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The Link Editorial

Spring Is in the Air

by Michael Leppert

As we round the corner leaving Winter, entering Spring, it is the time that families everywhere begin thinking about Summer Vacation! This is one of the similarities homeschooling families share with “school” families . . . seeking out the perfect locale for a summer excursion. In this issue, we are pleased to offer you an “un-tourist” feature bringing to light some of the excellent vacation companies who offer interesting and exciting (or restful) packages for intelligent, discriminating travelers. Many homeschooling families view a vacation as an extended field trip, extracting as much intellectual stimulus and value from the trip as is possible. If that is your preference, you will pleasantly read our travel article, since most of the companies prepare just such family adventures. One company is owned by a homeschooling family and they appreciate such an approach to “time off.”

Also in this issue, we present part one of a feature on Online Education resources. There are so many excellent electronic distance-learning programs available now that it is very difficult to keep up with them; new ones are being launched nearly every week! Because homeschoolers appreciate the advantages of flexible online learning – and programs exist for K through graduate school now – we feel it is imperative to inform you of them regularly. And in the college vein, Rachel Phillips, a homeschooled young lady from the San Francisco area, offers a very interesting piece about her experience in higher education via Skidmore College in upstate New York. Every parent of a soon-to-be college applicant will want to read Rachel’s article.

We are pleased to bring you two fine articles (A Day in the Life and One Mother’s Talking Points) from homeschooling moms, providing insight into the issues that they face in their respective homeschooling worlds and offering you some food for thought if you face similar issues or challenges. As we are constantly adding new homeschooling families to our family of readers, we wish to remind you to please feel free to submit articles of 1200 to 2000 words to our Editor’s e-mail address: We enjoy publishing articles written by homeschoolers for the edification of the rest of us who are on this exciting journey of autonomous parenting.

New in this issue is the first in a series of regular Math columns from mathmetician and author, Guillermo Mendieta and we continue our MiniScience column with Wooden Generators! Of course, you will also find pithy articles from our regular columnists, David Albert and Joyce Reed in What Really Matters; Erin Chianese in her Teen issues column; Marc Porter Zasada with the Urban Man; Catherine Levison’s Realistic Charlotte Mason; the Learning Success Coaches and Canada’s Michele Hastings’ Michele’s Musings.

Please note that many of these excellent writers/thinkers (and many more!) will grace our June 8-11, 2006 “kid comfortable” homeschool conference in Woodland Hills, CA. For the complete program and to register online, please visit our dedicated conference website: Thank you again for reading The Link and for beautifying America by homeschooling your children! – Michael Leppert ■