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Book Review: Homespun Memories for the Heart

Published by Revell Books, a [Christian] division of Baker Books, PO Box 6287, Grand Rapids MI 49516-6287


by Alex Scoble

The modern world is made up of material things, which make us lose track of ourselves and of those around us. Year after year, new books emerge which try to sell you new and improved products and services that are guaranteed to make your daily life easier. Most people are so caught up in politics, wars and work that they forget to appreciate what they do have in life. Homespun Memories for the Heart captures a lifetime of memories from the authors and shares them with their readers.

Homespun Memories for the Hear is a book that features holiday and season recipes and family activity advice. The book starts out with an introduction, which explains the reason why the author wrote the book, which was to appreciate the "simple" things in life and to not get caught up in the stress of society. When Kelly, Karen and Trish first started to develop Homespun Memories for the Heart, they reflected back to their happy moments in life and how they were spent with those that they loved. One of her favorite celebrations was always the "Hanging of the Greens." Although these memories may seem so simple, they are powerful enough to make a great impression on somebody’s life.

Homespun Memories for the Heart is a book for families. It offers helpful advice for cooking, parties, creative activities and fun games that the whole family can play. Unlike many other books, it does not require you to go out and buy particular products, nor does it require you to go on expensive trips, so that you may spend better quality time with your family. Instead, Homespun Memories for the Heart promotes the idea of staying at home with loved ones and participating in simple yet fun activities. The book also has special inserts about national holidays and suggestions as to how to celebrate them.

The introduction is helpful, because it sets the mood of the book, later as it goes into the first chapter, it evolves into a helpful cooking book and activity coordinator that is based on people’s real life experiences. This is the beauty of Homespun Memories for the Heart and of how it is set up. This book is 100 percent real. There are no lies, no scams and most definitely no requirements. All that is needed is an open heart and the desire to share part of your life with those you love.

The book’s titles include: Celebrate the New: Spring; Celebrate Golden Days: Summer; Celebrate
Turns and Changes; Celebrate Light in the Dark; Make Birthdays Bright; Celebrate the Milestones; Celebrate Your Faith; Celebrate the Extraordinary: Everyday; and Make the Finishing Touches.

The book is easy to follow, since it is primarily categorized into seasons which you can follow along with as the year goes by. Each chapter lists delicious recipes to share with the family. The chapters also list helpful advice based on past holiday events of the authors and how to better the experiences in the future.

Homespun Memories for the Heart is a great source for families who want to spend more time together or even for friends who enjoy each other’s company. The simple advice that is given in this book can make a world of difference in the way one perceives everyday life. M.H.R.