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The Yoga Science Box(ed) Curriculum

by Moriah Harris-Rodger

Yoga Life Style, 116 Costa Road, Highland, NY 12528

To order call the Greenberg Publishing Group 845-883-4220.

Donít be intimidated by the incredible postures youíve seen associated with yoga before. Most people canít just wake up one morning and be that strong and flexible. It takes time and practice. The Yoga Science Box can ease you and your child into yoga and other related educational topics.

The kit was created for children who are from kindergarten level through fifth grade. The yoga techniques are good for any age level, but the curriculum is geared more toward a young child.

The Yoga Science Box is a physical education and academic curriculum that includes text cards, the teacherís manual, measuring tape, stopwatch, compass, pop-up anatomy book and the necessary bamboo and connectors to build a six-foot diameter Icosahedron, a sphere made of 20 equilateral triangles, representing the personal space and energy of the person in the middle. All of the tools that are included in the box are to be used with the lesson plans.

The Yoga Science Box was designed to improve a studentís body and mind. It has the tools to teach children about yoga, anatomy, physics, art, astronomy, geometry, language art, nature and Sanskrit. And offers at least one lesson plan for each topic, 29 in all. It even offers a section on how yoga can help with asthma, and the kit also gives the tools for teaching yoga.

The explanations for the yoga exercises are described with words and pictures so it will be easy for a beginner of yoga to teach it.

According to, yoga dates back to at least 3000 BC and grew out of Stone Age shamanism. The goal of shamanism was to heal people and act as religious mediators. Now, yoga is used as "the most diversified spiritual practice in the world" and has become part of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Western cultures. The modified Five Principles of Yoga, according to Swami Sivananda, a prominent Yoga guru, are proper relaxation, proper exercise, proper breathing, proper diet and positive thinking and meditation.

One does not have to adopt any certain religion to practice yoga, and many use it as a form of relaxation, exercise and meditation. The curriculum offered by The Yoga Science Box manual is written for a teacher of any religious background and focuses on the physiological and educational aspects of yoga.

The program has been used in the San Francisco Unified School District and the Los Angeles Unified School District as part of the teachersí lesson plans. The school districts were part of the curriculumís pilot program, which began for the San Francisco schools eight years ago, and it still uses the curriculum as part of the teachersí lesson plans. According to the article about the program in San Francisco, in the National Education Association Newsletter in October of 2002, the students who did yoga in class (three times a week) really enjoyed the program. It helped them relax and release their energy in a positive way and helped them let go of their anxiety and learn about their bodies and the world around them in a new way.

The teacherís manual, written by Sandy Wong-Sanchez and Tony Sanchez, is written in a way that kindergarten-age children can understand the abstract and complex concepts introduced in the curriculum.

Children are able to develop flexibility and healthy habits early, which will affect them through the rest of their lives. By introducing them to healthy practices early, they will be more aware of their health and bodies for years to come. The Yoga Science Box is an easy way for parents to help their children develop these habits and help them to be healthy people. The Link