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We Welcome Four “New” Writers to the Fold!

Greetings, readers! Welcome to another issue of The Link, as we all kick off another exciting year of homeschooling/homeliving! The new year is already producing favorable changes for us at The Link . . . we are extremely pleased to announce a new group of five great, experienced, permanent writers being added to our already excellent stable of writers and contributors. Three out of five of these new columnists are men and homeschooling dads! (In the next issue we will introduce another new woman columnist, Dr. Joyce Reed, a college-admissions consultant.)

Leading off is Patrick Farenga, of Boston, a well-known figure to homeschoolers -- especially unschoolers and/or readers of John Holt’s longtime publication "Growing Without Schooling". Patrick is a much-sought-after speaker at conferences around the country, too. His insight is humorous and useful to us all, in "Schools Are from Mars . . . " Our next writer is Dr. Richard Prystowsky, Dept. Head of Engineering & Math at College of the Redwoods in Northern California. Richard brings an interesting spiritual point of view to The Link in his column "These Days"... David Albert, author of "And the Skylark Sings to Me" a denizen of Washington state, and yet another in-demand conference presenter, offers specific suggestions from his experiences homeschooling his two very talented daughters. David will be joined by Dr. Joyce Reed beginning next issue, writing a column called "What Really Matters." Our lone new woman writer in this issue is Rhonda Robinson, an Illinois homeschooling mom of nine, who joins us with her pithy column, "Across the Fence".

Of course, look for our regular columnists, Diane Flynn Keith, Marc Porter-Zasada, Andrew Pudewa, Erin Chianese, Michele Hastings, Alison McKee, Laurisa White-Reyes, Jeffrey Oakar, Maria Bernardes, Max Porter-Zasada, Cyndy Rodgers, Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis, Victoria Kindle-Hodson, and the wonderful homeschooling parents who grace our pages as one-time contributors. We appreciate the work of all of these great minds who enrich our lives and our homeschooling experiences. Thank you to our writers and thank you, readers, for making The Link a part of your lives. May you have a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year!

-- Mary & Michael Leppert