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Learning Music Appreciation With Classical Magic Products

by Barbara B. Moody

Music is no longer a talent; it is a form of intelligence. In order to help children learn and appreciate different types of music at a young age, it is necessary to have the proper materials. However, not many schools offer music programs for children anymore, and it is becoming harder to learn how to appreciate classical music in our every day society. Composers such as Beethoven, Mozart, and many more are not being recognized for their marvelous contributions to classical music. Not many radio stations play classical music, which makes it even harder for children to become exposed to this type of composition.

Classical Magic is a company that knows the value of classical music and believes in starting to teach children about music at a young age. We help introduce children and adults to a lifetime of classical music fast and easy. Classical Magic has taken a different approach than most companies have, in the sense that their main concern is to teach children fundamental information, and we do so by allowing children to sing along to the books we provide, as well as to the classical themes. All of our books come with a compact disk that features classical theme songs that are recorded by an orchestra. The books combine the basics of a high school or college-level music appreciation textbook with lyrics to accompany themes from classical pieces of music, themes that seem appropriate for a young child. They also come with options on the CD of listening to a track with or without lyrics.

Classical Magic offers children the opportunity to learn classical songs by integrating easy-to-learn lyrics and classical music, which, when combined, help students memorize the composer and the tone of the music with much ease.

Ms. Person is the author of Classical Magic books, and it is her experience as a teacher that has allowed her to develop this new learning tool for children. She is responsible for writing all of the lyrics to the music on her own. Ms. Person has also taught in many different classroom situations across the United States, in Venezuela, Aruba and in southern Mexico, and her passion is to teach classical music to young children both in the classroom and in private piano lessons. She found an "enthusiastic response" to the way she taught music, and that inspired her to write these books.

The Classical Magic series of books offers a variety of different types of information. For starters, it allows for children to learn the definitions of musical terms without needing to study for hours. Ms. Person makes it pleasurable for children to sing along with the books, thereby making learning a fun process. Classical Magic gives children the opportunity to learn from the short biographies of some well-known composers and to identify popular classical themes, all at the same time. The books also provide explanations of style periods and how to pronounce all of these terms and names. Classical Magic currently offers three different books: Themes to Remember, Antonin Dvorak: from The New World with Lyrics, and Classical Karaoke for Kids.

Themes to Remember consists of a book with 110 pages, which includes 40 classical music themes, short biographies of the composers, a compact disc which has the recorded music, and a glossary of helpful terms. The recorded themes on the compact disk have both a version with and without lyrics, which make it fun, educational and easy to learn. Themes To Remember gives children the opportunity to learn moderately-difficult music by singing along with easy lyrics. The music that is selected for the book is catchy, which makes it easy to become entertained for hours. Each book is fully illustrated with children in mind. Two illustrations, "Piano," a quiet little cat, and "Forte," a rather loud little dog, accompany children throughout the books.

Learning about the history of music, as well as the biographies of composers, can be difficult for some children and to aid with one composer, Classical Magic is pleased to present "Antonin Dvorak: from The New World with Lyrics." This book features the biography of Antonin Dvorak with music and illustrations. It is 76 pages long and also features a compact disk, which is to be played while reading the book. Classical Magic cleverly integrates the biography of Dvorak and his classical music pieces into a narrating children’s book, which makes learning about Dvorak’s life an adventure. Not only is it informative but also the children will be fascinated by the art and music. Sample titles for the themes are: Play for the People, With the Gypsies I Want to Stay, Music Calls Me, I Miss You So, My Country, Welcome to Spillville, Chief Big Moon Powwow, and How I Love The Woods.

"Classical Karaoke for Kids" is the third book we offer to children. This book combines singing, learning and playing games all into one. The book was developed to encourage games and movement for children. The games include "Name that Classical Theme," "Name the Composer," "Hum a Theme" (a child hums a theme for others to guess) and "Who Am I?" (a child pretends to be a composer that the others guess). The game ideas are practical and fun ways to learn the information she gives and are a good basis for more creative games if you are interested in uncovering them.

Classical Magic wants to make its consumers happy. We work hard to try to develop books and compact discs that fulfill what we believe to be important for children as they grow. Learning is a never-ending process, one will never stop learning new things and that is why we want to encourage children to learn in a way that is easy and entertaining for them. We specialize in providing educational, easy-to-use books that will bring joy to your children, while learning about the fundamentals of classical music and its composers.