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Reading Skills

ACE Reader Pro Deluxe – USE YOUR OWN CONTENT (including the Bible) To Increase Comprehension & Speed

By StepWare, Inc.

320 Dakota Dr., Grand Junction, CO 81503
800-ACE-READ (223-7323)
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By Linda Foster

Incorporate Your Own Material -- History, the Bible, Bible study lessons, etc., into this great reading comprehension program!

ACE Reader Pro Deluxe is an inventive and unique program in the reading-improvement world. It contains a number of features that set it apart from any other product available.
The first feature is the Online Reader Expert Mode that allows users to download their own material into the software and use it for increasing speed and comprehenshion!

ACE Reader Pro Deluxe allows homeschool parents to enjoy the flexibility of downloading reading materials appropriate for use in their particular homes. Parents can use this option to incorporate history, literature, the Bible and Bible study lessons, etc. into the reading program and then exercise full control over what and how their children read.

Also standard with AceReader Pro Deluxe are the built-in editors that allow customization of the drills, tests and games, using imported text and the readability statistics analysis tool that gauges the complexity and grade level of the text. Parents won’t have to wonder whether or not the text they import is age-appropriate for their child. This program will automatically calculate the information for them.

The AceReader programby StepWare, Inc. is an innovative, award-winning computer assisted reading software program designed to increase reading speed and comprehension and make reading more enjoyable.

The focus of StepWare, Inc. has always been to help people of all ages become better readers, and AceReader definitely does just that. AceReader programs, in general, serves as a self-improvement-educational tools to improve reading skills both on and off the computer and productivity tools to make reading easier and faster while on the computer.

Most of us, as readers, exhibit two major bad habits: Subvocalization (pronouncing words in the mind while reading) and re-reading/regression (letting the eyes wander back to re-read text). Using specialized technologies, AceReader paces the reader to read at higher speeds, making it physically impossible to subvocalize, and displays text by flashing word-sets so the reader is forced to read ahead without the opportunity to regress.  

There are several versions of AceReader available from StepWare, Inc, however, for homeschoolers, I highly recommend the AceReader Pro Deluxe version. Unlike previous versions, AceReader Pro Deluxe supports 1 – 5 users per stand-alone computer and is an excellent choice if more than one person is going to be using the product on the same computer. One extremely important feature for multiple users is that the program settings and test scores are kept separate for each person.

AceReader Pro Deluxe is a fun, easy-to-use kid and parent-friendly program that teaches kids of all ages to read faster, while maintaining or improving reading comprehension.  This unique “speed reading software” program is broken down into three parts: tests, drills and games. Users begin each day with a timed, self-paced comprehension test that involves reading an age-appropriate story and taking a short quiz. Once a baseline reading speed and comprehension level is established, a number of drills are performed with text highlighted or flashed on the screen to pace eye movement. The drills are also timed and become progressively more aggressive as reading speed and comprehensive levels increase. Games are eye exercises designed to help reduce eye fixation time, expand the eye fixation zone, and increase re-fixation speed. All of the skills practiced while playing these eye exercise games are essential to becoming a proficient reader.

Available add-ons for use with AceReader Pro Deluxe include the American History Test Set, the Earth and Space Science Test Set, and the Text-to-Speech add on. The American History and Science Test Sets each include 130 subject-specific reading comprehension tests (10 per grade level, grades 1-12 plus an adult level). The Text-to-Speech option that adds vocalization to words flashing on the screen works with standard text materials as well as any text downloaded by the user.

In short, AceReader Pro Deluxe is not a program designed to teach reading; it is designed to improve reading speed and comprehension. Like anything, it takes practice, but the results are well worth it. This reasonably-priced program can be easily incorporated into any homeschool curriculum and, best of all, it works! If reading proficiency is the goal, AceReader Pro Deluxe is the best way to achieve that goal.

For additional information on AceReader Pro Deluxe and the other excellent products offered by StepWare, Inc., please visit L.F.


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