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sheep! magazine

sheep! magazine

Publishing bi-monthly by Countryside Publications, Ltd. 145 Industrial Drive
Medford WI  54451; 715-785-7979;

By Kyle Zook with additional reporting by E.K. Treppel

Sheep have been one of the staples of Man’s existence since the dawn of history. Sheepherding certainly has a long and well-respected history, and shepherds have often populated the annals of Western Literature, from the earliest scribbling to such works as Don Quixote and Far From the Madding Crowd.  The modern shepherd or shepherdess holds a lot in common with his or her ancestral counterparts. 

Raising sheep will certainly be attractive to anyone who feels a bond with nature, and is a “work-from-home” opportunity that doesn’t require an Internet connection. sheep! magazine can provide you with must-know information from people who are passionate about sheepherding. sheep! is a magazine written by shepherds for shepherds. It’s about a community coming together with a shared love for raising and caring for sheep.

Sheepherding can be a self-sustaining lifestyle or a small business opportunity, and sheep! magazine can provide you with all the details about the many sheep-related avenues you can pursue. From sheep-care products to the simple harvest of wool, there are many ways to include sheep in your life. And you can depend on sheep! magazine to provide you with timely, useful information as you pursue your pastoral career.

Many homeschooling families – even those living in close proximity to large urban areas – take up raising sheep as 4-H or FFA projects and show their animals at county and state fairs! The skills that children learn from being fully responsible for the welfare of their animals and seeing the raising and grooming of them through from birth to adulthood provides a tremendous storehouse of life-knowledge and a sense of confidence and self-assurance. Also, obtaining the wool from sheep can provide an excellent secondary business to an individual homeschooling child or his/her entire family. An enterprising family could easily harvest the wool and then knit clothes and other items for sale, creating a fulfilling and rewarding cottage business!

sheep! magazine is a bi-monthly publication, and is one of a family of three other animal and country lifestyle-related publications, Countryside & Small Stock Journal, Backyard Poultry, and Dairy Goat Journal. You can see ads in this section for each of them and you can view a vast library of their past articles on their web site,, which may help you to decide if shepherding is something you would like to add to your homeschooling curriculum. K.Z.