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Be A Carrrrrrr School Pirate!
By Diane Flynn Keith
Four Reasons Why a Charlotte Mason Education Is Better Than a Workbook-Textbook Education
By Sheila Carroll, Living Books Curriculum

Dear Readers:

Please enjoy this issue of The Way Home. Today is the first day of Spring. Charlotte Mason would say, "Take a nature walk". When I was homeschooling my son, who is now 21, I always had to stop myself from having the seasons make me think things like, "Oh I had better hurry and get more school work done before summer". Or "Oh no, Fall is coming and I am not ‘ready’"!!! I am glad homeschooling has become so mainstream that new homeschoolers do not have to think in school terms! I hope you all have a great Spring. Go outside and take a "nature walk", go to the park, enjoy the outside.

Thank you for reading,

Mary Leppert.


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Be A Carrrrrrr School Pirate!

By Diane Flynn Keith

You might be paying more at the pump these days - but don't let the gas prices thwart your plans for a road trip. Think of those gas dollars as tuition payments for your Carschool! One fun way to get the biggest educational bang for your gas buck is to try Carschooling Unit Studies. Simply adopt a fun theme for your road trip that will enhance learning in the car. For example...

Avast, me hearties! Set sail on your adventures with the help of pirates! Cover history, language arts, math, social studies and every subject through a pirate theme. Thanks to Disney and Johnny Depp, pirates are hot! So, your kids will love learning on the road once they've been transformed into salty dogs and swashbucklers. On your next car trip invite the kids aboard the good ship Odyssey (or whatever the make/model is of your car). Use a pirate theme throughout your trip to have fun and promote learning while you steer your vessel through streets and byways!

You'll need a little advance preparation to get your car and crew ship-shape for the voyage! Here are some ideas to get you started...

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Four Reasons Why a Charlotte Mason Education Is Better Than a Workbook-Textbook Education

By Sheila Carroll, Living Books Curriculum

Karen, a homeschooling mother, called me in tears, “I can’t seem to get school done in a day. We start at nine and are still working at three or four in the afternoon, with only a break for lunch. I make the kids stay until their worksheets are done. They hate school and I am worn out. What can I do?”

This mother was doing her utmost to give her children a quality education but she didn’t see joy in learning or learning. I asked her why she chose to use workbooks and textbooks for her homeschool curriculum. “It’s what I used in public school. Isn’t that what you do when you homeschool -- bring school home?”

“No,” I said, “Your home is a garden of learning and your children are tender plants. You must give them what they need to grow.”

“How do I do that?” she asked.

“Well, there are four ‘firsts’ that, when you have mastered them, you will be well on your way to joyful learning.”

1. The Child as Person

The first “first” is to see your children as persons. There are usually two views of children in education; others are variations on these two. The first sees the child as a product of his environment. I call it the “child as bucket” approach, from the quote by W.B. Yeats, “Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire”

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