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The Woggler™ -- for Great Fitness Fun

The Woggler™, manufactured by Elrey Enterprises, Inc., 1285 Grange Hall Road, Corydon, IN 47112, Ph: 812-738-8110; Fax: 812-738-6820; email: Website:

Available in four color schemes. Unit itself: $64.99 [S&H are free.] Various attachments and add-on products are available or in the works. Special discounts for homeschoolers are offered as well! Please inquire about them.

Imagine if you took the wheels off of a skateboard and replaced them with two round platforms that look like large suction cups. With a little experimenting, you found that you could move from place to place by rocking your legs and hips and shifting your weight according to the direction you wanted to move in, just like a regular skateboard. After a short time of simply moving about in this fashion, you would start to develop games to play on your board . . . probably you would convert another skateboard to give to your best friend and the two of you would develop more games and challenging moves to do on your boards. (If someone told you that you were building your body’s core strength, that might take some of the fun out of it, but such seriousness would be easily forgotten.) If, finally, you made a model from scratch, out of high-density foam instead of wood or fiberglass, in a manner of speaking, you would have The Woggler™, brainchild of Richard Heatwole, of Elrey Enterprises, Inc., who has done all of the skateboard-conversion work for you, although The Woggler™ is not really a converted skateboard, but a totally new design in healthy play and exercise.

The underlying health goal of The Woggler™ is to develop and maintain what the inventor calls "Core Harmony". To quote him: "It has long been studied and appreciated by various organizations, including Mayo Clinic, that your core body -- which is the musculature surrounding your spine, your scapula (shoulder blades), your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen -- determine how your body performs. Core development is paramount to wellness and fitness. The core is the main link in the circuitry of the body between the brain and movement. When the core body is weak it does not matter how strong the rest of the body becomes, the brain will not allow the body to perform beyond the strength of the core." The Woggler™ seems to offer one important solution to the growing American youth non-fitness condition. With such a device, that can be used by virtually anyone, and provides such a broad variety of recreational fun, fitness can be much more easily achieved just through "play."

The Woggler™ was introduced as a toy in 2001. It quickly attracted the attention of doctors and physical therapists to help their patients re-develop deep body strength, agility and coordination. They found The Woggler™ to work both sides of the brain, as well, and an optometrist found that its use improved visual perception in many patients! The Woggler™ is a serious fitness tool which helps develop the entire basic musculature of the body. A variety of movements and exercise positions are possible, freehand as well as those with weights and others using bungee cords. The necessity of maintaining balance while hoisting dumbbells or pulling bungee cords increases the value of an exercise, for "fitness" is not simply brute strength, but agility and neuro-muscular-memory (such as that developed in learning to ride a bike). Such movements also increase the fitness of the system of tendons, ligaments and muscles that have to interact well to produce a pleasing level of physical performance.

Now, to the fun aspects of The Woggler.™ Mr. Heatwole has developed sets of exercises and a number of accessories for his invention that provide hours of workouts, games and activities for individual and group or team use. They include a colorful "rug", knee pads, gripping rods, bungee cords and hand grips. The Woggler "rug" is a brightly-colored piece of 100% nylon with a rubber backing, approximately 6 feet long by 3 feet wide. It contains a series of color-fast patterns that correspond with the feet of the device and the user places the feet onto the proper outline -- somewhat like hopscotch. You can kneel down on the rug and grip The Woggler™ with the hand grips, to give your upper body one type of workout as you move along the patterns on the rug. For another upper body workout, you can stand or kneel on The Woggler™ (using the knee pads) and perform dumbbell exercises that increase in value by virtue of the balancing required. The same holds true of the bungee cords and the knee pads are also used to "knee walk" the device for yet another way to build core harmony. The gripping rods are designed for people who have balance problems to begin with -- they are described as being like training wheels for The Woggler.™

The Woggler™ is designed to be a consumer’s dream, being a modular device, so parts can be replaced as they wear out and it is made from High Density Structural Foam whose vivid colors are UV-protected to make The Woggler™ a long-lasting, colorful exercise and/or fun device!