless educational websites for students of all ages. Made by the American Library Association, it offers a great selection of links on various subjects such as Math, Science, Literature and Arts.
Unschoolers Unlimited is a support network for parents who prefer to let their children learn their own way, at their own pace. Besides finding good resources and suggested readings, you can learn more about Unschooling itself. You will also find a nice variety of articles covering such topics as “uncurriculum” and “ungraduation.” 

English and Foreign Languages
Shakespeare for Kids is definitely a must for Shakespeare lovers. Besides finding interesting activities and puzzles for the whole family, you will find photographs, paintings, curiosities, maps and games, all about the bard and his master works.
KidPub is a collection of thousands of stories made by and for kids. As well as reading stories available online, your kids can assign their own work or participate in a collective story where each kid contributes with a line at a time.
Are you a fan of fables and short stories? In Aesop’s Fables you will find hundreds of fables with morals complete with lesson plans.
Shortstories is a fabulous British site where you can find both contemporary and classic short stories available on the web, which can be selected by categories, such as Children’s, Crime, Humor, Horror and Sci-Fiction.
In Spanish Resources you will certainly find information about every imaginable curiosity you might have about the Spanish language and culture. Read about culture, history, music, television, magazines, literature as well as countries and cities where the language is spoken, all available in English and Spanish.
Created by the University of Adelaide in Australia, French Resources is an excellent selection of useful sources for French students. Besides finding dictionaries, encyclopedias, texts, journals and films you can learn a lot about culture.

Arts and Music
Kids’ Space will encourage your children’s artistic expression and broaden their horizons by promoting collaboration between kids from different cultures, races and religions. Besides exchanging pictures, stories and information, kids will learn how to use the Internet safely.
In Silly Billy’s Computer Art Center you can have art lessons based on tools you find in most art programs. Learn how to work with shades, shapes and some other basic functions like drawing and using colors.
In A. Pintura you can learn about classic painters through a detective story. While solving the mystery, the detective teaches you about color, composition, style, subject and the main characteristics of each painter’s work.
The San Francisco Symphony for Kids is an extraordinary website where children can have a lot of fun while they learn about the instruments as well as music theory. Learn about rhythm, harmony, pitch and all the basics of music with fascinating interactive lessons. Highly recommended! 

Children With Special Needs
GT World was designed to give support for those who have gifted or talented children. It provides you with articles, a collection of helpful links and books regarding this issue. In addition, they offer testing information as well as a very useful definition list, which explains common terms related to these special kids.
Another great site for those who don’t find much support in the educational system, Uniquely Gifted will provide parents, children and professionals with resources including articles, information on specific needs, legal support and personal experiences.
Charlotte Mason for Kids is a chat room for parents of children with many different kinds of special needs using Charlotte Mason’s homeschooling methods. Join the group and share information, ideas and experiences.

History and Geography
Presidents of the United States provides all kinds of presidential info. Click on the president’s name and find background information, curiosities, important events, links to biographies and other sites, historical documents and election results.
Restoring America Project aims to rouse moral discussions based on American history and the values with which the country was founded. From “Columbus” to “the Abolitionist Movement” to “World War II,” you can learn a lot about the people who played important roles in the country.
Besides teaching kids almost everything about ancient Egyptian culture, history, knowledge and religion, Color me Egypt offers games, poems and stories related to this fascinating country.
The Ancient Greeks provides basic information about this unique and important culture. Learn about history, culture, belief system, the Olympic games and the intellectual center of ancient Greece, Athens.
The Food Timeline is an intriguing site that explores the importance of food throughout history. Besides learning how and when different types of food were invented, you can cook ancient recipes with modern ingredients!
In today’s political climate when Americans should do their best to educate themselves about the rest of the world, this site provides essential information. In the Encyclopedia of the Orient you can learn about the history and culture of North Africa and the Middle East, read articles and see photos and historical maps. It is a very good site for basic information on this region.
If you want to know more about a famous person, is the right place. You will find the biography of over 25,000 people in the present and past, including William Shakespeare, Muhammad Ali, Walt Disney and Bill Gates among others.
Congress for Kids explains how the federal government was founded and how it affects our lives in an entertaining and imaginative way and with accessible language to kids. In addition to learning new concepts, children can be tested on what they already know. 

Virtual Church is a Christian site that offers illustrated Bible stories, pictures to color, Bible games, puzzles, quizzes and activities. In addition, it offers interesting articles and links to other sites on the same topic.
CBH Ministries helps improve your knowledge of the Bible in a original way. Learn more about God through stories, audio dramas, exciting games, animated presentations and all kinds of fun!
The is a fantastic site to study the Bible. Besides helping you find Biblical passages in many different versions and languages, this site offers study tools, where you can read interpretations and discussions to improve your knowledge of the Scriptures. 

Science and Math
TryScience invites your children to try science themselves and discover how exciting it can be. It suggests a number of interactive activities and experiments which can be done at home, all very creative and well explained.
The Nine Planets is an amazingly complete site where you can learn everything about our solar system, including history and mythology. Beautiful images, movies and sounds are available too.
Besides providing great lessons on a variety of topics, including science, wildlife and the environment, Ecokids gives children the opportunity to play cool educational games and read interactive stories. is a fascinating site that combines math and fun. Children can play games, complete lessons, solve puzzles, color pictures and much more! In addition, there is a section about science with a few more cool activities.
Science Hobbyist is the site for alternative and unusual science. It explores ‘weird science’ and debates theories exposed in textbooks and encyclopedias. Also, it suggests many other interesting science links.
Do you have a math question? Dr. Math knows the answer! Ask Dr. Math provides kids with answers to all kinds of intriguing questions from elementary school to college and beyond. Of course, if they don’t find the answer they are looking for, they can always write to Dr. Math!
Would you like to learn more about how your body functions? Innerbody provides a lot of information about the different systems of the human body through interactive images and animations. 

Idea Box is a site packed with creative ideas for kids. In addition to exciting games to be played at home, it will teach children to cook an apple surprise, make a picture frame with an old CD-ROM and clay, design alphabet dominoes, create 3-D flower fridge magnets, and much, much more! offers many cool games that can be selected by age or topics, including numbers, culture and universe. In addition, parents can order a “homework relief pack” when they don’t know how to help their kids with one specific topic.
Education Place provides your kids with intelligent and original activities related to math, reading/language arts, social studies and science. The aim here is to develop important basic skills. Their resources include textbook support to help children work on the various themes.