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Art of Problem Solving

Does your child love math, but wants more of a challenge than the standard curriculum offers? The Art of Problem Solving provides the resources necessary for students to have a deep and broad understanding of mathematics.

Art of Problem Solving
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Our textbooks cover both curricular materials necessary to pass state exams and problem solving concepts not generally covered in the standard curriculum. The Introduction Series of textbooks includes Introduction to Algebra, which covers Algebra I and most of Algebra II and Introduction to Geometry. In addition are two books that teach subjects generally neglected or omitted from the school curriculum; Introduction to Counting & Probability and Introduction to Number Theory.

Each chapter in the books begins by posing problems to the students before presenting the lesson. This gives students the opportunity to explore and discover on their own. Each chapter includes lessons, important ideas or concepts, sidenotes, and many practice problems. Each book is accompanied by a Solutions Manual that provides complete solutions (not just answers!) to every problem in the book.

In addition to the Introduction Series are the classic Art of Problem Solving Volumes 1 and 2, which have been used for over 13 years as a resource for problem solving mathematics in middle school and high school.

By the end of 2007, Intermediate Algebra and Counting & Probability will be available, with more Intermediate books, and Calculus planned for 2008-09.

Online School
For students and parents who seek a more interactive approach than just the textbooks, Art of Problem Solving offers online classes throughout the year. Some classes are built to complement one of our books, such as Introduction to Counting & Probability. We also offer classes to help students prepare for important competitions such as MATHCOUNTS and the American Mathematics Competitions. Homeschoolers have found the online school, along with the books, invaluable in teaching their children mathematics.

Website and Community
The Art of Problem Solving website ( also provides a place for students to socialize and learn from other avid young mathematicians. Our free forum has over 29,000 members discussing all levels of mathematics, from middle school to college and beyond. Our resources section includes information about summer programs, competitions (local, state and national), scholarships and more.

For more information about our books, online school, community and more, please visit■

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