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Rod & Staff Curriculum Bible Nurture & Reader Series

by Michael Leppert

Published by Rod & Staff Publishers - Grades 1-9; Textbooks and Teacher’s Manuals are glossy hard cover, workbooks and worksheets are softcover. See or for catalog & prices. Rod & Staff Publishers offers a complete curriculum from Grades 1 through 9, with a few volumes stated as suitable for use with 10th graders as well.

The Reading series of books included in the curriculum teach reading by offering Bible-based material developed for the appropriate grade level. Each textbook volume has 150 for grades 1 to 3. Beginning in Grade 4, the number of lessons varies but each lesson may require more time to complete. Each grade level also includes a varying number of workbooks and supplemental material so that once the student complete the entire course, s/he will have covered a vast amount of language information.

Because the first seven years are considered to be the most significant in the formation of a child’s character, the series provides a thorough grounding in Christian values and sensibilities, while also teaching the student to develop excellent reading and comprehension skills through phonics and supplemental reading assignments.

This is a complete series of readers designed for different levels of use from small households to classroom use and workbooks, worksheets and thorough teacher’s manuals for each reader are also available. As the grade level progresses, the length of reading selection and degree of vocabulary difficulty increase to provide challenging work for the growing student mind. The teacher’s manuals also include playful supplements that will further reinforce the skills taught in the daily curriculum syllabus. Coloring exercises, connect-the-dots and other less formal activities are suggested to maintain a student’s interest.

The Rod & Staff Reading series is designed to be cumulative, so the ideal way to use it would be from first volume; however, if a child does not begin homeschooling until 3rd or 4th grade, the series will still work well, since the student may require a bit of remedial work or a quick review that can be obtained in the first volumes. While the series is decidedly Christian in its base, it is non-denominational in the elementary grade levels. In higher grade levels, there is a section on Anabaptist themes for those who are of that denomination or are interested in its point of view.

A great deal of painstaking work has gone into the Rod & Staff Reading series and this pays dividends to the parent who wishes to protect the spiritual values of his/her children as well as using academically sound material with which to teach. Please visit this Rod & Staff reseller or this alternate Rod & Staff web site to see their catalog and obtain much more information on this excellent series of books. -- M.L.■