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Volume 7, Issue 6

Resource Guide Article Index
What Really Matters
by David Albert & Joyce Reed

The Urban Man
by Marc Porter Zasada

These Days
by Richard Prystowsky

A Christian Homeschooling Dad’s Perspective
by Rey Pozon

The Awful Fate of Being Nobody
by John Taylor Gatto

Midlife Crisis Begins in Kindergarten
by Victoria Kindle Hodson & Mariaemma Willis

What About Us? Renewing Your Marriage
by Erin Chianese

World Travel -- Sort Of
by Karen Raskin Young

The Teaching Company - Great Artists Review
by Moriah Harris-Rodger

They Are My Children, Not My Employees
by Rhonda Robinson

Let’s Stop and Think
by Melissa Coffee

CORE Learning’s Testing Skills Program Review
by Moriah Harris-Rodger

An Interview with an Unschooling Mom
by Mary Leppert

Section Index


A Singapore Math Adventure
by Jenny Hoerst

Saxon Equals Math

English Skills & Language Arts

Picking a Writing Program
by the late David Marks

Reading A To
by Moriah Harris-Rodger

From a Spelling Midget to a Vocabulary Giant
by Hexco

21st Century Homeschooling
by Mimi Rothschild

Action Factor’s “Sing Your Way Through Phonics”
by Alex Scoble

Len Cabral Storyteller
by Michael Leppert

Final Draft 7.1 & Syd Field’s Screenwriting
by Michael Leppert

Family Living

Home-Based Businesses for Homeschoolers
by Mary & Michael Leppert

Character-Based Learning With Choice Skills
by George L. Rodgers

Homespun Memories from the Heart Review
by Alex Scoble

Resources, Groups, State Laws

Resource Guide to Homeschooling
by Marcia Sarka

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs About Homeschooling
from the Homeschool Almanac 2002-2003


The Teaching Company - Astronomy Review
by Alex Scoble

How To Teach (and How To Learn) Science
by Robert Alan Paul

Encouraging Young Scientists
by Noell France

Center for American Archeology

The Yoga Science Box(ed) Curriculum Review
by Moriah Harris-Rodger


MENC: Promoting Excellence in Music Ed
by Barbara B. Moody

Learning Music Appreciation with Classical Magic
by Alex Scoble

On the Threshold of Encircling the World
by Cyndy Rodgers

Why Music?
by Jacquelyne Garms-Forbes

Best Websites

75 Wonderful Homeschooling Websites
by The Link Staff

Homeschooling With Games

Effective Teaching with Games
by Carolyn Forte

Kegals, Kings and Kids’ Sports
by Cyndy Rodgers

The Woggler -- for Great Fitness Fun
by Michael Leppert

The Hearthsong Catalog
by Michael Leppert

Online Education

Center on Congress Website

Mindsprintingcom - Online Tutoring
by Michael Leppert

by Michael Leppert

Global Student Network
by Don Posson

Indiana University Welcomes Homeschoolers


Peterson Directed Handwriting
by Randy Nelson

Swansbury Handwriting System
by Nan J Barchowsky

Christian Home Education

Master Books - Wonders of Creation Science
by Moriah Harris-Rodger

Crossroads Academy, Leadership & Male Ed
by Dr. Donald Rominger, Jr.

The Miller Family Book Collection
by Moriah Harris-Rodgers

A Pirate With Purpose
by Gloria Repp

Sisters in Time: History for Christian Girls
by Moriah Harris-Rodger

Foreign Language

Concordia Language Villages: The World of Academic Summer Camps