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ATELIER by Arts Attack – A Video Based Art Curriculum For Homeschoolers

4615 Rancho Reposo, Del Mar, CA. 92014 • 1-888-760-ARTS •

Review by Linda Foster

Art is an imperative part of any child’s education and is just as important as reading, writing, and mathematics. Many of our most valuable skills, including creative ability, aesthetic judgment, problem posing and solving, critical thinking, and visualization are fostered by an effective and thorough arts education. Research continually shows that children who receive art lessons while they are young become more imaginative and creative adults. Creativity allows for innovation and adaptability, both vital characteristics in today’s world. Unfortunately, education in the arts has begun to suffer in the public education system in favor of more “practical” subjects.

Concern about the lack of attention art was receiving in schools across the nation led to the founding in 1991 of Arts Attack, a video and DVD-based program developed to provide an art education program covering in detail the essential elements and principles of art.  This unique approach to art education was met with wide acceptance and quickly expanded to provide the revolutionary art teaching method to teachers of grades K through 8.

When the exceptional qualities of this video-based program were recognized by home-school parents, the company was approached to develop an art education curriculum geared specifically to the homeschool market. In response to these requests, the ATELIER visual art program was developed and comprehensively tested to ensure outstanding results in the homeschool environment. ATELIER is similar to the classroom program in its use of user-friendly video-based teaching methods. The imaginative, well-organized program is designed for use in single or multiple child households. For homeschool parents untrained in teaching art education, the program is like having an art teacher come into the home on a weekly basis. Parents don’t have to worry about anything except having supplies on hand at the beginning of a lesson. All other visual information is provided on the DVDs. ATELIER eliminates a “hit and miss” homeschool art curriculum replacing it with a well-designed, easy-to-follow program that both instructs and entertains. Students begin each lesson with a “blank slate” and end with a finished art project.

ATELIER is based on basic art elements and principles including line, color, shape, texture, balance, etc. and accelerates creative development by teaching the fundamentals of creating and appreciating art. ATELIER also delves into the elements of art history, media exploration, creative self-expression, cultural appreciation, right-brain drawing techniques, and more.

The program is presented in 7 levels, each consisting of 3 modules which can be purchased as a whole or separately. Each module consists of 6 well-developed and visually appealing video-based art lessons with supporting lesson plans. Video lessons demonstrate materials and workspace layout, provide visual motivational materials, and show students doing lessons and displaying their final artwork. All of the unique ATELIER video lessons are designed to enhance creative right-brain development and achieve process-oriented learning and exceptional artwork, independent of the teaching experience or art background of the parent/teacher. When taken as a whole, the 7 levels comprise a full-validated developmental sequential program for the visual arts.

To further enhance the teaching/learning experience, ATELIER also offers a Parent’s Manual, a Basic Art Supply Kit, and 3 Art Print Kits. The Parent’s Manual is designed to guide parents/teachers through all of the program levels in an easy-to-follow manner. The reasonably priced Basic Art Supply Kit provides 80 – 90% of the art supply needs for any level including a variety of papers, brushes, paints, watercolors, drawing chalks, markers, etc. Three levels (1-3, 4-5, and 6-7) of Art Print Kits containing copies of works by Masters such as Renoir, Picasso, Millet, and Van Gogh are offered to supplement lessons on art history, creative techniques, etc.

In essence, ATELIER is a well-designed, comprehensive, easy-to-use video-based proven art education program designed for the homeschool environment. With the exception of supplies, the program includes a well-balanced, well-designed and fully complete art curriculum. Success builds self-confidence and the user-friendly ATELIER video-based program makes it possible for every child to achieve success at his/her own level.

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