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by Emerson Sandow

Imagine “An Evening With Robert Frost” listening to the great American poet read his own work! Or the legendary Austrian Economist, Ludwig von Mises giving his lecture “Why Socialism Always Fails” Or one of Winston Churchill’s historic radio speeches, aimed at inspiring courage and strengthening the collective will, as Britain awaited the first onslaught from the Nazis . . . William F. Buckley and F. Lee Bailey . . .  FDR’s Fireside Chats -- these and other incredible moments in modern recorded history are available to you from one of the premier educational recording providers – Audio Forum. One of the first companies to utilize modern recording technology for language-learning purposes, Audio Forum also has a section of its extensive catalog devoted to original sound recordings from some of the greatest “voices” of the 20th century. Talk about history coming alive! Only through the modern media or radio and recording can you and your family truly experience first-hand, some of these shaping moments in recent history.

Right from its beginning in 1972, Audio Forum has been offering some of the most imaginative, fascinating and useful recorded products anywhere. Besides the standard “Top 4” most popular foreign languages for American English speakers: French, Spanish, Italian, and German and the scholarly classical languages, Latin and Greek, they also offer a number of Native American languages, Aramaic (the dialect spoken by Jesus), Arabic, Russian, Norwegian, Hawaiian, Basque, Swahili, Polish, Armenian – 142 languages in all, covering more than 285 courses! These are designed to allow the user to learn the language on his own.

An important and significant portion of Audio-Forum’s line is the children’s foreign language learning products. There are many products designed to aid the young child in learning a specific language. Among these are foreign-language phrase books, dictionaries and flash card sets in a vast number of languages, as well as a number of affordable booklet/CD combinations that provide you and your child with hours of “immersion” learning through simple songs or games, perfectly suited as central study material in a beginning program or supplementary practice material in a slightly more advanced program.

The Audio Forum website offers a great variety of enjoyable information such as a chart showing what countries or locales speak a certain language. And there are other cultural goodies, too, such a Real Voices of the Old West, a set of CDs consisting of interviews with real people who either came West or were born here and had stories to tell of an era now long gone. These are recordings of the actual people, not actors, and they provide a glimpse into the settling of America that enlightens one’s understanding of our country and our national character. Audio Forum offers such a complete line of recorded material that there is even a series of audio cassettes about Parliamentary Rules of Procedure and old radio shows from the 1930s and ‘40s.

Topping off the Audio Forum line of non-language products is their History of Music series in 12 CDs. This excellent set offers a complete tour of Western Music from the European Medieval Period to 20th Century Music and Approaches to Popular Music. There is even a disk covering Reggae and Calypso! A college-level course covering the same material would take more than two semesters.

Every homeschooling family will be enriched by visiting Audio Forum’s website and spending some time carefully browsing their complete line of historical, cultural and linguistic resources. E.S.

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