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Dear Learning Success™ Coaches by Victoria Kindle Hodson & Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis
The Relaxed Homeschool Mindset by Dr. Mary Hood

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Artistic Pursuits Review by Linda K. Foster
Meet Me at the Corner by Melissa Stepan
Kudd'lems "Stuffy Bear"Kits & Stuffing Parties
by Melissa Stepan

Dear Learning Success™ Coaches
by Victoria Kindle Hodson & Mariaemma Pelullo-Willis

Dear Coaches,

A friend of mine told me to write to you. She said you would give me a different point of view about my son. He was just diagnosed with ADD, and at times I feel sad to think that he has a disability. At other times I feel relieved to have the mystery about his spacey, dreamy behavior solved. I’m not sure what you can tell me; I’m just taking my friend’s advice. -- Theresa

Dear Theresa,

ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) is a medical diagnosis that technically applies to very few people. ADD is a term that is used to describe the distracted, spacey behavior some children (and adults) demonstrate when they are asked to perform boring, repetitive tasks in distracting settings. This is a diagnosis that puts the emphasis on what a person isn’t able to do. It identifies a weakness and attempts to remediate it by using medicinal drugs.

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Artistic Pursuits
Review by Linda K. FosterArtistic Pursuits

Children, by their very nature, are creative beings and, unfortunately, too many art programs offer structured instruction that stifles this natural creativity. Artistic Pursuits takes the approach that teaching children to go beyond their first ideas and find solutions that are personal to them can stimulate creativity and the motivation to continue learning. Artistic Pursuits encourages students to explore their environment by looking at new things and new places and looking at them again and again until they see each in a new light. The creative process involves the artist starting with an image and manipulating it until it becomes technically and visually appealing, communicating what the artist is trying to say. Artistic Pursuits believes that this process can and should be developed at an early age and has designed programs beginning with grades K-3 and advancing to grades 4-12.

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Meet Me at the CornerMeet Me at the Corner
By Melissa Stepan

In today’s world the idea of self-expression via the Internet can be a scary concept. Many open forums for kids and/or adults can be extreme and in some cases a dangerous scenario; however, there is a place and outlet that is indeed safe for kids and we wish to introduce you to it: www.meetmeatthecorner.org is a dynamic, interactive site which promotes and encourages individual expression and participation through video submissions from children worldwide. Meet Me at the Corner’s goal is to create a community of children whom can learn the art of self-expression and storytelling through video.

Donna W. Guthrie, author of more than twenty award-winning children’s books, is also the founder and creator of Meet Me at the Corner. Donna’s vision and concept has created a virtual media outlet for kids. At www.meetmeatthecorner.org children become reality-show hosts, journalists and directors of their own documentaries. Once you have logged onto this amazing site, you will have full access to past videos that include stories like twelve-year old music student, Aglaia’s interview with Alexandra Dunbar, an accomplished harpsichordist at the Julliard School of Music in New York City or Emma’s interview with children’s author Michael Buckley during their visit to Abrams Books.

Parents will love this site and love that their children have a safe, secure and creative place to express themselves, tell a story, display an interview and better yet, show off their videotaping talents. For more information on how your child can learn how to upload his/her own educational tapings, contact the Meet Me at the Corner editorial department by logging onto www.meetmeathecorner.org or simply call 719-633-3595. MS

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Kuddl’ems “Stuffy Bear” Kits & Stuffing Parties
by Melissa Stepan Stuffy Bear

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Kuddl’ems, offers a wide variety of Animal Stuffing Kits!! Bears, Cows, Dogs, a Calico Cat, two colors of Unicorn, Reindeer . . . Imagine being a child and having the opportunity to build your own stuffed animal and when I say “build”, I mean build. No stuffing machine, here. These kits are made for hand-stuffing by children or adults, and meet all safety requirements. Each Animal Stuffing Kit includes a high-quality unstuffed 16” animal “skin”, stuffing material, a wishing star, birth certificate and a poly bag; all the necessary tools to help build the perfect lifelong friend -- your own personal stuffed animal.

Kuddl’ems also specializes in fundraising and home-based business opportunities that are perfect for homeschool groups and families or church, etc., that need to raise money through fundraising. Simply log onto www.kuddlems.com or call 212-501–7711 to organize the perfect fundraiser. For those of you looking to generate some additional income through a fun and easy home business, consider giving an animal – stuffing party for children in your community. Kuddl’ems will work with you and help you get started. The demand for stuffed animals will never be exhausted and their selection of hand-stuffed animals and kits are popular, due to their low price and high quality. You will find virtually endless opportunities and benefits with Kuddl’ems. Call them today to get started!


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The Relaxed Homeschool Mindset
by Dr. Mary Hood

Excerpted from The Enthusiastic Homeschooler, Ambleside Educational Press, Cartersville, GA

What is relaxed homeschooling, anyway? I get a lot of phone calls and letters from readers, many of whom say things like the following: "I’m really drawn to the relaxed homeschooling method. My problem is, I don’t really understand how it works. What do I do when we get up in the mornings? What happens when my kids are lazy? Do I step in with more traditional methods?"I really enjoy your philosophy of homeschooling. Unfortunately, my kids just aren’t motivated like yours are. I’d like to be like you, but I don’t think we will ever be successful or relaxed. And I lost my joy a long time ago."

"Relaxed homeschooling . . . isn’t that an oxymoron?"
The problem with most of these readers is that they misunderstand what "relaxed homeschooling" is all about. It isn’t a method. Relaxed homeschoolers may use all kinds of methods as they tailor things for each individual child. It isn’t a curriculum, or the absence of a curriculum. I’ve used various books and materials over the years, including some textbooks when a child asked for them or when I thought they were a useful resource in the upper grades. It isn’t really a philosophy, either, because I don’t have the time to create a whole new philosophy, and you don’t have time to study one.

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