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Hyland's Homeopathic Products

by Owen Madison Fitro

If there is one thing most homeschooling families understand, it is self-reliance. Teaching oneís own children at home requires 100% parental responsibility and awareness at all times. Many families begin homeschooling then gradually find themselves becoming more and more attentive to supplying all of their own needs, looking outside for aid as a secondary response. Vigilance over every aspect of a child is the parentís job and it is well to let nothing be taken for granted. Your childís health is just as much your responsibility as his/her academic well-being. Just as you become knowledgeable in matters of learning and can prepare to "head off" academic catastrophe by seeing what your childís pitfalls are, you also come to know your childís state of health and can learn to recognize and/or treat minor conditions or injuries and deal with them before they become major issues.

Taking charge of a childís health includes awareness of the organic, natural ways to maintain physical well-being. Awareness of homeopathy is vital in this regard. In the field of homeopathy, Hylandís stands out as the preeminent producer of high-quality homeopathic remedies, offering 3,500 items. Founded in 1901 Hylandís/Standard Homeopathic Company has been a close friend to families , offering familiar childrenís products such as teething and colic tablets.


Homeopathy is a natural approach to medicine that works without contraindications (interference with other medications you may be taking) or side effects, to stimulate the bodyís curative responses so the body heals itself. There is an increasing number of homeopathic M.D.s throughout the United States. These men and women are fully educated and licensed medical doctors who are aware of the value of treating patients with homeopathic remedies and include this medical approach in their practices.

Your body has the ability to heal itself. When you are ill, your body produces symptoms, which let you know that your body has recognized that something is wrong and is actively working to heal itself. This "natural regulator" is your bodyís auto-regulatory mechanism and it works to keep your body in balance -- or in a state of homeostasis.

Hereís an example of how this works. Think of your "natural regulator" as your internal temperature gauge. If you go outside and it is very hot, your body will recognize it is too hot and begin to perspire. Your homeostatic mechanism is producing a symptom -- perspiration -- in an effort to cool down the body. If you go outside and it is very cold, the symptom is shivering. Your homeostatic mechanism is trying to warm the body up by shivering to produce heat.

Think about the last time you were shivering. You could not control it, and you did not stop until you were warm. It is the same way with homeopathic medicines. If you are ill and your body is showing symptoms, the symptoms will not disappear until the source of the symptoms has disappeared.

Homeopathic medicines stimulate your bodyís homeostatic mechanism so your body heals itself by dealing with the sources of your symptoms.

Homeopathy is different from conventional medicine because conventional medicine simply defines health as the lack of symptoms (if you dry up a runny nose, is your cold gone and are you healthy?). Homeopathy defines health as the lack of disease (if you get rid of the source of the runny nose in the process of dealing with the source, the runny nose will disappear on its own).

Homeopathic medicines are regulated as drugs by inclusion in the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. All homeopathic medicines are required to have NDC numbers (National Drug Codes) listed on the front panel of the label and box and identify that the products are registered with the federal government. Homeopathic medicines, like all drugs in the United States, are also regulated as prescription and non-prescription. If a remedy is regulated as a prescription item, it is necessary to have a written prescription from a physician to obtain the remedy.

Drugs in the United States are made according to either the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) or the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). These Pharmacopoeias are like cookbooks that contain the procedures for manufacturing drugs in the United States -- either prescription or non-prescription. You can find most common drugs in the USP and every homeopathic medicine from Arnica to Zincum is in the HPUS.

Because homeopathic medicines are regulated as drugs, in order to prescribe or dispense homeopathic medicines, you must have a license to prescribe medicine. If somebody makes an individual decision to use a homeopathic over-the-counter drug for an acute illness, that is their decision. It is illegal to tell somebody which remedy to take unless you have a license to prescribe. It is not illegal; however, to guide people towards books and informational materials that will help them determine which remedy may best match their symptom picture.

Hylandís understands homeopathy, and it understands families. From Hylandís Teething Tablets to Calms Fortťô, which provides 100% all-natural, temporary symptomatic relief of simple nervous tension and insomnia (sleeplessness), Hylandís cares for your family at every stage of life. You can trust all Hylandís products to be natural, gentle, effective, and safe for your family.

Hylandís develops formulas with the highest quality natural ingredients following the strictest standards for preparation. With a century of commitment, Hylandís tradition of excellence consistently provides quality and integrity in every product.

One of the 3,500 products Hylands offers is the Household Kit, designed with families in mind, containing the 29 most-recommended items by homeopathic physicians and books for the treatment of various everyday illnesses, muscular aches from over-exertion and colds, flu, etc. The kit also includes a Single Remedy Reference Guide that was written for Hylandís by a well-known and respected homeopathic physician, Maesimund Panos, M.D. The guide book explains each remedy and has a therapeutic index in the back for easy reference. For all of your familyís homeopathic needs, you can trust the Hylandís name, with the familiar blue and white oval logo.

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