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Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness -- but What About . . . Neatness, Unclutter. . . Tidiness?

Don Aslett's series of cleaning/decluttering books from America's #1 Cleaning Expert
Eights titles in all, $9.95 each
Available from Marsh Creek Press
POB 700, Pocatello, ID 83204
888-748-3535 toll free

by Michael Leppert


Homeschooling families -- especially those whose children have been in school ---quickly realize that homeschooling becomes home-living. We focus on home-centered life as a natural outgrowth of home "schooling" and soon we are living somewhat as our grandparents did -- cooking at home, entertaining ourselves in the "living" room (!) and caring more for our dwellings far more than when we were only in them to sleep.

So, living with home as the center soon brings each family to a confrontation with clutter, junk-collecting and untidiness in general. A family can't be in an environment for 24/7 and not mess it up! And even the cleanest person in the world is not necessarily organized and neat. It is conceivable that one person could spend almost as much time cleaning up as it takes two or three people to make the mess. In our world, so centered on consumption, often we are not in touch with what we need vs. what we have. Before we become buried under our stuff, help is needed -- and help exists in the form of Mr. Don Aslett.

Don Aslett is like the Johnny Carson of the self-help cleaning world. While he has not invented the genre, with engaging humor, professional knowledge and a fresh approach, he has definitely defined it. Mr. Aslett, who has been in the professional, industrial cleaning business since 1956, has authored more than 30 books, advising and guiding his readers on the daunting tasks of cleaning, organizing -- managing one's surroundings. Most recently, Mr. Aslett has produced eight different books detailing virtually every aspect of how to clean one's home; maybe even (gasp) throw something out; get organized and then maintain the newfound tidiness -- and all with his infectious sense of wit and humor!

This series of titles include: "Do I Dust or Vacuum First?", which answers the 100 toughest questions about housecleaning; "Help! Around the House", showing how to drag your family kicking and screaming into neatness with you; "Pet Clean-Up Made Easy" that covers hairballs to fleas and beyond and "Is There Life After Housework?" which shows the reader how to cut cleaning time by 75%!

Rounding out Mr. Aslett's latest library of cleaning self-help books are his other titles: "Done!" How to accomplish twice as much in half the time; "The Office Clutter Cure" a guide to getting the workplace organized and gaining results from it.
"Clutter's Last Stand" a humorous but thorough guide to de-junking your life
"Weekend Makeover" which teaches you how to "take your home from messy to magnificent in only 48-hours". 

Consider that if you are not organized and neat, you spend a great deal of time looking for things that should be easy to locate. Keys, cell-phone, wallet, address book . . .these items can all be easily assigned a place and then kept there -- and are merely the daily items one may typically hunt for; for homeschoolers there could also be the math book, the theme-book from yesterday, the pen or pencil, and a score of other academic materials that can be lost in the piles of stuff. So, becoming organized and tidy frees up more time by not having to search high and low for things that should be in easy reach.

Please visit the Don Aslett website bookstore and read more about this great line of "self-improvement" books by Mr. Aslett. JG


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