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Online Education

American Academy Online Division (Processing Center)

804 N. 2nd Ave. E., Rock Rapids, IA 51246 • Toll free: 866.849.0131 - Fax: 712.472.6830

Besides providing one of the most inclusive Christian correspondence homeschooling programs available, The American Academy also administers an online program that is flexible and can be designed to each child's abilities and level of knowledge. And students can register for full or part-time enrollment.

Depending upon your child's placement test scores and transcripts, they determine the academic level of your student and design the program accordingly. If your student needs reinforcement where there are learning gaps, they can create a customized subject to help your student do just that. Similarly, if your student is advanced, they will place him/her in the appropriate level for each subject. In this way, a student can obtain complete satisfaction and challenge for each subject, instead of having to struggle in one field of study and coast through another in sheer boredom, simply because of a strictly grade-level approach to administering the information.

The American Academy Online uses the Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum from Math, English, Social Studies, History, Spanish and supplemental materials in Bible study, American Academy Online Division can customize a series of courses to meet your student's educational needs. Just as with the correspondence school, there is no statement of faith required, but the enrolled student must accept that Bible study will be a required part of the curriculum.

The American Academy online program is also flexible time-wise. Students can enroll at any time of the year, so families don't have to wait for a traditional school year to start or end in order to enroll for a new class. With prior approval from American Academy Online Division, high school students may take additional courses and electives outside of those offered by the Academy, including non-standard classes you design.

Please click on the hyperlink to the American Academy Online website where you can obtain more information. ■

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