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Welcome to our latest issue of The Way Home Newsletter.  Thank you for reading it. This issue has some interesting and helpful articles and products that can assist your homeschooling endeavors.  We hope you benefit from the information we present and please let us know if there is something in particular you wish to see in future issues of The Way Home or The Link Homeschool Magazine.  We will do our best to present you with the information that you need and want.  Happy Spring!!

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Homeschooler on American Idol!

Mishavonna Henson, an 18-year-old homeschooled singer from Irvine, CA, is among American Idol's Top 36 Contestants. She'll be performing on Wednesday, February 25th on FOX TV - and you can vote for her after the show. YOUR VOTES CAN PUT HER IN THE TOP 12! See her profile and get further details at www.AmericanIdol.com



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Keep Kids Safe with Cool ID TagsCool ID Tags
by Linda Pliagas

No parent wants to think about their child going missing, but if adults prepare for emergencies accordingly, a sense of calm will prevail during times of chaos.

Cool ID Tags (www.CoolIDTags.com) makes it easy and affordable for parents to take necessary precautions, and the company makes the identification tags cool so that kids want to wear them.

Besides the traditional style of wearing the ID tag on a chain around your neck, these specialized tags can also be attached to shoes, a person’s wrist or clothing. They can also serve as nifty luggage tags. The ID tags are lightweight yet sturdy and extremely affordable: One tag is only $7.95 and three tags are only $19.50.

Children will enjoy the fact that they can design their own ID tag online. CoolIDTags.com has over 300 hundred vibrant graphics to choose from. Personalized photos or artwork can be uploaded and also added.

CoolIDTags.com has a unique online order form that allows consumers to see their tag creation as it is being done!

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Let’s Stop and Think

by Melissa Coffey

Sometimes being a military family has its advantages, particularly when explaining to the folks back home that you will be homeschooling the kiddos. The assumption is that the schools are sub-standard and you’re doing the best you can until getting to an area that has a "good school district." Then you move again and the kids still stay home and you start hearing undertones of worry over the phone line, which progressively get a little more intrusive as each grade level passes. You can tell they are holding something back, but they don’t ask and you don’t tell. Suddenly, the unthinkable happens: Your family moves back home and you don’t rush to the nearest school to enroll. Then it all unwinds.

Such is the experience with our family. After eight years of the Navy life, our family was geared up to get out and settle down closer to my husband’s hometown. As the time drew near for our big move, the phone calls home took on a new tone. During a phone conversation with my mother-in-law, small hints were dropped about how good the area schools were. It was then I realized that my husband’s family assumed our homeschooling choice was just until we relocated there. All I could mutter was, "I highly doubt we will ever enroll them...we love this lifestyle." What I got on the other end was "Hmmmm…."

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Kuddl’ems “Stuffy Bear” Kits & Stuffing Parties Stuffy Bear

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by Melissa Stepan

Kuddl’ems, offers a wide variety of Animal Stuffing Kits!! Bears, Cows, Dogs, a Calico Cat, two colors of Unicorn, Reindeer . . . Imagine being a child and having the opportunity to build your own stuffed animal and when I say “build”, I mean build. No stuffing machine, here. These kits are made for hand-stuffing by children or adults, and meet all safety requirements. Each Animal Stuffing Kit includes a high-quality unstuffed 16” animal “skin”, stuffing material, a wishing star, birth certificate and a poly bag; all the necessary tools to help build the perfect lifelong friend -- your own personal stuffed animal.

Kuddl’ems also specializes in fundraising and home-based business opportunities that are perfect for homeschool groups and families or church, etc., that need to raise money through fundraising. Simply log onto www.kuddlems.com or call 212-501–7711 to organize the perfect fundraiser. For those of you looking to generate some additional income through a fun and easy home business, consider giving an animal – stuffing party for children in your community. Kuddl’ems will work with you and help you get started. The demand for stuffed animals will never be exhausted and their selection of hand-stuffed animals and kits are popular, due to their low price and high quality. You will find virtually endless opportunities and benefits with Kuddl’ems. Call them today to get started!


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Outside of Home Activities

by Sandra Holland

New home-educating families sometimes are at a loss as to how to prepare activities for their children. Other than the usual support group, field trips and piano lessons, how does a class of one, or a class of multiple ages, find things to do?

You just about can't get around the fact that children of different ages like and have the aptitude for different activities. So, it is best to break down the activities into pre-school, elementary, junior high and high school, just the way the institutional schools do. This does not mean that they are hard and fast divisions, but they help. It is possible for a first-grader to go on a field trip with a seventh-grader and for a 15-year-old to enjoy a presentation intended for adults.

Toddlers will enjoy story time at libraries and books stores. Museums, particularly children's museums, have activities for very young children. The age group that the public school calls "preschooler" can also be taken on simple field trips such as to the zoo, a dairy farm or other site devoted to nature explorations.

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“The world would be a better place if everyone could send their children to SuperCamp.”

That’s a direct quote from a homeschooling mother who sent her 15-year old son to SuperCamp. Going in, she knew that no other summer camp helps kids in the areas of learning and life skills like SuperCamp. But the real proof of SuperCamp’s value came when she attended her son’s graduation on day 10. The look in his eyes and the smile on his face spoke volumes, as did his comment, “It was the best 10 days of my life!”

At SuperCamp, we’re all about making great kids greater. We start by uncovering and teaching to the individual’s particular learning style. And over the course of the 10 days we orchestrate many “mini-success moments” for each camper, helping build self-esteem, confidence and motivation. They return home ready to tackle every challenge with a positive attitude and committed focus.

We offer a Junior Forum program for boys and girls ages 11-13 and a Senior Forum program for teens ages 14-18. The programs held at eight beautiful college campuses from Stanford in the west to Cornell in the east. Learn more at www.SuperCamp.com. Then call our helpful customer service and enrollment specialists at 1-800-285-3276. They’ll answer all of your questions and tell you about available camp dates and locations for this summer.

For those individuals who will enter college in the fall, our eight-day Quantum U college skills camp at Colorado College (August 2-9) helps them get ready for the college experience with college-level learning skills and down-to-earth advice on how to succeed in college while dealing with an increased level of freedom. Learn more at www.Quantum-U.com or by calling 800-285-3276.

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