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Homeschooling the Late Bloomer by Carolyn Forte
Handwriting: How & Why

The Kid's Culinary Academy
Art Instruction Schools - Creating Better Artists Since 1914
Dositey Corporation - 15 Minutes a Day Can Equal Homeschool Success by Linda Pliagas
ChatterChix™ by Sylvia Bardelli

Dear Readers:

I always find The Holidays from Thanksgiving to the New Year to be the busiest season of the year as I am sure most of you do as well. What I find funny about this is that this time is supposed to be an occasion that we all slow down and spend precious moments with family and friends. I am making a personal attempt to change my idea of what I think I should be doing.  I am going to cook more at home, slow down, try my best not to do things that cause me stress and in general to have a more joy filled life!  

I wish you all the same. 

Please enjoy this issue of The Way Home.


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The Kid's Culinary Academy

Kid's Culinary

Homeschooling Programs

In Spring 2008 The Kids' Culinary Academy of Vermont made a decision to offer year round one week sessions primarily focussed on the vast homeschooling and charter school students throughout the nation. This decision took significant form following the Academy's decision to forge a strategic marketing alliance with "The Link" (The Nation's Homeschooling Newspaper). Between August 2008 and August 2009, KCA has scheduled one week sessions (one week each month) to provide homeschooling and charter school families many calendar options for their children to take advantage of the outstanding culinary curriculum offered. We also offer customized curriculums for your homeschooling group and we will even bring our classes to your facility. (Special arrangements need to be made).

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Cottey College

Itchy's Alphabet

Moody Publishing

Homeschooling the Late Bloomer
by Carolyn Forte

More than thirty years ago, as a college student, I worked as an aide at Carl Harvey School for the Orthopedically Handicapped in Orange County, California. During two summers working with severely handicapped children, I learned that "experts" can help and advise, but that the very best results come only with the efforts of dedicated parents who are willing to spend limitless hours with their handicapped children. Conversely, I learned that any parent who gives a school or therapist all the responsibility for educating or training his child, physically or mentally, had better seriously lower his expectations. One would think that this kind of information was a given for most homeschoolers. Most of us are homeschooling at least in part because we have rejected the "experts" and decided that we can do a better job ourselves. It is clear, however, to anyone watching the homeschool movement today that the "experts" are moving back in and therein lies the danger.

The definitions and types of handicaps have exploded since the 1960’s. Where once we thought of a child who was deaf, blind or physically handicapped as disabled, we now have a disability to fit almost everyone and a host of "experts" to match. This proliferation of "disabilities" makes a handsome addition to the GNP but it leaves a lot of pain and agony in its wake.

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Hi Marqs

Art Instruction SchoolArt Instruction Schools - Creating Better Artists
Since 1914

Scholarships are available - Over $20,000 awarded monthly

Since 1914, Art Instruction Schools has helped thousands of aspiring artists become more skilled, confident and creative with their art. Develop your skills from home, on your own pace, while receiving one-on-one instruction. The fully accredited Fundamentals of Art course is designed to include all popular art techniques and is recognized as one the most extensive art education courses available.

The Fundamentals of Art course begins with the basics then moves through a series of lessons focused on the more specialized aspects of art. Each lesson builds on the last, taking you into new areas while developing your skills and unique style. Not only is all textbooks provided, but also the supplies and materials you'll need to complete every lesson. The newly revised textbooks become a professional-quality reference library for you to keep. The instructors at Art Instruction Schools are professional artists, certified to teach at the post-secondary level. They will refine your skills and are available to answer any questions you may have on your projects and lessons.

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Day to Day Enterprises

DositeyDositey Corporation

15 Minutes a Day Can Equal Homeschool Success
By Linda Pliagas

Most traditional schools have a belief that the more work children do on a daily basis, the more information they will learn and retain.  Days are spent in hours of drills and activity to the point of causing undo anxiety and stress for both children and their parents. 

But just how much information do children really absorb after a certain amount of time spent on a lesson? has a philosophy that children need not spend hour after hour listening to information or be chained to the computer for a long period of time.  With their engaging, interactive games and lessons, children can learn, absorb and retain the important fundamentals needed for a lifetime of success.

“Mastering basic skills in math and reading is a gateway to success in the modern economy,” explains Irina Stojanovic, owner of the Dositey Corporation, the parent company of  She adds that if children do not acquire these crucial skills early enough, they will “miss the important foundation for all of future learning.”

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Handwriting: How & Why

"How" is the focus of this article, but first, a quick look at "Why". E-mail is cool. It is also the most impersonal means of communication. It's cold. If a family member is born, marries or dies, please, never send electronic congratulations or condolences.

Technology brought computers into classrooms, which led some educators to throw in the handwriting towel and rely solely on keyboarding. Keyboarding is a blessing for the severely handicapped, but it is not the total answer to written communication.

We need to fill out forms, take notes, answer essay questions and more. Paper, pens and pencils are handy, and they work when computers are down. Some people just prefer the direct contact of longhand.

How can we achieve easy, fluent handwriting?

Give beginners a model alphabet that serves both print-script and cursive. The rest is easy. ("Cursive" need not imply alphabets with loops to make all letters within a word connect. True cursive is simply writing that flows effortlessly from letter to letter.)

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Chatter ChixChatterChix™
by Sylvia Bardelli

Trading cards have been popular since the days of the Honus Wagner-era 1890s baseball cards that came with cigarette packages. Besides sports cards there have been the Pokémon series and numerous other character-based card sets. One might think that all of the ideas for trading cards had been used by now.

But there is a new, intelligent twist to this time-honored collecting hobby. ChatterChix™ is an original and unique set of trading cards, designed for girls from age 5 to 12. They were created as a way to provide a concept of contemporary role models who represent timeless values of respect, responsibility and friendship.  The cards depict real girls who differ in many ways. Each girl lives in a different state and her card represents her home state, setting forth facts about it, such as the state capital, state bird and state’s nickname. Each girl differs in appearance, personality and lifestyle. The cards are designed to communicate to young girls that although we may share similarities, we all are different. The ChatterChix™ cards are encouraging and a fun way to learn about what other girls are doing around the nation – and some things about the nation itself.

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