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We Need Less School, Not More by John Taylor Gatto
To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate by Mary Kenyon

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Online Homeschool Curriculum from Time4Learning
Kudd'lems "Stuffy Bear"Kits & Stuffing Parties
by Melissa Stepan
Meet Me at The Corner Kids' Writing Contest
The Macabi Skirt: Fashionably Modest, Adventure Friendly By Linda Pliagas

The Need for Vigilance Never Ends

There seems to be peace across the land regarding homeschooling and its legal status, but the ridiculous proposal being bandied about, requiring day-care operators to possess a bachelor’s degree serves as a warning that we homeschoolers can never relax thinking that our rights are secure. In Vol 4, Issue 2, (1998 or ’99 [see link below]) of The Link Newspaper, we ran an article entitled “Are We Qualified To Teach Our Own?” that discussed how 56% of the aspiring teachers in Massachusetts had failed the 1998 entrance exam for the Student Teacher Program. The failed test-takers misspelled words a nine-year-old is expected to know; could not correctly define a verb or noun and could not write in complete sentences. (The Mass. Teachers Association called upon the governor and legislature to lower the standards for prospective teachers!) The big news is that all of these people were recent college grads, with bachelor’s degrees. Let us never think we are safe from government encroachment.
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Michael Leppert
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Online Homeschool Curriculum from Time4Learning

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Time 4 Learning

Time4Learning’s PreK – 8th Grade Curriculum uses an approach that takes advantage of today's technology. Their learning system consists of a convenient, online home education program that teaches with fun, educational games. Whether mainstream, gifted, or special needs, Time4Learning provides a flexible, student-paced approach. Use it for homeschool, after school, summer learning or with another curriculum.

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We Need Less School, Not More
By John Taylor Gatto

John Taylor Gatto, a 30-year teaching veteran of Manhattan’s junior high schools is a staunch supporter of homeschooling. Mr. Gatto is often featured on “Coast To Coast with George Noorey” and is a popular speaker at homeschool conferences and other alternative education conferences.

A surprising number of otherwise sensible people find it hard to see why the scope and reach of our formal schooling networks should not be increasd -- by extending the school day or year, for instance -- in order to provide an economical solution to the problems posed by the decay of the American family. One reason for their preference, I think, is that they have trouble understanding the real difference between communities and networks.

Because of this confusion, they conclude that replacing a bad network with a good one is the right way to go. Since I disagree so strongly with the fundamental premise that networks are workable substitutes for families, and because from anybody’s point of view a lot more school is going to cost a lot more money, I thought I’d tell you why, from a schoolteacher’s perspective, we shouldn’t be thinking of more school, but of less.

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Act Advantage

Kuddl’ems “Stuffy Bear” Kits & Stuffing Parties
by Melissa Stepan Stuffy Bear

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Kuddl’ems, offers a wide variety of Animal Stuffing Kits!! Bears, Cows, Dogs, a Calico Cat, two colors of Unicorn, Reindeer . . . Imagine being a child and having the opportunity to build your own stuffed animal and when I say “build”, I mean build. No stuffing machine, here. These kits are made for hand-stuffing by children or adults, and meet all safety requirements. Each Animal Stuffing Kit includes a high-quality unstuffed 16” animal “skin”, stuffing material, a wishing star, birth certificate and a poly bag; all the necessary tools to help build the perfect lifelong friend -- your own personal stuffed animal.

Kuddl’ems also specializes in fundraising and home-based business opportunities that are perfect for homeschool groups and families or church, etc., that need to raise money through fundraising. Simply log onto www.kuddlems.com or call 212-501–7711 to organize the perfect fundraiser. For those of you looking to generate some additional income through a fun and easy home business, consider giving an animal – stuffing party for children in your community. Kuddl’ems will work with you and help you get started. The demand for stuffed animals will never be exhausted and their selection of hand-stuffed animals and kits are popular, due to their low price and high quality. You will find virtually endless opportunities and benefits with Kuddl’ems. Call them today to get started!

Thames and Kosmom

Meet Me at The Corner
Kids' Writing Contest

Meet Me at the Corner

June 21st is Father’s Day. To honor the special day, children ages 7-13 can participate in a writing contest, “7 Reasons I Love My Dad” (7ReasonsILoveMyDad.com). The contest is sponsored by kids’ virtual field trip Web site Meet Me At The Corner (MeetMeAtTheCorner.org).

One winner in each age group, age 7-9 and age 10-12, will receive a special $50.00 Amazon.com gift certificate for their dad. In addition, each winner will have their lists made into a special pod cast to be aired on June 21st at MeetMeAtTheCorner.org. To enter, kids can submit their list, plus a photo with dad, to: 7 Reasons I Love My Dad Contest, 1710 First Ave, PO Box 283, New York, NY 10128. Visit: 7ReasonsILoveMyDad.com. for an official entry form and submission guidelines.

The contest deadline is June 7, 2009.


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To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate
by Mary Kenyon

I used to be one of those people who didn't ever question "the system." During my early college years I pretty much accepted everything around me as the status quo. If my professor said something that I had doubts about, I didn't express my doubts, I backed down, thinking he or she was probably right. After all, they had the Ph.D., they must know what they were talking about.

The same thing happened when I gave birth to my first child. I'd read that it was good to walk around in labor, but when told to stay in my bed and labor. I did what I was told. When I got up to go to the bathroom a nurse rushed in the room scolding me, "Don't you know that if you walk around the baby can descend and the cord can wrap around its neck and kill it?" I was terrified the rest of my labor, thinking I had harmed my baby by walking around!! Even though I had read differently, I believed the nurse because she was a nurse! I wasn't much smarter with my second labor, allowing labor to be induced just because I had arrived at the hospital with false labor pains and a week overdue. With my first two labors I was flat on my back in bed, hooked up to an IV and monitors. From my reading I knew it didn't have to be like that, but I also knew I might not have much choice in a teaching hospital, so I put up with it, mostly in silence. At least I was smart enough to breast-feed my babies, even though I started Daniel on 2% milk at seven months because my doctor recommended it. After all, the doctor knows best, right?

In regards to immunizing my children, 19 years ago there just wasn't much information against it, and required immunizations were far fewer than now. Since my children would be attending public school I knew they would have to have the required shots, so I got them. It wasn't until I was pregnant with my third child that I even read any Mothering magazines and realized that there were many people who were refusing vaccinations. I'd hated the fevers, crying and leg soreness my first children experienced but hadn't thought of refusing vaccinations.

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The Macabi Skirt is Fashionably Modest yet Adventure Friendly
Review by By Linda Pliagas

Macabi SkirtSummer is right around the corner and the Macabi Skirt® is the perfect article of clothing to usher in the warm season.  With its modest appeal and versatility, the Macabi Skirt is both fashionable and functional. 

The Macabi Skirt is a must-have for every adventurer’s closet.  Carol Louder, creator and owner, chose to work with Supplex®, the high-tech nylon that looks, feels and breathes like soft cotton.  Supplex® is windproof and breathable, cottony soft, yet strong. It’s water-resistant and quick drying, stain and fade resistant, lightweight and packable,

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