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Dear Learning-Success™ Coaches
Sharing the Little House Books
by Ann Weller Dah

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Here at the Link magazine, our son, Lennon, does all of the layout of the magazine. I went back to his office and asked him to give me a topic for this issue of The Way Home. I asked him what he thought would be good to write about in this issue. He said, "Why don't you write about how hard it is during the holidays to be a Homeschooler?" I asked him what he meant by that and he said that when school would let out for Christmas every year, all of the kids on our cul-de-sac who were in school, always got things for Christmas that he was not allowed to have. I questioned him further and asked him what that had to do with Homeschooling and he said that most of his Homeschooled friends had parents -- us included -- who were so restrictive that most of his friends could not have the latest trends in toys that the school kids could have. I thought that was interesting because, of course, I see it in a different light. I think Homeschooling affords parents and children the opportunity to carve out a certain environment and to be more autonomous. I am sure that there are plenty of parents who send their kids to school who care about the toys and products their children play with but, I think it is actually harder for them with their children in the social main stream. That is why, during the Holiday Season, I was always especially thankful for the lifestyle we call "Homeschooling." Enjoy this issue.




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Dear Learning-Success™ Coaches

Dear Learning-Success™ Coaches,

My son is a shy, 12-year-old bookworm and a loner. He doesn’t even try to make friends.He is bored with schoolwork most of the time. There are only a few science-related things that he wants to learn about, and that’s all. He is clumsy and awkward and wants no part of sports or physical activities. I worry that he won’t be a well-rounded person, that he will have huge gaps in his knowledge, skills, and experiences. He doesn’t want to hear anything that I have to say. I would love to hear what you have to say.

Thanks, Gabriele

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Digi[cation] e-PortfoliosDigication

Stand Out with a Homeschool e-Portfolio
On-line Publishing and Record Keeping for Homeschoolers

Homeschooling has ignited a path to reclaim learning innovation and independent thinking. But, how does a parent or homeschool student showcase the mastering of subjects and unique work?

An Electronic Portfolio or e-Portfolio can showcase a homeschooler’s learning experience by gathering each accomplishment along the way. An e-Portfolio is a viable method to assess, both continually and annually, a student's academic progress, and helps both parent and student compare work objectively during the school year.

A homeschool e-Portfolio can be accessed by whom you choose - family members, other homeschoolers, and local school administrators if assessment is required. In fact, parents can present a homeschool e-Portfolio for state review and acceptance, and student’s can use the collection of work as an important record for entry into school or college or obtaining a high school diploma.

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Sharing the Little House Books
by Ann Weller Dah

Recently, as the speaker at the annual meeting of the Friends of the Goucher College Library, I shared my enthusiasm for the writings of the late Laura Ingalls Wilder. In particular, I noted the timeless philosophy of life she expressed not only in her writing for children in the classic "Little House" series but also in her writing for adults. She wrote for adults long before she penned the children's books, but the pieces were mainly for newspapers and magazines.

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Books Kids Love To Read

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Advent Film Group

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