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Software, Videos

Academic Superstore • 2101 E. Saint Elmo Rd, Ste 360 • Austin, TX 78744; 1-800-220-9305; 512-450-1199

Email for Eligibility Documents: • Email for General Questions:

Advanced Software and Related Products

“Super” is the operative word when referring to Academic Superstore! A quick glimpse at the first page of their website will enthrall anyone interested in software – Adobe, Autodesk, Sony, Corel, Sibelius, Microsoft . . . the names are dazzling and the prices are remarkable! Educational discounts of over $800 on Adobe Creative Suite 2.3 Premium, for instance! In the Books & Training section of the website are even more great savings on books and DVDs for learning how to master these programs and many more.

Educational Videos

Academic Superstore also offers a full line of video presentations produced by A&E, the Biography Channel, The History Chanel, Rock N’ Learn Math lessons, the Bill Nye series, Discovery Channel, and a score of other great science and learning video programs!

A.S. offers a vast array of curriculum products that are of great interest to homeschoolers . . . besides elementary instruction materials such as learning to count, learning to read, etc., Superstore also offers such “exotic” texts as Intermediate Financial Management; in the K-12 section, you will find software programs covering all grade levels, and for the high school student, such choices as the Spanish course by Topics Entertainment and the High School Resource Center from Homework Help.

At the Academic Superstore you will also find great savings on bag packs, tote bags, camera bags, laptop cases – even a rubberized holster and case for your Razr phone!

And so you have something to put inside of these bags or packs, A.S. carries digital cameras, Bluetooth accessories, hardware of all kinds . . . even a stereo to computer USB digital recorder that allows you to easily transfer records or tapes to digital WAV files! But the list of products is so exhaustive that you may want to order the A.S. catalog and browse for days. And as you do, remember that all of these products are at educational discount prices!  Homeschoolers simply have to complete the eligibility documents provided by Academic Superstore and they handle the rest.

Every homeschooling family should make Academic Superstore a regular part of their shopping experience. They carry such a vast quantity of products that simply using their secure online purchasing process will save you from going to at least three bricks-and-mortar stores – maybe more, not to mention the hundreds of dollars in potential discounts!

Please see their website and spend some elongated time seeing what Academic Superstore has to offer! ■

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