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What is it With Homeschoolers and Money? by Diane Flynn Keith
One Mother's Homeschool Talking Points by Krishyon Young

Keep Kids Safe with Cool ID Tags by Linda Pliagas
Rhymes Tables
Kate's Caring Gifts Presents Make Your Own Candy from Natural Ingredients! Review by Kyle Zook
Maestro Classics – formerly Magic Maestro Music

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Welcome to this issue of The Way Home. In this issue we have two great articles for you to read. What Is It With Homeschoolers And Money by Diane Flynn Keith. Diane is the funniest and sharpest writer that I know. She makes nearly all issues with Homeschooling and life in general have a humorous flair. I used to call her the Erma Bombeck of Homeschooling! She tackles the money issue and Homeschoolers with her usual wit that makes it a great read for anyone who knows homeschoolers. We also have a very thoughtful article One Mother's Talking Points by Homeschool Mom, Krishyon Young. This article gives all the reasons to homeschool no matter what the objection may be. Please also visit our advertisers below the articles who make it possible to publish The Link. I would love to send you a free copy of the magazine too! Just e mail me at: mary.thelink@verizon.net. Thank you for reading! Mary.


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Keep Kids Safe with Cool ID TagsCool ID Tags
by Linda Pliagas

No parent wants to think about their child going missing, but if adults prepare for emergencies accordingly, a sense of calm will prevail during times of chaos.

Cool ID Tags (www.CoolIDTags.com) makes it easy and affordable for parents to take necessary precautions, and the company makes the identification tags cool so that kids want to wear them.

Besides the traditional style of wearing the ID tag on a chain around your neck, these specialized tags can also be attached to shoes, a person’s wrist or clothing. They can also serve as nifty luggage tags. The ID tags are lightweight yet sturdy and extremely affordable: One tag is only $7.95 and three tags are only $19.50.

Children will enjoy the fact that they can design their own ID tag online. CoolIDTags.com has over 300 hundred vibrant graphics to choose from. Personalized photos or artwork can be uploaded and also added.

CoolIDTags.com has a unique online order form that allows consumers to see their tag creation as it is being done!

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Stuffy Bear

Bonnie Terry

What is it With Homeschoolers and Money?
By Diane Flynn Keith

Throughout my homeschool journey, I have donated many hours of labor and many dollars from my own pocket to further the cause of home education. I organized lots of events for my local homeschool community -- some for free, some for a fee. I have had interaction with homeschoolers from every socio-economic background imaginable and I have yet to understand what seems to be a collective thought about money -- that homeschoolers don’t have any. Not only that, but because there is a belief that homeschoolers don’t have any money there seems to be an underlying assumption that resources, information and services should be provided dirt cheap, if not for free. Why? What is it with homeschoolers and money?

My observations are based on my personal experience and conversations with homeschool parents, support group leaders, field trip organizers, and homeschool activists and authors. In doing a little research, I also found that responses to surveys by various homeschooling organizations do NOT support the prevailing myth that homeschoolers don’t have money. In fact, one 1999 survey reported the median household income of homeschool families as $50,000-$75,000 per year, a little higher than the national average. In a 2003 homeschool conference exhibitor brochure I found demographics showing a wide income range from $20,000 to $90,000 and up, with 44% earning $40,000-$70,000, 10% earning $70,000-$90,000 and 16% earning $90,000 or more!

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Rhymes TablesRhymes Tables
A fun, effective way to learn multiplication
by Emerson Sandow

Math is on the top of every homeschooling parent’s list of required topics to master. No parent can rest easily about his/her child’s education unless math is properly addressed. Rhymes Tables has a unique and powerful approach to teaching the times tables, using rhymes and vivid images and connecting them to the appropriate numbers.

For instance, “skate” rhymes with eight, “sticks” rhymes with six and “door” rhymes with four, so in the first example on the RT website, 8x8 = 64, using these images and rhymes. The RT approach is to provide a rhyming sentence with this information in it, that stays with your child for life.

As the RT website shows, children who have been tested before and after using Rhymes Tables for only one hour, have increased their number of correct answers from 18 to 29! This sort of performance improvement will ultimately lead to an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem, since both of these personality traits have to be based upon actual success, not merely by telling one’s child that she or he is great. There has to be a foundation for a healthy self-image and math is one of the core fields of endeavor for building such a foundation. Let Rhymes Tables aid your family in developing the multiplication skills that your child will use for years to come. Please visit www.rhymestables.com for a complete “tour” of the program and further information.


Kate's Caring Gifts Presents Make Your Own Candy from Natural Ingredients!Kate's Caring Gifts
Review by Kyle Zook

What better way to captivate a child's interest than by making your own candy! And not just any candy -- the ingredients included in these special kits, available from Kate's Caring Gifts, are natural and organic -- not to mention delicious. Kids love to get hands-on and help mom and dad in the kitchen, stirring and mixing, touching and tasting. But it's much more than that, since in the process kids are connected to the global community by tracing the origins of the raw materials in these educational activity kits.

There are three great kits to choose from in this series, Make Your Own Gummies, Make Your Own Chewing Gum and Make Your Own Chocolate. In the process of learning how to make these candies, children are also being taught about the rainforest, ethnobotany, chemistry, mathematics and measurement, ecology and environmental issues, home economics, nutrition, the oceans and so much more!

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One Mother's Homeschool Talking Point
by Krishyon Young

People often pepper me with homeschool questions. In short order, rationalizations roll smoothly from their lips as to why they “cannot possibly” homeschool their children. It is expected that I will soothe their consciences with a sweet, “Well, perhaps it’s not for everyone.” One day I did not oblige. Instead of a polite nod, I volleyed. With every concern given, I countered; for every excuse the questioner lobbed, I sent back a positive twist. She finally gave up, or gave in you might say, as she is now in her eighth year of homeschooling.

Whether you consider yourself a homeschool crusader or not, you simply cannot avoid the attention you will get once you announce to a crowd, “Actually, we homeschool.” While homeschooling mothers don’t get paid per diem for every convert, we often feel inclined to be the short-term “face” of our incredible movement. After all, someone inspired us once upon a time. In that spirit of giving, I offer you my own “talking points”. Help yourself, take what works for you and toss the rest.
I would homeschool my children, except...

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Magic Maestro

Maestro Classics – formerly Magic Maestro Music
1099 22nd St., NW, Ste. 602/603
Washington, DC 20037

Maestro Classics is a series of classical music CDs for children that is an educational, entertaining listening experience created to enable parents and children to discover the wonders of classical music together.

Our three benefits are concisely described as:
Develop listening skills
Expand listening horizons
Encourage parents and children to listen together

Unique aspects of the product are:

New recordings of the soundtracks with the London Philharmonic Orchestra
Biographies of the composers and histories of the works themselves on each CD
The conductor talking about what to listen for in the music with musical examples
A track with a major theme transformed into a different musical genre (from jazz to Russian folk music to heavy metal)
A play-along or sing-along track (from singing to Suzuki violin to kitchen percussion)

Peter and the Wolf is the classic example of this musical genre. Now there are more works combining stories with classical music to introduce children to the magical sounds of the symphony orchestra.

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