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August 8, 2008

California State Court Rules on Homeschooling

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joins California homeschooling families in celebrating the decision that “confirms the right every California child has to a quality education and the right parents have to decide what is best for their children," stated the Governor this morning.  For the complete article, visit:
The Los Angeles Times

Serious Trouble for Homeschoolers in Germany
Germany’s government is cracking down on homeschooling, enforcing ridiculous fines, taking parents into police custody and even removing children from their home.  Many parents are hoping to flee the country in order to continue homeschooling their children; a concept Germany appears to completely misunderstand.  For the complete article, please go to:
CBN News

August 4, 2008

Homeschool Rules Abound in D.C.
Parents must now comply with a series of requirements established by the Office of the State Superintendent of Education.  Failure to adhere to these requirements could result in parents’ right to homeschool until such requirements are met.  For more information, please visit:
CBN News

July 23, 2008

Learning is for Everyone Offers Survey for Homeschoolers

Learning is for Everyone, Inc. is offering a survey for homeschoolers in order to encourage homeschoolers to “speak for themselves” in order to counteract common myths and misinformation regarding the homeschool community.  “LIFE” is hoping to provide insights into the homeschool community with this 80-question but comprehensive survey.  Over 700 homeschoolers have already participated.  To participate in the survey, please visit their website: 
Learning is for Everyone, Inc. - Survey           

Insight Into Recent California Homeschool Scare
Steve Greenhut of the Orange County Register provides insight into the recent and continuing battles over homeschooling in California.  Scares have arisen as a result of recent challenges to the right of California homeschooling, but the State Superintendent assures homeschoolers that homeschooling is still legal.  Mr. Greenhut offers current information as well as reminders of recent history in the legal battles over homeschooling.  For the full article, please go to: 
California Battle for Homeschooling Continues

Home Education Convention in Modesto
The 15th Annual Home Education Convention opens this weekend in Modesto, California.  Offering more than 80 exhibitors, 70 workshops and 25 guest speakers, the convention offers a variety of topics that could be of interest to any homeschooling family.  For more information on the conference, please visit the website of Valley Home Educators:
Valley Home Educators

California Homeschoolers, Rest Assured
Governor Schwarzenegger and State Superintendent Jack O’Connell assure California homeschoolers that homeschooling is still a legal right, in the wake of recent challenges to legislation following charges filed against a California homeschooling family.  The charges arose from a child welfare dispute.  For the full article, please visit:


July 22, 2008

Homeschooling Goes Mainstream in Arizona

Ray Parker of the Arizona Republic reports on the increasing acceptance of the homeschool community in Arizona, from the lesson plans to the extracurricular activities.  The state of Arizona enjoys homeschool-friendly legislation, and the approximately 40,000 homeschoolers celebrate mainstream acceptance of their choice to homeschool.  For the complete article, please see the link below:
Homeschooling in Arizona

Homeschooler on Canadian Junior Men’s National Team

Homeschooled 16-year-old Andrew Schnell, a member of Canada’s Junior Men’s National Squash Team has already won one Junior World Championship title and is destined to continue his success.  Schnell has been homeschooled since the first grade and attributes his success in sports to his time homeschooling – and vice versa – citing the determination and dedication that they both necessitate.  For the complete article, please visit: 
Calgary Herald

July 21, 2008

Creative Homeschool Idea Appreciated by Massachusetts Teacher
A Massachusetts  High School teacher, Christopher Dawson, offers his opinion on a news story he stumbled upon, about a group of homeschoolers who sold coffee as a hands-on learning activity.  Related curriculum and lessons have since been written, and Mr. Dawson describes his appreciation for the creative idea.  For the full article and curriculum link, please go to:
Homeschooling and Coffee

Homeschooling Name Change Under Consideration in California

Several California state homeschooling organizations are recommending the change of the name “Independent Study Program” to “Private School Satellite Program” for those groups in California who file one Private School Affidavit to cover multiple families.  The move has been launched in response to a potential confusion over the official terminology used for California homeschooling programs, following a recent court case.  For the complete article, please visit:
Home School Legal Defense Association

July 19, 2008

Prairie State College Notes Homeschool Trend

The number of homeschoolers attending community college to supplement their education has been steadily climbing, and Illinois’ Prairie State College has taken notice.  Homeschoolers who participate in such educational opportunities additional receive the same benefits as regular-admission college students, such as the use of the library and other school services, which can help to support their homeschool education, all around.  For more the full article and additional information, please visit: 
Homeschoolers and Community College Trends

July 16, 2008

New Academy in Mountain View, California Accepting Applications

Two educators are founding a new Christian-based elementary academy, to provide small class sizes and a loving yet disciplined environment.  Although a classroom academy, classes for homeschooling families will be offered.  For more information, please visit:
Heritage Academy Offers Classes for Homeschooling Families

Homeschoolers in Michigan May Find Resource in Unused School Site

A Michigan school was forced to close after only one year in operation, and the governing school board is working on a plan to allow homeschoolers the opportunity to take elective courses at the unused site.  For the full news tip, please visit: 
WLNS News, Michigan

July 15, 2008

West  Virginia Homeschool Opportunities and Educational Activities

Check out this article in The Journal, which lists upcoming programs, activities and classes, as well as information on upcoming homeschooling and other events:
Fun Resources

July 12, 2008

Homeschooled Swimmer Notes Experiences

New Jersey’s Katie Hoff, a successful competitive swimmer, has achieved a balance between her swimming and homeschool education and has a featured article in July’s issue of “Swim With a Purpose.”  For the complete article and a link to the magazine, please visit:
Homeschooled Athlete Shares Experiences

Benefits of Homeschooling Stand Out

Guest Columnist Ken Connor discusses the current state and success of homeschooling, as well as the reasons parents may or may not be able to make the choice to move into homeschool education for their children.  Mr. Connor celebrates the freedom we have in the choice to homeschool and the many benefits that have arisen as a result.  For the complete article, please visit:
Homeschooling Benefits

July 11, 2008

Homeschooler Wins $40,000 College Scholarship

Incoming  Western Michigan  University student Benjamin R. Overbeek was one of eighteen students to receive a $40,000 scholarship.  Benjamin has been an active homeschooled student, participating in numerous activities within the community and achieving great success.  For more information, please visit:
Homeschooler Wins Scholarship

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