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Secrets: Cooking With the Lepperts by Mary & Michael Leppert
What It Means To Be Green What’s it worth to save the earth? By Glenda Lehman Ervin, Lehman’s Hardware

Survival Outpost: Readiness and Survival in an Uncertain World
Kudd'lems "Stuffy Bear"Kits & Stuffing Parties
How to Prepare Your Homeschooler for College

Welcome to this edition of The Way Home. I want to share with you my optimism for the present and future. I have been thinking about the economic and social atmosphere we are surrounded by. I believe that some of the “news” we are receiving is overblown and pumped with negativity and pessimism; some of it is, of course, real. But in the midst of the firestorm and upheaval, I feel that homeschooling families possess excellent chances for coming through it all virtually unscathed. Since we are used to being self-sufficient in varying degrees, and we are typically used to not being part of the mainstream of society and its values, many of the ills we are observing and hearing about are not part of our reality. Homeschooling parents often work from home and/or are self-employed. They are used to being self-disciplined and motivated. Homeschooling families often have to make their own learning materials and may even learn to make their own clothes and some household items, as part of the full “learning” experience. In times such as these, the practices of economy and prudence enable us to avoid doing without – since we did without anyway! I see these changes as being for the better, ultimately. I think our society will benefit in the long run from the renewing and re-viewing of our values and goals. Thank you for reading our publications!
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Readiness and Survival in an Uncertain World: Why You Should Care To PrepareSurvival Center
By Kevin Baum

I recently stayed at a high-end hotel, for business, and was struck by how empty the place was. No matter where I went I was alone, wandering the halls of a seemingly empty facility. It was unsettling and strange, like a plot out of a B-grade movie where suddenly one person finds that he is all alone in the world.

One evening, while eating dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, I mentioned my observation to the waitress. “You’re right,” she said. “I think with one exception, you are the only person staying here. In fact, we just had to lay off a lot of our employees. Some had been here for years.” I replied that I was sorry to hear that the economic crisis has hit them so hard.

“It’s more than just the economy,” she continued as she stared up at the ceiling; “Something just doesn’t seem right. It’s as if the world is off course or something. Just watch T.V., it’s all doom and gloom. It reminds me of the months just after September 11, when the world went into a holding pattern while everybody waited anxiously for who-knows-what to happen. I’m nervous. All my friends are nervous.” She paused and looked back down at me as she finished her musings, “Anyway, one thing is certain: We live in interesting times . . . ”

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Kuddl’ems “Stuffy Bear” Kits & Stuffing Parties
by Melissa Stepan Stuffy Bear

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Kuddl’ems, offers a wide variety of Animal Stuffing Kits!! Bears, Cows, Dogs, a Calico Cat, two colors of Unicorn, Reindeer . . . Imagine being a child and having the opportunity to build your own stuffed animal and when I say “build”, I mean build. No stuffing machine, here. These kits are made for hand-stuffing by children or adults, and meet all safety requirements. Each Animal Stuffing Kit includes a high-quality unstuffed 16” animal “skin”, stuffing material, a wishing star, birth certificate and a poly bag; all the necessary tools to help build the perfect lifelong friend -- your own personal stuffed animal.

Kuddl’ems also specializes in fundraising and home-based business opportunities that are perfect for homeschool groups and families or church, etc., that need to raise money through fundraising. Simply log onto www.kuddlems.com or call 212-501–7711 to organize the perfect fundraiser. For those of you looking to generate some additional income through a fun and easy home business, consider giving an animal – stuffing party for children in your community. Kuddl’ems will work with you and help you get started. The demand for stuffed animals will never be exhausted and their selection of hand-stuffed animals and kits are popular, due to their low price and high quality. You will find virtually endless opportunities and benefits with Kuddl’ems. Call them today to get started!

How to Prepare Your Homeschooler for College Homeschool Nation

Is your child prepared for college? For most, the decision will determine where your child will spend the next four years of his or her life. Good preparation for this decision means early preparation. Choosing a college is an exciting decision for students and parents alike. HSNATION.com is a must-see site for all high school homeschoolers with goals of attending college. This is because HSNATION is a college preparation resource specifically geared towards homeschool students. For a limited time, and while supplies last, HSNATION would like to give your homeschool student a FREE 2009-2010 college prep book. Log onto www.HSNATION.com and request your copy today. While you’re there, check out this informative site.

You will be impressed with the sheer volume of beneficial information for college bound students, including, but not limited to 1) how to prepare for college while still in high school, 2) how to develop a high school transcript, 3) how to write a college application essay, 4) how to pay for college through the use of grants, scholarships, earned money, etc., 5) tips from admissions directors and 6) advice from homeschool grads who have made the transition to collegiate life.

HSNATION.com gives pointers on how to effectively write a college application essay (with advice from actual admissions officers), introduces your student to other homeschoolers that have made the transition to college life and gives you great financial information, which is an especially useful tool when preparing for College.

HSNation.com is an exceptional site for college bound homeschooling students. Check it out and sign up for your free 2009-2010 college prep book. Go to www.HSNATION.com now and investigate how to get your child into their college of choice. You will be glad you did.

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Secrets: Cooking With the Lepperts
by Mary & Michael Leppert

When a family develops the home-centered lifestyle known as homeschooling, two of the main things to occur are: (1) They learn to live on one or one-and-a-half incomes and (2) They become more conscious of home-based living in general. When one parent (at least) stays at home along with the children, it does not take long for cooking to become part of everyday life that the entire family shares. Most children love to help in the kitchen and cooking provides a laundry list of advantages to parents and kids alike.

Practicing the culinary arts can be used as a real-life math-teaching supplement, what with calculating measurements and then actually measuring ingredients. It can also serve as a way to teach one’s child how to follow instructions. (Even great “vibe” chefs have to refer to books or recipes from time to time.) Of course, other advantages are that home-fashioned foods are more flavorful, healthy and economical to eat. These last three elements are the reason for us to write this column.

What you will find in our cooking column will reflect who we are. Michael worked as a professional cook for over 10 years in many restaurants in Southern California. Through this experience, he learned basic food theory -- which includes preparation as well as actual techniques of cooking. Mary learned to cook first from her paternal grandmother and mother, each of whom had a different ethnic background and produced very different dishes. As an adult, she attended many cooking classes and food lectures in the natural/vegetarian food field. We both love to cook and to eat; we also know about many aspects of healthy and economical eating that we would like to share with you. When our son, Lennon, was born in 1987, we were strict vegetarians.

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What It Means To Be Green
What’s it worth to save the earth?
By Glenda Lehman Ervin, Lehman’s Hardware

This is the third of a three-part series on how to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. It will help you make eco-friendly choices that are easy on your budget, as well as Mother Nature.

One of the most attractive benefits of living green is that it will save you money. That’s right – save cash as you save the earth. What could be better than that? Here are tips on how to live a greener life, without ruining all your fun.

Quit buying bottled water: Bottled water costs about $8 per gallon, compared to a gallon of tap water that costs a fraction of a penny. The plastic bottles are littering the streams, woods and landfills of our country. Get a reusable bottle and, well, reuse it!

Stop mowing and start growing: Our obsession with an acre of perfectly fertilized and mown lawns is uniquely American. Why not take a portion of your lawn and plant flowers, or better yet, a garden. Then you can cancel your gym membership – think of all the calories you are burning as you grow food for your family.

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