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Interview with the Colfaxes
by Mary Leppert
Gift of Love: Gift Giving
excerpt from "Just 24 Days Until Christmas" by MyLinda Butterworth, Day to Day Enterprises
Choosing Direction for the Struggling Reader
by Mira Halpert
Learn Greek the Fast and Easy Way with Greek N Stuff
by Linda Pliagas

Dear Readers,

I really feel that I have so much to be thankful for! Our family is healthy and happy. We have been so fortunate to have a business that we love, in a field that we really believe in. Thank you, to all of you readers of this newsletter and our magazine, because it is you that make this possible and we really appreciate you! Recently, I have been reading old articles from more than 14 years of The Link. Something I realize from this, is that Homeschooling has changed a lot as far as the options available -- charter schools, distance learning on the Internet, etc. However, the reasons that most of us Homeschool have stayed the same . . because we have a little psychological "tap on the shoulder" that tells us that something is just not right about giving up one second of the precious time we have with our children. I want to share this interview with you that I did long ago, with David and Micki Colfax, who were among the early pioneers in Homeschooling. They and their books influenced me and validated our reasons to homeschool. They also gave me the tools to combat the folks who were critical and skeptical about homeschooling being a good option for our son. I highly recommend their books for those of you who have not read them. See their bio below. Thank you for reading The Way Home. We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

The Leppert Family
and the entire staff of The Link

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Interview with the Colfaxes
by Mary Leppert

For those of you who don't know David and Micki Colfax, they are realbook1 pioneers of homeschooling. They have four boys and in the early 1980s they bought a piece of property in northern California with virtually nothing on it and took the boys there to live. Homeschooling evolved from there. The Colfaxes became famous for their experience because three of their completely homeschooled children went to Harvard and then on to Yale and Michigan Law school and Harvard Medical School. The other child is an international chef. All four children have turned out happy and successful. I have heard David book2and Micki Colfax speak many times. They have spoken at our The Link conference two times and I have listened to their tapes many times. I love hearing them talk about their experience homeschooling their boys. David & Micki have authored two books about their experiences homeschooling: Hard Times In Paradise and Homeschooling for Excellence Early in my homeschooling years I read Hard Times In Paradise and kept their experience in a neat little corner of my psyche for the times when people would criticize or warn me about the ill-effects of homeschooling. I wanted to interview either David or Micki because I have never really understood what they did every day. That was my main reason for this interview. Like many of the good things in life, what I started out doing was not what I ended up with. Therefore, I hope that the readers of The Link enjoy this conversation as much as I did.         Read The Interview

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Gift of LoveButterworth Book
Gift Giving
excerpt from "Just 24 Days Until Christmas" by MyLinda Butterworth, Day to Day Enterprises

Use your imagination to create ways to give gifts of love. Here are

some inexpensive ways to give of yourself to others. For isnt that

really the reason for the season? Below are some simple suggestions

for creating some thoughtful surprises just before Christmas, you

might even think of some you like better.

Idea Barrel:

  1. 1. Gift certificates or scrolls can be made using blank white cards or construction paper. Crayons, paints, stickers, ribbons, or picture cutouts can be used to make each one special. On each card offer something special like, good for one kiss, good for one day of babysitting, or order a free batch of your favorite cookies. Make booklets of 5 or 6 certificates. Use your imagination, this is a good way to give of yourself.

  2. If you have flourishing house plants, give rooted cuttings from your favorites to friends and relatives. After placing them in a pot or jar, wrap a ribbon around the edge and finish with a bow.

  3. Give a copy of your favorite recipe to a friend who has always wanted to try it along with the prepared item, on a gift plate or tin.

  4. If you have a special talent or accomplishment, make up a gift certificate for a free lesson or a course in ceramics, cooking, sewing, art, language, music, flower arranging, etc.

  5. Help decorate the home and fill the refrigerator of an elderly neighbor.      READ MORE

FYI Homeschool Books

Choosing Direction for the Struggling Reader
by Mira Halpert of 3D Learner

How do we know which therapy (Orton Gillingham, vision therapy, neurodevelopmental, Barton, Davis etc.) is right for our child who is struggling with reading?


I know that as parents we want to do the right things for our children, and with so many different programs available it is hard to figure out what the best ones are. Every “expert” seems to have their own answer. As a Mom of four children — all who learned differently —  but two of whom really struggled with reading, I sympathize with your confusion!! I bought “Hooked on Phonics” did tutoring, testing, vision training, auditory training, you name it!! In the end, the thing I found that worked the best was recognizing what my child’s abilities were, and realizing I had to change my thought process first to teach my child the way s/he learned best!!!               READ FULL ARTICLE

Math Wonders


Texas Natural

Bonnie Terry Learning

Learn Greek the Fast and Easy Way with Greek N Stuff Greek n Stuff
by Linda Pliagas

Would you like to integrate the study of a foreign language in your homeschool? Why not choose Greek?


By learning Koine (biblical) Greek, homeschoolers will begin to understand the origins and meaning of many English words. The study of the Greek language is especially advantageous for those considering a future career in medicine as most medical terminology is rooted in this ancient language.


Greek ‘n’ Stuff makes learning Greek easy and affordable. The company’s “Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek” reader book (priced at only $9.95) teaches students the alphabet and proper pronunciation.  Their level one full set, value priced at $34.40, includes a student workbook, a “full text” answer key, quizzes and flashcards on a ring.

For religious homeschoolers learning Greek allows them the opportunity to read the New Testament in the language in which it was written.

Studying Greek is a wonderful foundation for a homeschoolers present education and their academic future. Introducing Greek early on will also help homeschoolers learn other languages easier later on.

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